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  1. Small Dragon Certificate

    no please don't put back the lvl 45 blue dungeons only bot will benefit from that... lot of people omplained about arena soulstone bot in 45 cap.. and now complain again?? wtf i really like the idea.... it just only means real legit players can get the dragon certificate. and you dont need to rush gear while your're only lvl 45 wait till you are 49 or 50 to do 3 purple dailies.... and besides it easy to farm gold now i can make average 80+ gold a day, so the price of soulstone today is actually normal (i remember on tawian soulstone is about 70s-1g each) and actually the source count of soulstone is just average. unlike before 50 patch which soulstone are over influated in market
  2. Mob Resetting

    i have same experience as forcemaster when i kite them like im running in circles.. they just reset go back to their spawn position and full hp dafuq?
  3. Oath breaker or Siren

    i have both oathbreaker and siren in my two chars i can say oathbraker weapon exp is much lower than siren it cost me tons of weapon feeder to level up my siren to stage 10.. while oathbraker doesnt costs too much weapon fooder however, oathbraker path is bit expensive when evolving, since it use silverfrost stone, unlike siren that use moonwater stone
  4. Just a small tweak to bidding please

    if that happened to you.. just simple leave the party to save your precious gold
  5. 90% of time Yeti will grab the main aggro/tanker then throws away, your job is to stand at where he/she will land to get heat buff that heat instantly removes debuff 'Cold Fever' and gives you damage buff.. and always watch the yeti feet when you see a redish magma.. go near it to get the heat buff on next phase there will be raining ice glaicer avoid it and wait it to land. you have to step on it or kill the mushrooms get bomb to remove the ice.. then dps it to death! EZ!
  6. i was fusing my old lvl45 from e.fleet crit should shield.. so when i hit lvl 50 idk whats good to fuse for lvl 50 should shield for now?
  7. Assassin or Forcemaster top dps

    hmm depends on your internet ping and how fast can you spam your clicks.. if your ping is below 30ms definetly assassin if your ping is above 100ms force master
  8. What is this end of world?

    i dont think so.. because its abusable by bots in arena you should lvlup to 49 1st... though it requires you to have atleast 410+ ap else they will leave in party
  9. any idea where can i start and get the quest the master of martial arts to accquire small dragon certificate?
  10. small dragon certificate

    any idea where can i get the quest "the master of martial arts" to accquire small dragon certificate? wrong section :/

    i dont know why they change her name from jin varel i still prefer jin varel from anime <3
  12. please ncsoft enable your gameguard!

    bns and gameguard is not graphics card dependent ...so using titan that costs your kidney is useless if youre cpu is below avarage.. how much is quadcore 2010 processors today? its only about 40$-70$ and please don't tell you're still using pentium dual core btw im using nvdia 9600gt and amd a8 quadcore , 8gb ram and i have no problems with raiding 40+ people blackwyrm at 35-45 fps
  13. please ncsoft enable your gameguard!

    for performance they should upgrade their hardware. please dont tell me they still using dual core and 2007 graphics card ?.. yes its a rootkit but it works to monitor any suspicious activity to protect the game i have played others mmos using nprotect gameguard and no problems with it... and remember after silverfrost maintenance they forgot to turn it off for the past 12hours.. the gameguard is enabled that time theres no single bots roaming , no bots and afks in arena, and no gold spammers around..
  14. i know gameguard can caused alot of crash and software conflict such razer,anti-virus, or your fancy expensive custom keyboard and input mouse.. well it's easy to fix it by temporary uninstalling/disable it so its not your reason to whine like a kid why its unplayable.. but the fact is gameguard is really protecting agaisnt hackers, autoclickers, like ahk,autoit, razer macros, and this prevent afk autoclickers in arena programming their macros to click ready button every 5mins while farming beans with their lazy ases , afking mining while spamming F , and executing 123456 consecutive combos in 1 hold mouse click, and afk guild crafting. just like they did in TW.. they put a heartbeat every x minutes to check if their gameguard is off and then they automatically ban if someone try to bypass it.
  15. Weapon Progression Guide

    the point of why ppl today is rushing to pirate because upgrading from profane/siren when lvl50 released is more expensive and cost x10 more gold so lets say you have 100 gold today... you should spend it immidiately to upgrade your weapon because when lvl50 cap the value of 100 gold today would become 'nothing' compare to lvl50 cap which you can earn in as fast as 100gold a day