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Hello Guys New player here I'm looking for a Leveling guide for Destroyer

I m Insane

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Because of the core of the game, you should just follow the yellow (main) and blue (side) quests - it has proved to be the fastest in a way that it will actually teach you about basic game mechanics, skills, and such.

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I don't understand all this fuss about 'leveling guides'. There is one main story quest line, you follow it and do every side quest on the way. And boom: You are level 45.

It's as simple as it can be.

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If you have enough time to spare and soups that boost EXP gain from mobs, you can follow one of those guides traching you to reach lvl 45 in less than 24 hours. Otherwise, just following the quests will be good enough. You can reach 45 by the time you're done with the story quests and any of the side quests along the way.


Other general advice off the top of my head:


- Only Soul Shield sets you should bother with are the ones you get from Valor Stone Traders and some Wheels of Fortune, up until you can do Bloodshade/Nightshade Harbor, Mushin's Tower and/or Naryu Labyrinth (the Heroic/purple pieces). A full/mixed set you set from these 3 dungeons are amongst the best soul shields currently from what I can gather. Salvage every other soul shield you get that doesn't fit the criteria above for Fusion Powder (you'll use it much later). The ideal is to aim for 50% crit chance or higher, as that's the most important stat. Other important stats are HP, defense and pierce.

- Keep ALL your Hongmoon gear (weapon, necklace, ring and earring) and breakthrough/evolve them all in the following order of priority: weapon > necklace > ring > earring. They are the best of their respective equipment. Every other gear should be given to this Hongmoon gear to 'feed'/reinforce them. You only get bracelets and belts near endgame. Don't bother with those that give you threat bonuses as that's a stat only tank-oriented classes like Blade Master and Kung Fu Master have any use for.

- Save your keys and unsealing charms only for the gears and soul shields you'll either equip or use to breakthrough/evolve/transmute your equipped stuff. It's generally a waste to use them on anything else.

- My default choice of gems for my weapon, in decreasing order of priority (aim for at least Pentagonal): Attack Power Diamond (rarest and most expensive of them all, so it's OK if you can't get it first) > Life Drain Amethyst > Additional Damage Ruby > Life Drain Citrine.

- If you use a Gem Hammer for the 4th gem slot, save one to use as soon as you reach Awakened Blight on your weapon (that's when you get the 3rd slot for free), if possible. Otherwise, the later you unlock that slot, the more Gem Hammers you'll need and, until you reach endgame, it's not exactly easy or fast to have enough currency for that many hammers.

- The ideal combination of gathering and crafting guilds for a first char that may not make another (or may, but not necessarily in the same server) is: Green Thumbs, Tree Fellers, Merry Potters and Soul Wardens. You'll need the latter to craft Transformation Stones (especially the Moonwater ones) to evolve your gears, as well as primers to give bonuses to your soul shield parts once you transmute them (that's where you'll need the Fusion Powders I mentioned earlier) and the other 3 guilds all help each other.

- Don't be too afraid to use healing tonics and dumplings when needed, especially in the endgame. By that point, you should have hundreds of each and it's not exactly hard to see them drop from mobs. Always loot these.

- If time is short for story progression or you already finished it, try to do as many daily quests you can via cross-server dungeons (press F8). Check the rewards to see which ones you should give higher priority to. For endgame stuff, you'll want to do the 24-man dungeons (E. Fleet Supply Chain and Nightshade Harbor), the Big 4 (Brightstone Ruins, Skittering Tunnels, Hall of Ogong and The Pigsty) and Tomb of the Exiles (currently our only source of Soulstones outside the faction dailies in Misty Woods and Hogshead Pastures, which you also should do when possible). Later stuff like Naryu Labyrinth you may want to avoid until you at least reach Siren gears, as people will begin to demand a minimum attack power requirement at that point (usually around 400).


I think that covers the essential stuff.

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