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  1. Didn't a bunch of KFM players on the leaderboard get banned a few weeks ago? For using macros Also a lot of people with Razer mouses get banned for 'macros' I just wish the game would allow me to bind functions to mouse4 and 5
  2. Eckin

    Dungeon AFKers

    I was going to add something like that to my suggestion but I got mixed feelings about how such feature could be used to punish players. Maybe a 30min timeout at best, just in case.
  3. Eckin

    Dungeon AFKers

    Add a "Report AFK" button. If the player gets 5 reports, they get kicked from the party. Cannot be used in combat/during loot like our current vote-kick (or fix the current one already, *cricket* it has been over a month)
  4. Premium only has good benefits at rank 9, but I think its absurd to pay 500 bucks for a subscription.
  5. Probably it's too much work for the NCWest team, they would need to request this function to the KR devs and maybe we can get it in the future with some luck :)
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