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FM Frozen


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Just got completely frozen in place by a FM, I used SS to get out of it, but I got refrozen. After I lose that round, I tried to use Z to not get frozen, but than I got frozen again. After that I use my SS ability and got frozen again. 


How the hell is this even fair? When I frozen I couldn't turn move or even defend myself. 


Any idea how deal with that?

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There is a way but you have to time it well and probably have low ping:
Put your Quell to stun on a successfull defense in the first second and then make sure to use it right before one of their spells hits you. They will get stunned a lot if you do it well and you can use your X and 3 (with stunning/dazing tree) to combo him).

Most of the times they freeze me to death pretty easily since my ping is high anyway, so you have to be good at it.

I also use Soulburn just to make sure I have many Zs to avoid their spells and do as much damage as I can after I know they wont use Ice Shealth.

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