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  1. I've been around these forums a lot less recently, so I don't know what changed for the community since the patch, but here is my brief comment on my experience with Blade & Soul in the west. Since the launch in the west, I've been playing this game. I didn't join early, but have a friend who did. At start, it was me, my gf, and two other friends (plus the early adopter). We were all looking forward to it and enjoyed the gameplay when we got our hands on. Graphics are pretty decent too, so its a plus. After the second week past launch (since the first was queue fies
  2. My student pack (7d prem) lasted for longer than the queues, which were the reason why I bought it I'd say 4 days, 5 tops Not even the Warlock update was enough to bring them back, either. Here's hoping for merges when the next update hits!
  3. You could have it tailored for you, or for a girl you could probably pay for to model for you aswell, for less. What a tale of Escalation of commitment
  4. It would be more realistic to either lower the price of everything not related to players (npc shops, upgrading, teleporting, etc) OR raise the money rewards (quests, drops from monsters, add gold to daily dash) so money loses value, leading to less need for people to buy gold. Making the game singleplayer doesn't help, bots will always find a way. You fight by making their services less useful.
  5. For those speaking about "huge gifs" and file sizes, don't be so dense. JPGs can be just as heavy, and the pictures always had filesize limits, I would know since I got affected by it while trying to make gifs of my character. Maximum file size limit was somewhere below 5mb, for gifs or not. (Cross-post from the other, larger thread that got closed) As GM Rhenna said, GIFs don't mean adult images and should not have been removed like @Rukkirii implied. Removing GIFs makes no sense. I'm legit upset about this even if for the majority of the playerbase its min
  6. Weeks before the change people were selling prem (gifts) for gold, NCWest got in touch and said it was OK. And then this change.
  7. Eckin

    Go-to Disables?

    That's very helpful, thanks!
  8. You receive it the day AFTER the maintenance if your character was 45 during it. So today's evening. Sit tight.
  9. Go to your Libraries and find the Pictures folder, the place you want to put your image (any .jpg before this update, dunno after) is [...]\Pictures\BnS\CharacterShot Should be around 393x644 but the game resizes anything you pick. Go in game and it will recognize the picture you added to the folder, if its in the right format you can upload it. Theres a file size limit as discussed in this topic.
  10. I don't know exactly but I tried to make a gif of my character and it went over 5mb, I remade it (with less frames) with about 3mb and it went thru. Most gifs I see are low frame/quality too so I didn't experience anything that made me suspect people were bypassing
  11. Eckin

    Go-to Disables?

    What are the 2 disables WL should pick up, or what are the disable choices for bosses? Like, the 2 skills with knockdown/daze/etc for you to solo big guys I'm not particulary interested in a premade build, but those are welcome if you feel it justifies the skill choices
  12. As GM Rhenna said, GIFs don't mean adult images and should not have been removed like @Rukkirii implied. Removing GIFs makes no sense. I'm legit upset about this even if for the majority of the playerbase its minor, because it's ANOTHER change we didn't need (like mail being locked, like outfits not being salvageable, like wardrobe being rental only, like making changes to skills not added to the changelog with each maintenance). I can deal with bullshit changes every now and then but it adds up, and I'm losing my good will towards NCWest each time. My friends already l
  13. So you are saying bots are fixing the problem NCSoft made with extremely low gold rewards in quests/drops (only for prem too)? Sounds like a decent trade-off indeed. (for NA players, since not even bots wanna play on EU servers)
  14. People get mugged every day, but I never got mugged. Ergo, muggers aren't real.
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