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  1. Yeah, I get that WL has a reputation of being trash tier post-awakening. I get it, I really do. And I could sorta see why that is the case. But at the same time, I honestly feel like WL's skillset has some potential to it as well... if done properly, of course. For example on the distortion build: You get a ton of i-frames, mobility, TD, SB, and best of all a blue block that heals you when your opponent hits through it. The best part is when you cast that blue block while standing in your green sanctum, it would literally recover almost half of your HP!). Well, assuming the opponen
  2. On my WL, the secondary V skill doesn't pop up when I use Quell. It pops up like normal in the training room, but in PvE it's just not popping up! I looked in my skill list to make sure I didn't disable it by mistake, but it's not disabled at all. I also tried to tweak some skill keys in settings, and even put the skill tab to default settings, but to no avail. Granted, I'm pretty sure it's just ME who's having this problem. As far as I know, other WLs have no problems using their secondary V skill when using Quell. I reckon it has something to do with the skill key set
  3. Legit, I went from having noob gear to decent-moderately elite gear after buying 50 keys for trove. In total, I gotten 3 glided gems, a bunch of crafting material in bulk to upgrade my weapon all the way to A6, and got a ton of legendary jewels to upgrade my accessories, as well as other goodies worth of upgrading material, and on top of that got a new spiffy costume for my char. Unfortunately, I never rolled the lotus skill/design effect. I sorta want that just to sell it in the market for profit, so perhaps I MIGHT buy more keys, but it's making me feel guilty for being such a wh
  4. First and foremost, I seem to have the hardest time with Assassins and Summoners. Like, idk what I'm doing wrong... but it seems they could CC me about 80% of the entire match. It makes it almost impossible to dish out some damage. Anyways, the FIRST thing I do at the very beginning of a match is I RMB to activate my hooks, and then quickly press Q to set up my flying skill or w/e you call it. After I set those up, I'll press X to protect myself as soon as the opponent comes charging up at me. Sometimes I press Q to get away faster; if needed. Afterwards I attempt to ru
  5. @HachiAki Oh really? Wow, I'm so behind on the updates, lol. I haven't played for a couple months now. I haven't seen the race change voucher yet cuz I probably didn't look carefully.
  6. Especially a female Jin Summoner. I can see a lot of perves dressing them up in bikinis and other promiscuous clothing that are currently available. Therefore it's "profitable" for the game company if you think about it. Also, they need to add a swapping race option in the shop for players who want to change their character's race. This will defintiely UP their profit even more.
  7. I watched videos of other classes awakening skills and the design of their skills look so flashy and cool, compared to Gunner's awakening which looks completely the same like his old skills. Besides, its almost as if Gunner didn't even get anything new. For example: - KFM has this cool skill that allows him to float in the air for a good 10 seconds - Sum can summon a giant ball with spikes and throw it at their opponents as a projectile - WL has more mobility, more flashy blue-looking effects, and other defensive useful skills. - FM can transform into a f
  8. @Kozuki Oh really? I didn't know that. Was there a recent patch that buffed or nerfed certain classes? I mean, I did heard about Gunslinger getting nerfed, although I haven't heard anything else about the other classes, correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. So, after hours of watching hundreds of PVP matches, I've seen Sums get slaughtered by Destroyers and Wardens a lot... and I mean a lot. It seems to me like the warrior classes are a pain in the ass for Sum. Do you guys have any advice on how to counter Destroyer and Warden?
  10. Hi guys, when I first started playing B&S, my first char was a Sum and I loved everything about it. This was maybe back in 2016 and then afterwards I stopped playing for a verrrry long time. Just recently came back in July of 2018. Since that day, I created a new Sum and got it to lvl 55. From what I heard, Summoners get a bad rep in PVP. It's been known as the most hated class overall. And not to mention, Warden is starting to get hated on, too. At least the second hated class right next to Sum, lol. Should I main Sum anyways despite the hate from the community? Al
  11. So, soloing isn't a possibility at all for any dungeons? Are there any other methods to get upgrade materials without going into raids? Sometimes I just get nervous talking in discord. Thanks tho!
  12. OMG I'm so sorry, I meant BALE stage 8. idk why I put Raven xD
  13. Hey guys, my main is a Gunner with pretty crappy gear, well, at least not as up to par compared to most people in the game. And at this point, I know I'm waaaay behind in terms of gear! My Gear: Weapon: Bale stage 8 Pisol, all 6 Gems filled up Accessories: Three of the accs I got from Celesial Basil (srry, forgot the name of them...that's how noob I am). The three accs are at stage 4. Belt: No belt yet, still using the basic one from main quest Glove: Same thing as above^ Total Att Power: 1015 I literally had to put ALL my hongmoon points into A
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