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Skilled blade dancers


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I've reached platinum fairly easily since most people still dont know how to counter Summoners (easily learnt by practice) but then there's these high plat/diamond BDs that I have no freaking clue how the heck to beat them:


Blade dancer strategy 1:


- Sleep cat, jump summoner.

Me: Get hit a bit, manage to stealth, go on top of cat.


BD:Get to the other side of the arena.


Me: Sit and wait til cat wakes up. Not falling for that again, so cat wakes up, I go a little closer, put cat sleeping. Hit BD a bit, send cat to CC, recall cat, put pet to sleep... OH CRAP, he cc me, send cat to CC..

...And he sleeps cat again.

Annnd I manage to go on top of it and wait til he wakes up.


Round ends, score, I lose.



Blade Dancer strategy 2: 

(Still cant believe how the heck he does this!)


Round starts, dont know how he plays so I go for him, cat too.

He sends cat to the air, cat at 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 30%.


(And im spamming E E E E E like mad)


Annnnd cat is dead. In one grab.

I die shortly after.


2nd round:


(I now know what hes doing)


Go in, put cat sleeping. Avoid him, hit him. He parries everything and manages to hit me a couple of times.

The guy sees my pet get up, changes target to him. Q still has CD so I recall it with E. He rushes to it, sends it to the air. This time I dont spam E, I try hard to nuke him.

When my cat is finally falling down I spam E again, nope, doesnt work again, cat is dead, Im at half hp, dead after avoiding him for a lifetime.



This dude was timing every damn cat sleep. As soon as he was up he would stun and combo it before I could even recall it. I COULD recall it earlier but then the CD would be longer than 3 seconds.


The best I got VS him was on the last match and I died with him at 30% hp still.


My main was a destroyer so Im ok with them.

Other summoners are cake, BMs, FMs etc usually if I lose I know where I screwed up.

But these 2, specially 2nd one I have no idea what to do diferently. He parried every rose, got rid of every root like it was nothing, got up from every KD in a sec, and my cat died in 5sec as soon as he launched it to the air.


(Yes, its a house cat)


No other BD gave me so much trouble as these 2.


Any strategies you've used and worked against these ones?



*insert potatoe for long post*


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17 minutes ago, AxeWife said:

Thank you, but I must have read it dozens of times, problem is as soon as they do something unexpected ;(


But since I'm a very sore loser, already decided to level a BD to learn how to effectively counter them. :)


That's actually the smart way to go about it, I've taken every class to cap just to learn what they do since this game has a horrible habit or turning individual skills into literal manuals of effects, it helps a lot. As a BD main, I do both of those things to Summoners and haven't seen a good counter for it used against me. The 100-0 cat juggle takes a bit of luck with crits though unless you spec really specifically to do that, it's much easier to sleep it and transition into a quick Drain rotation or just casually walk away depending on what the Summoner does next.

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You can prevent your cat from being slept by using E after he throws it, while it is still in the air, and before it hits the ground.. This calls the cat to you and prevents the sleep from happening. If someone is focusing down your cat, you can use tier 2 seed shroud to invis your cat in the middle of their combo. Or you can spec into Z to just outheal the damage they are doing.

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