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Thrall dont like it that much


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hello all :) 


made a warlock is atm lvl 18 

but to tell the truth dont like the thrall system its because of the time limit he have max 32 sec 

so yea you can only use him ad the right time if you need him 


so in terms the summ is in my few a beter class because you always have your Cat with you 

as long he dont dies :) 


was realy hoping a pet that stays with you and guard you even if you go a little afk for a drink ore smoke 

am a very big fan off summoner classes 


sadly warlock is not realy what i looking for but i keep playing her its stile a amazing class 

bummer that my pet cant stay forever and that i need to recall him every time 


i will get used to it 

i also like to know how you guys thing about it ?? 


sorry for my english 



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To be honest i just think the way to use E and Q to attack is annoying, i would like to use TAB to attack like my Summoner, as for the rest i am fine with it since the summon damage is pretty high, and the rest of our spells are pretty strong, so ya i am happy with the class, i am loving it, very fun.


17 minutes ago, DeaDBreaD said:

So, technically, you came here to say that you like scummoner better, but still play warlock for whatever personal reasons, and now want us to argue with that? Ok. ehm......


I´m out.

Seriusly, your education is terrible, no need to be mean, your post didnt added any kind of feedback to the topic...is not a matter of asking you to grow up, is a matter of having education.

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Thralls aren't meant to be out for every pull.  When I leveled my warlock on TW, I didn't use my thrall much outside dungeons until around level 30ish.  Fighting normal quest mobs, you don't need it until then, and you don't need to put points in it until then, either.  I see a lot of lowbie locks wasting time with thralls when they can LMB-RMB  or 2-3 their way through.

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