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  1. like i said before... it just needs to be an unlockable for like 20 dollars or something, its a nice feature that many of us would pay for... i mean unless they dont want my money what ever....
  2. I'm just going to start by saying, this is a basic and VERY shadey tactic used by mmo companies to squeeze pennies out of players. First, you limit there inventory space, then you make as many little items as you can that they need, pick axes, unsealing charms, keys, oh better make 2 kinds of keys and charms, vases for jars, potions, food, transfomation stones, every little conceivable item to fill up that inventory space as MUCH as possible so they have NO space and then... you design a system that requires REAL cash to unlock more space. so if you need 8 pouches and are 11 spac
  3. just need to add it to the store as an unlockable for a price 20 bucks or something along those lines, i'd pay 20 to unlock it.
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