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  1. Again, what does it give to players who are geared? If you can clear stage 4 you literally need nothing in the reward pool other than maybe the wings. Even if you need what the event drops, all those mats are more readily farmed by just playing the game. The rewards make no sense for the amount of gear required to get them. People doing 1.2m sustained DPS are just barely getting through, and not even every time at that. The event is brutal and the rewards are pointless for people who can actually clear the bosses. The loot for the emblems should be what's also available for the oth
  2. How is it for you? If you can clear it all then there's literally nothing you need from the emblem shop. If you're clearing you already have the 8-piece of the SS set and if you need replacements/fusion pieces for 1-3 you can farm more easily by playing the actual content that drops them or farming other areas. I can't imagine you don't have full Octas or better already, and for someone with your gear you already have more viable ways of farming additional gems for transmuting. You also have more viable ways of farming the mats. Other than the wings, what would even be worth your time to farm?
  3. Honestly I just don't understand the second tier of the event or the people who defend it. People who can clear it don't need the octa gems, don't need the shield pieces, and don't need the mats. The only thing they might want are the wings. NC advertised this as though all the rewards would be something all players could attain. Instead the majority of players are locked out of many rewards and those who can get the best items won't even care about them. This is exactly why another server merge just happened and why I refuse to spend on B&S. The saddest part is that they didn'
  4. Don't upgrade it until you get the Rift/Dawn 3 from story. If you get 8 slots from that, then keep it and figure out which you want to do: switch to Raven if you have a clan/group you can raid with, or stay Rift/Dawn to stage 9. If the final orange quest doesn't give you a 3 slot Rift/Dawn, then go buy a new Baleful from the Grand Harvest Square merchant for 5 Naryu Silver and keep doing so until you get one with 8 slots. If you run out of Silver, then use the stack of Naryu tabs to take each up to Stage 4 for a cheap try at 8 slots on breakthrough. If that fails, just farm some si
  5. Overall a very good outlook to have. The main issue is the experience of BnS as a whole negates a lot of those things =( We have PvP in a lot of forms that for a while was necessary to progress and made players adversarial, we have a loot system that even when content wasn't insane made players adversarial because people would bid on things they didn't need just to drive prices up, etc. We also now have tons and tons of content yet a much smaller active population so everyone is spread out and there aren't any good social hubs like their used to be earlier in the game. Lastly, the
  6. Really there's just too much to manage because things are implemented poorly. Multiple badges, multiple weapons, new "skill trees", etc., and for every class and every build we have to look to outside resources to find out which direction to go. As the game has continued to run off content creators there are fewer and fewer sources of concise, clear information on the what and how of each update. Warframe, for instance, also requires a lot of tabbing out to find info, but most of what you need can easily be found soon after each update on the Wiki. For Blade and Soul it's generally a hunt acro
  7. To me the issue with it is simply that F is a normal part of a lot of classes DPS rotation, so suddenly you get stunned right before that phase and blow your F escape ability and now you no longer have it available when you need it to F -> SS and get out of her AoE. The mechanic itself isn't unfair, simply how it's implemented. Just shows laziness and a lack of understanding how their own system function.
  8. Honestly, the thing I don't get is people who support not the game but its horrible systems. We just had the orb fiasco as yet another means of completely invalidating the effort players have put into the game and only rewarding spending even more money to be able to enjoy the new "event". You can't currently get gem powders anywhere but trove. To each their own, but I play a game to progress by playing, not by swiping my card. NCSoft just took another step towards seeing exactly how far they can push players and still milk them. You're giving them a resounding response that you just don't ca
  9. Only the Fated Bond code seems to work now. The Nomad one gave me the same error.
  10. That seems to be reversing course. The Netherlands and Belgium have recently decided otherwise, EA is under investigation for ignoring these changes which they were directly made aware of--which can carry a penalty of up to 10 years in prison for not complying with gambling regulations--the rest of the EU and parts of Asia are looking into it, and the US FTC and a number of members of Congress are looking into it as well. I can only hope the day comes that loot boxes are brought to an end. It's sad, but something drastic needs to happen to save people from spending hundreds of dollars on nothi
  11. Honestly, the most interesting thing is that RNG boxes stayed out of the west for the longest because companies didn't think that western audiences would support the model. Lo and behold, not only are western players gullible enough to support it, but they also pay for games that are free in the east--BDO--and are willing to PAY to be beta testers for games with "early access". It almost boggles my mind that it took this long to catch on, on top of how shameful it is that the people doing it know that they're taking advantage of players with low will power to say no among other issues.
  12. It's a simple matter of the price ceilings. 2:1 HMCoin to gold just doesn't incentivize players very much unless they're needing a small amount of coin. In terms of raw drops and daily runs most people aren't going to think a 2000 HMC outfit is worth grinding almost 30 days worth of all dailies on a character, assuming they're geared enough to do that and making ~70g a day. Even tossing in weeklies and such you're talking about people burning weeks worth of gold for a bit of shop currency and having no gold left to upgrade, bid, etc. It's a losing prospect to sell gold with the cap
  13. So average time could be a bit over an hour and a half worth of spinning to get all you need. Hahahahahaha.
  14. Even if they do that, it's still a ridiculous design to have people spend the better part of an hour spinning a wheel. That literally says you care nothing about your players. You think their time is that frivolous that it's no big deal to use that much of it pressing F and then idling. This really is the ultimate no life achievement, and you have to hate yourself a little to participate in it.
  15. As mentioned, keep them if you like the skin. Some can never be obtained again if you trash them.
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