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  1. If that would have been my intention, I'd be just like everyone else: "Oh, nice, goob job, I am proud of you!" Honesty isn't meant to make you feel better.
  2. Seeing that almost all summoners of my clan managed to beat this guy on the first try, you must be terrible. Sorry.
  3. I am! I am playing for a lot of hours every day and haven't seen a bot in weeks now :D
  4. My idea to keep bots out of BnS

    Even WoW has bots, and that's buy to play AND pay to play. You won't get rid of bots entirely. They did a great job with their last maintenance, in my opinion. Bots are almost gone.
  5. Minimum Requirements for Asura?

    Cleared it without any trouble with a group of 480 AP guys, all you need is communication and good survival. The enrage timer of the bosses are quite long. But yeah, you should have the belt ready.
  6. Recommended 3 man setup

    This guy got it right. Don't bother picking a tank, you don't need one and a KFM sucks at tanking anyway.
  7. Melee and PVE

    I am fine with iframing everything the boss does as a melee, the only problem is the low cast time on those AoEs. Thanks to our shitty servers, and because of the fact that 20+ players in a boss fight turn this game into a lag feast, you see the red circle, press your iframe, and it's too late - boom you are dead. At least give us a second to react to those things, and don't expect us to be psychic. And the chaining of those AoEs is sometimes ridiculous. If you manage to iframe one attack, there will be a second and third AoE following within 2 seconds, for sure. Give us a 10 second break, will ya?
  8. Yeah, that's what I thought. You could try to play EU, if your latency doesn't suffer too much. There are almost no bots and hackers over here.
  9. The important question is: Are you playing NA or EU? NA seems to be overtaken by bots and hackers, while I haven't seen any hacker or bot in weeks now at EU. So yeah, I am playing EU and haven't seen a single bot or hacker at the new 6v6 dungeon and believe me, I have played A LOT, because it's fun as hell.
  10. New and infatuated

    The game isn't shrinking, the player base is getting larger and larger every day.
  11. New and infatuated

    If you want to enjoy the game as much as possible, you should stop reading the forums. So many people crying for no reason on the forums, but the game is a lot of fun :) Just play with some friends, who are like-minded and have fun.
  12. Reality: Most people just want to finish their dungeons quick, that's why they don't want to take people with 380 AP to Asura and expect everyone to know the mechanics, so they don't have to spend half an hour explaining the strategy. Solution: Make your own group with "normal requirements", if you want to waste your time this badly.
  13. Some of the designs are not in the game yet.
  14. 1) Depends on your server. On my server there never were that many bots and I havent seen one for days now. 2) Yes, but there are more people starting the game, than quitting it. 3) Yes, and that's a good thing! Join the dominant faction and you can easily make 400-500g a day at soulstone plains. 4) Not yet, but there might be one some day. 5) He is, but probably one of the most challenging aswell.
  15. Black/White Legendaries

    Depends on the stage of your weapon. Stage 3 of the dark weapon should give you 5% increased damage on sunflower for example.
  16. Where can i find high level pvp videos?

    Check out KillingGod at twitch, he is currently Rank 1 in EU and streams a lot. https://www.twitch.tv/war3i4i
  17. So asura dung

    Yeah, no problem :D Here you go: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v0tY9qwTmQalLrD0FW2LkX2AJWqEKKSrBz5Ij4WvRXo/htmlview
  18. So asura dung

    Read this guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/4ea7bt/asura_101_what_to_knowwhat_to_work_towards/ Nothing special, will be like every other dungeon, if you ask me. Hard for the first 1-2 runs and then you start farming the shit out of it.
  19. Disconnected from server (2000) error

    Restart the game and try again, worked for me.
  20. Hongmoon Pellet

    Weapons would be great! Unable to trade and you need them to upgrade your hongmoon weapon. And spoiler: There are more hongmoon skills to come, which are only obtainable by clan crafting.
  21. Hongmoon Pellet

    There should be weapons, soul shields, gems, ...
  22. Hongmoon Pellet

    There is, you need 5 members, to craft a hongmoon pellet.
  23. Hongmoon Pellet

    It's fine the way it is. If you ask me, there should be WAY more clan-exclusive items. Rewards the players that invest a lot of time into their clan.
  24. Well, there are two types of bots: First, there are commercial bots, run by some companies, who sell the gold to players. If you want to get rid of those, the only permanent solution is to stop buying their gold. Then there are private bots, people use to farm 24/7, so they can keep up with the upgrades. If you want to get rid of those, you should make item upgrades affordable for everyone. It's pretty much as simple as that.
  25. Hey guys, So my clan eventually hits rank 15 and gets ready to design and craft clan outfits, but I can't find a decent tutorial to clan outfits on the internet. There are several questions about clan outfits: Can I start crafting the clan outfits first and apply a design to them later? Maybe even start off with a basic design and keep improving it, because the clan wardrobe says that the cost gets reduced by the cost of my previous clan outfit. I saw that I can have up to 4 registered designs, can I switch between them as much as I want? How the hell do I register a design? I don't really want to try it out, because it's a little bit too expensive for mistakes, in my opinion :D