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  1. Counter puts you straight into overflow state for 3 sec. It's shorter than regular overflow but it can be helpful sometimes.
  2. No, petal storm toss will put the petals on top of the enemy you target, not yourself.
  3. It's not too bad if you're using petal storm toss, and also remember that magnum also resets nettles at 3 stacks, which helps you get more overflow afterwards.
  4. 1. Yes, you need to reduce the CD of thorn strike using super sunflower (-3 sec cd on crit) or awakened sunflower (-6 sec cd on crit). 2. Magnum will reset the CD of nettles once at 3 stacks and give you a 3 sec buff that adds 2000% damage to nettles. Using nettles will put it on CD, you cannot spam it. If you get a reset from something else (like weapon or time distortion) during the buff, you can cast it more than once and get another 2000% damage, but magnum badge will only give you one reset by itself. 3. Just recorded this for you
  5. Petal storm TOSS (the spec with blue icon) generates 2 photosynthesis stacks automatically every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. The regular petal storm (pink icon, ranged shield) doesn't do anything.
  6. Pulse badge is best for lightning atm (20% crit dmg and flicker bonus dmg)
  7. Yes, if you wait a few seconds before using nettles.
  8. Ivy poison is a separate debuff and also important, but in order to stack photosynthesis the target needs to be getting hit by Flying nettles or Doom and bloom. Flying nettles lasts 6 seconds and Doom and bloom lasts 5 seconds. To track the duration you kind of need to watch the cooldown or ivy poison duration (doom and bloom runs out when ivy poison hits 5 seconds), but for the most part you should just try to spread them out instead of using them at the same time. Petal storm toss also gives 2 stacks every 2 sec over 10 sec duration.
  9. did you run out of nettles/doom/petal duration...?
  10. If you spam knockdowns they will blow all their escapes and leave themselves wide open for combos. They suck at using seed shroud so you generally don't have to worry about that. They are not particularly tanky and actually don't heal as much as you think, as long as you keep pressuring them. For the record I play BD and can kill them pretty reliably into the 50-55ish range.
  11. That's just what lightning flash looks like in wind build now.
  12. Yeah it was a bug, they fixed it in the latest version. You can see here.
  13. To be honest it seems to me like it's just a bug. I would wait a while before getting mad or excited about anything. There are a lot of bugs still, like elements being wrong or skills not activating. Some bugs I can remember off the top of my head is that form 3 lightning draw says it generates wind orbs, and storm cleave doesn't do the additional 4 hits like it should.
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