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  1. Not the daily challenge, but another reward box with the new event. Look up Twitter.
  2. Just bumping it to see what others think about this...?
  3. Kimaxolás és tagváltozás miatt frissítve; aktívan keressük mindazon játékosokat, akik hosszabban terveznek a játékkal, és egy stabil közösséget keresnek.
  4. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see what they are coming up with, because a lot depends on it from our side.
  5. I wouldn't even allow the change at all; these imbalances wouldn't have happened probably at all, or would have sorted themselves out by now.
  6. We got a kind-of-an answer from Jonathan: https://twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/742760564972130305 Hyped now =)
  7. I do agree with you completely, however our clan already suffered from a big wave of players switching factions/leaving the game because of the imbalance, and all we want to do is to save what's left (35 players) without having to start over again. As I said we never planned on switching faction - only server -, but I would see a point in having the option to fight the imbalances. Me, personally wouldn't even bother with this, but for the sake of our small community I have to look for a solution, because we will disband if we can't come up with something.
  8. Hello, and thanks for the interest. It has been discussed in the game and on Twitter before by a handful of players, and I just wanted to bring it to more attention here, on the forums as well. We would like to have the chance to move the clan all together to either 1. Other Faction and/or 2. Other Server after implementing Server Transfer option. It will not only help different servers to combat the one-sided effect, but will also give players and communities a chance to shake up things and/or give players stranded on the dead side some hope. We, for exampl
  9. The main reason is that he has the most viewers = huge marketing for them. Nothing wrong with this IMO, however I do agree that they could have given other BnS streamers a chance to at least try it out on their streams even if they won't host it.
  10. Szintlépés miatti frissítés, valamint információk aktualizálása.
  11. Újabb frissítés állapotváltozás, valamint bővebb keresés miatt. Innentől kezdve keresünk olyan kisebb klánokat / baráti társaságokat is, akik együtt szeretnének maradni, de nem bánnák, ha egy nagy, folyamatosan fejlődő klán tagjai lehetnének, ahol biztosítva vannak a partyk napikra és frakciókra.
  12. I'm all up for it, since me and my fiancé are playing next to each other, and it would be lovely to have a married couple ingame after we actually got married IRL (^_^)
  13. Infók frissítve a jelenlegi elvárásokkal; továbbra is várunk jelentkezőket.
  14. I feel so terrible for OP, but at the same time am laughing my everything off at work >.<
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