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  1. Hello, Just wondering if the level 50 token will take me to lv 55 as seen on the KR 50 token or will it keep me at lv 50 and ill have to do stupid amounts of quests still, I haven't really seen an updated lv 50 token redemption so I don't really know whether its worth it. Thanks
  2. Hello i tried out warlock when it was first released and i got it too around level 30, i recently came back to it and tried it out but the new patch has changed the whole build and before i knew sort of the rotation for the dragon call but now i wanna learn the dragon helix rotation as it looks cool, also with the air combo put into the mix aswell, could anyone give me a brief description and what keys to press to constantly pull out dragon helix's as im stuck and i mess up the combo. Thanks ^v^
  3. Ok, So my pc specs are I5-2500k CPU @ 3.30GHz Quad 500GB HDD (way over 100GB free) 8GB RAM GT 640 2GB I'm having an issue with my pc, ive done some tests, ive maxed out the settings in the lyncadi foothills and im getting a estimated 25FPS, but when moving around FPS drops to around 15, i then lowered all my settings as much as possible, changed resolution etc, clicked optimise for low end pc's etc and im still getting around the same FPS 25-15 (when moving) in the same place which is lyncadi foothills, ive tried other places and i seem to s
  4. Hello, Will there be a rotation of new outfits in the store? or will the outfit rotation stay the same?
  5. Heres my Warlock, Blade master and Asassin, ill show you the rest another time! :D hope you like!
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