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  1. The AP/Grinding Problem

    Give a 30 mins penalty for those who leave a dungeon before the quest is done(last boss). People normally don't have patience or are just too stupid to think you need 500 AP in order to do Lair of The Frozen Fang, for example, so they either advertise on the chat looking for a PUG or they just do instant match and then QUIT the party after they check everyone's AP and realize their internet *cricket* arent big enough. So if we give a penalty to those who quit parties that before its ending they will stop doing it that often, making the party actually FIGHT TO COMPLETE IT, letting the players play and do it. As long as the ap level requeriment is at least acceptable (let's say 400 for frozen fang, for example) only BAD PLAYERS will cry and complain that it's not high enough to do it. Seriously, whenever someone say it's impossible to run a dungeon with AP X or Y, someone else goes there with AP X or Y and runs it without problem (good old times playing Manaya's Core in TERA, it was the place where we would separate the shit players from the good players)
  2. Clan Activity Log - UI/HUD Overview

    I WANT THIS, GIVE ME THIS, WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS? Really, this is pretty much a MUST in clan tab, did you create it as some kind of mod? If so please give me a link in pm, as I dont think the GMs will be adding this officially any soon.
  3. Clan recruitment system needs some work

    Here's my list of things that should be improved in clan system: * Make a clan window where you can find all the clans in the server, its level, number of players, mote and application option. * Let us see when a player was last online (will help us know who's active, their play time, we will know easier and get rid of players who dont play anymore) *Let us read the guild tab chat in Arena (when I'm there I simply can't see the messages, they disappear *Let us manage the guild applications and everything else in dungeons/arena (sometimes I'm in arena or dungeon and someone applies but I cant accept them...) *Let us see the donations from everyone in the clan (helps to know who is actively helping the clan with insignias, soul stones, gold and etc) *Increase the rewards for leveling up (so far I don't see any good reward for being level 10 except for max members 80, the requeriments to get there is kinda costy too) I think that's all I can remember.
  4. Japanese Voice Mod

    Google Blade and Sould Japanese Voice pack, you're welcome.
  5. Scam the gold seller's

    But you have to pay a tax to put anything in market. The higher the price, the higher the tax.
  6. Kick option isn't coming

    Oh, I also forgot to add that in TERA there is an ilv requeriment, which means players with very low gears won't be able to join a dungeon. If you are there it means you can beat it, so you don't get constantly kicked for not being too well geared. If they implement an AP requeriment and a vote kick option it won't be abused (of course it can happen, but abused? I don't believe so).
  7. Kick option isn't coming

    I don't see in what world you are if you think this is reality, but I have been playing MMORPGs for years and never have been easily kicked from dungeons. Maybe that means I'm not stupid to do high level dungeons with low level gears, or maybe it's because the players with high AP won't do dungeons with randoms. If we are talking about TERA, then this is a way better example of how you are wrong at saying the system sucks. TERA's instant matching option is the place you go whenever you have low ilv and you want to do a dungeon, it's mostly known as "trap runs". Nobody with decent ilv wants to do it because they know not everyone will be well geared(or they wont know the dungeon's rules, see Manaya's Core) so they just do PUGs, getting parties from the LFG chat. This is why the Zone/Faction/Dragonpire/Guild exist, for you to look for players to run dungeons with you and to make sure you are all geared for that. Instance Matching system is for you to find party quick and not worry about who's well geared or who has the highest AP because they are mostly all the same there. It just seems to me that you were being kicked many times from parties because your gear sucked so hard yet you wanted to do a high level dungeon and you got mad at it, if you defend the idea to let bots abuse the party just because you think everyone is an elitist.
  8. Warlock tips for junghado

    I gave up thinking my experience would be better after I upgrade to Siren Razor but I pretty much think we need to get gud. Youtube has 2 or 3 videos of people beating Junghado on NA with less than 400 AP I believe, yet whenevr I try to do it I cant pass 55% before I die. I would say we need to learn his pattern and improve our block with Quell, but anyway I'm also waiting for some tips.
  9. Kick option isn't coming

    It doesn't matter. What we want is to actually run a dungeon, if there are 6 members we want those 6 members to be humans and we want everyone to help us to do it. I'm tired of running a 6 man dungeon with only 4 players because 2 are bots/afk. If 80% of every single damn party wants to kick you out of their team then I'm sorry but you have to suck it up, however this wont happen because those elitists will pug their dungeons instead of going cross server with randoms who will mostly have less than 400 AP. You've got to face reality, this game is overflowing with bots and I'm the number of parties being ruined by bots/afks is WAY bigger than people who will want high requeriments to run dungeons and yet will do a cross server random match up. Just look at other games such as TERA, or my favorite old Ragnarok who used to have many bots as well. The voting system works and it can co-exist with the ego of elitists. Now if you are sure it wont be implemented because "everyone is an elitist and it will ruin our sacred bot/afk-free game" well I guess it can't be helped.
  10. Silent player in guild

    I have one too, and she even donates stuff to the guild such as faction emblems, naryu silver, soulstones. The girl just wont say anything in guild chat and will never answer whisper.
  11. Kick option isn't coming

    Wow! Such a smart and very substantial input: kick option is only for elitists, therefore this will never happen. I'm glad that you understand how this game works and what the community wants, thank you very much. Now we all will stop wanting this and we will try to not be elitists. My best regards.
  12. FM Frozen

    There is a way but you have to time it well and probably have low ping: Put your Quell to stun on a successfull defense in the first second and then make sure to use it right before one of their spells hits you. They will get stunned a lot if you do it well and you can use your X and 3 (with stunning/dazing tree) to combo him). Most of the times they freeze me to death pretty easily since my ping is high anyway, so you have to be good at it. I also use Soulburn just to make sure I have many Zs to avoid their spells and do as much damage as I can after I know they wont use Ice Shealth.
  13. Is Warlock unplayable in PVP before Level 45?

    I almost got platinum, class rank 33 at level 37. I play on like 800x600 shitty window options since I have around 200 ping and play on my i3 notebook, so I hope that tells you something about the class being unplayable.
  14. Option to Vote to kick in dungeon

    I have a hard time thinking of a reason to not auto kick afkers. I mean, really, can we get any good reason? If you go afk for whatever reason and get kicked from a dungeon it sucks right? Yeah but you are slowing down your team/being a damn bot and leeching off your team, it's only natural. It just blows my mind how a bot can just get in any dungeon and just stay there in front of the entrance or walk around and be paid from our bids and get dailies done. Bots can do whatever they want in this game, they can do PVE leveling, dungeons, PVP 1x1, PVP 3x3, they can whisper you, send friend invites (got like 20 just today, even after I blocked them), it just doesnt seem like people are taking this matter lightly. This game has a HUGE playerbase, specially for high level and first level dungeons there's always lots of people on the cross server lobby and you can get into a dungeon pretty fast, I have no idea why wouldnt they implement an option to kick out AFKs and make an option to kick people when at least 4/6 of the players agree on it. If any GM can read this and give me their reasons to not let us do anything against bots besides reporting I would like to know.
  15. Refusing to fight in 3s?

    They are bots. Do you think normal people cant put a program to just let them going to arena while they are sleeping or whatever? Do you think someone would profit from being actually online and just losing matches one after one? Bots also have premium membership, bots can also have normal names and join guilds, dont be naive.