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Oath breaker or Siren


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i have both oathbreaker and siren in my two chars

i can say oathbraker weapon exp is much lower than siren

it cost me tons of weapon feeder to level up my siren to stage 10.. while oathbraker doesnt costs too much weapon fooder

however, oathbraker path is bit expensive when evolving, since it use silverfrost stone, unlike siren that use moonwater stone


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Deffo go all the way till True Pirate then follow new path. It will cost you a lot less! If you have premium you can cheaply buy evolution weapons from Dragon Express (bout half the price in tokens and tokens you can buy for Ncoins now too). True Pirate path will need "only" moonwater evo stones which is wayyy cheaper also. I managed to go from Awakened Pirate to True Pirate 2 days after patch with no problems.


As far as the stats are considered they end up being mostly the same. Oh and also very important thing. While going to Oathbreaker you MAY loose gem slot while evolving! OFC you may get lucky ang get the 5th one but knowing this game RNG you are more likely to loose one. This won't happen with True Pirate way. 

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