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  1. Droprates in PvE

    There's very little PvP involved in faction dailies for most people, i.e., the ones in the stronger faction on each server. If you are on the weaker faction, you need to be more organized.
  2. Wow. I guess it just goes to show that you can't rely on their newsletter for information. I didn't know they were that worried.
  3. New 50 lvl big update

    Did you check the news page?
  4. New 50 lvl big update

    This was in the March 15 newsletter. If they're still talking about it for the "next few weeks", then everyone will have time to at least get to Awakened Pirate.
  5. Boredom vs. Content vs. Desire

    Maybe you could spend your time learning about paragraphs?
  6. Mob Resetting

    That is the same mini-boss I had reset on me a few times, as well.
  7. Warlock weapon doesn't drop

    It's definitely not a warlock thing. It took my FM longer to get her profane weapon than it did for all my 3 other characters, including a warlock, put together. I bought the ones I could, before the patch for my WL, and didn't go over 4 tries for the ones I couldn't, except Storm Siren.
  8. Those guys don't know. There will be at least one live stream before the 50 patch.
  9. Game Issues and Why I'm Quitting (Rant)

    Most of the time, bots are set against other bots. One of them has to win.
  10. Corrupted Razor

    You can sell the weapons you can't use at the broker. If you have 30 of them and price them to sell, that will help.
  11. What's the "Wind and Cloud" weapon?
  12. Hujikar Weapon

    If you have True Profane, you've already used it once.
  13. refunding an item from the hongmoon store

    In the worst case, it's account bound, so you can use it on an alt.
  14. Wondering does Korea server has bots?

    How do you know what percentage of bots NCSoft catches?
  15. NCsoft in a nutshell

    NCSoft didn't tell you to pay 360g.