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  1. I have a similar issue with my mouse hand. If anti-inflammatories don't help, I simply stop playing for few weeks and catch up on Netflix or whatever. With that kind of macro, even if it is allowed, you're just switching the strain from more than one finger to a single finger. I don't think it's a viable alternative.
  2. Do you only have one finger? Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  3. Whether you have to enter it manually, edit a recorded script, or it's already put there by the software (which I've not yet seen), it makes no difference. They are all delays.
  4. You actually do need a delay, in the real world, that is.
  5. What part of "use of preset delays is forbidden" is vague? Internet lawyer all you want, but there's nothing about the guidelines that allows anything but key re-binding.
  6. It's not illegal at all. Babbletr0n said that he used an English mod to play on Asian servers himself. They won't provide support for issues due to the use of language packs and can't say whether or not they would be flagged by GG. Language packs offer nothing to players, except that they no longer have to pretend to follow the story, because they won't be able to understand anything.
  7. If you can't mail after buying NCoin, then NCoin was not the problem, was it?
  8. Stop repeating that nonsense. It has nothing to do with NCoin. Lots of people who haven't bought NCoin can mail between characters.
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