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  1. If you blew moonwater key like i did, just do this Step 1: farm dailys to get gold, acquire around 10-12 gold ( it depends on exchange rates) Step 2: exchange the gold for hongmoon coins Step 3: buy moonwater key with coins Step 4: acquire chest Step 5: use key on chest, get weapon for your class I've been using this process since exchange was added and its made my life alot easier... i don't worry about RNG anymore i just toss a little gold at the chest and get my weapon 100% of the time.
  2. Well i'd rather be a casual then an elitist ass hole =3 look you have to understand something, people play the game for FUN and enjoyment. Its not a job, its not some task that we should spend half our lives to do. Its about enjoyment sitting down for a few hours having FUN with our friends. Am i a casual? Probably i'm still trying to move into Siren, but on that note i haven't once bought tokens, and have FARMED all that i have myself. No Guild, no allies, JUST me on my lonesome, playing a game i enjoy. Have i played the Korean version? no you played city of heroes? how about Vanguard
  3. Its an Event things like this are given out as part of said event its also random. Example in Warframes you normally cant buy certain items but during events often given out such as the supercharge items, or even special mods.
  4. I find grind is annoying do to insane gold sinks more then anything else. In games like WoW or EQ its more or less about doing a dungeon for the right drop, and that drop is your upgrade. In BnS its more about a giant ass collection of a ton of items OH and then 100's of gold on top of that, its made worse when the MAIN ingrediant for most items is from PvP only. I LOVE this games lore, and its combat but that grind? its annoying as all sin, i just basically log in do a few dailys and slowly build up gold for the next upgrade... but its kind of a letdown... especially since i do enjoy the inte
  5. The drops are purposely weighted in a way to promote farming because " korea " i really wish was a better explanation but there really isn't... fact of the matter is Korean players and asians typically (but not always) love farming, is only so much they can change for the states. Good news is we have keys to alleviate some of that grind and with currency exchange its a bit easier then before. As for costumes i think only thing i'd like is the costumes added in for marks, even if its a high amount, that way we can get those rare costumes if we play often enough. Or just add them to hongmoon sto
  6. Are a number of reasons people are dropping the game 1: Lagging during Soul Field, Lagging when are to many people on the screen... really no excuse for it for a game this old 2: Hackers, Bots, and cheating in general can really ruin an experience, its no fun to be pvping or running an area and run slap dab into a wall of bots who ruin your enjoyment of the game... 3: Faction Imbalance: i know for me at least its impossible to do pvp dailys on my server as one faction VASTLY lout numbers the other, creating a situation where all channels are dominated by one faction and only one
  7. As a fellow Casual you need to stop thinking you can have it all now... basically, i hate the insane costs to... part of that problem is that other crafts are nigh pointless since game drops food and health pots like candy... so earning a steady income is kind of difficult... but i digress... main point here is this. Dont feel pressured into farming gold non-stop all day what i've been doing since pvp is so unbalanced on my server is just doing my dailys buying what i can, logging off and enjoying other things or playing on my alt. Take it one upgrade at a time... one thing alot o
  8. big hint seems to be linked to " fans have been asking for " which is why i said gunners... but if its not in game or seen? literally rules out alot of classes people have been asking for... spears gunner archer sword and board all of these appear in game already... and its not a hybrid? so question is whats been asked for thats not in the game yet... i dont know i think might be some miscommunication in the translation or something. Either way its exciting to think about =3
  9. I assumed he meant not seen used by the players... but if its not been seen in game this rules out Archery Spear gunner/gunslinger So question becomes what would it be? nunchucku? Kurisigama? Kama's? Dual Swords?( assassin uses daggers) or The Cudgel/Staff? Are still lots of martial arts schools aren't accounted for... however i took that comment more to imply that it wouldn't have anything to do with ANY weapon that players currently have. So no swords, knuckles, ect... but it was kind of vague...
  10. only suggesting the gunner because its already an established class in game, Soha, the gunner school in silverfrost mountains... and the files that were data mined...and the hint. All seems to point in that direction. PERSONALLY i'd like to see a Spear Wielding class added... but i suspect we'll get a gunslinger evidence just points there.
  11. Gunner at long last? seems logical are already gunners in game, a school for it, and Soha is a hongmoon student unless the translation is off... that would fit the bill in all acounts. Also been data mines that said was data for the gunner class for ages... so are they gonna finally finish it? who knows... but what i really want? Spear Class....
  12. This specific attack requires you to as some has said iframe, or use a defensive cooldown, on my FM i was able to solo this boss practically simply do to my C skill which makes me IMMUNE to the effect. Combined with my tab i was able to pretty handedly own this boss back during launch. I believe they made it harder since but, yes you'll need to figure out what defensive or ability you have to negate the attack and learn the timing i've no idea how to defend against it on a destroyer.
  13. Except it already exist in game a whole martial arts school dedicated to it... if you did the 45-50 story its right in there so YES i do think we need a gunslinger class similar to Soha.
  14. trying this out today for the first time i just gave up on it... i cant get in range to attack the boss, because its aoe kills me instantly... i watched the whole group of crimson's get instan gibbed tonight. Effectively this is a raid boss... in a pvp zone... let's forget those small group of enemy faction that sit on the boss, and will wipe your group the moment you pull anyways. Its pretty poorly thought out... they wanted an Alterec Valley style of area but the problem is when your bosses are SO powerful that they instantly murder then entire raid? i don't know... hell half the
  15. say what? lol so one class should always be better then another class? one class should always be OP? no idea behind " balance " is to make it so every class has a 50/50 shot at beating every other class. I think BNS gets as close to this as it can... there will always be a counter class/build and i dont think anything you can do to fix that at all that is the nature of MMO's.
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