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  1. New Update on April 27th!

    Dota just traded most true RNG for PRNG, and then changed a few thing regarding uphill miss chance. I mean look at all this. http://dota2.gamepedia.com/Pseudo-random_distribution http://dota2.gamepedia.com/True_random_distribution In fact they added more RNG in the latest patches with items like Solar Crest and rebalances on skills. As to replying to the "actual point", meh. PvP is already limited enough as it is becasue of the way it was designed. Every class plays the same game against one another. You shuffle around a bit until you can stunlock your opponent and you go ham on them. That's the only win condition. I guess running away until the timer hits is another one but realistically the goal of every class if possible is to force a remove shock and then 100-0 them in a continual stunlock until death. And that's boring as hell. I openly welcome ANYTHING that jumps in the middle of that 100-0 rotation and says "No more, this is stupid" drops the combo and allows you to counterplay. And if the tradeoff is that I can't 100-0 anyone myself anymore then all the better. I'm a dirty BD player. I run in, I bait you CD's, I combo you (100-0 if allowed) and then I run away until ALL my CD's are back up because my skillset dictates that this is my optimal play. It's boring. It's repetitive. And it works against EVERY. SINGLE. CLASS. And if I don't play this way I'm the one who get's 100-0 combo'd back in my face. I guess the core of my point is this. For most classes you only need to outplay your opponent once, and because of the way the game is designed you win. RNG stats may limit your ability to outplay your opponent in some cases, but BnS PvP is a one mistake GG. There's nothing more limiting than what's already in place.
  2. New Update on April 27th!

    The only "competitive" MOBA that ignores RNG is HotS, and that's barely a game. PRNG is objectively worse than true RNG simply because you can "Prime" it in the context of MOBA's. Dota 2 is LOADED with RNG in virtually every aspect.
  3. New Update on April 27th!

    There's a point at which RNG based stats become reliable. Remember this is a 6v6, not a 1v1. In a 1v1 having a stat imbalance that default wins a game for 1 person is an issue, one that Aion basically waded through it's entire lifespan and kind of ignored (Although you could get a competitively viable PvP set in less than 3 days post 2.0) but it's entirely less likely that 5 other people also get shut out by a singular stat stack. Having equalized stats in a 1v1 is... well I can see why they did it. Not that I agree with every class being built the same because not every class functions the same nor performs the same when understated, but if everyone has equal stats in a 6v6, then it basically just becomes a game of "Everybody Focus X player" because you have no defensive stats. There's no out. You pop your Tab and unless you're a class that gains Invuln from it you die a fraction of a second later because there's 6 people hitting you, skill, reflexes, decision making and micro be damned. While equalized stats makes a 1v1 more "competitive" (Laugh) it's a detriment to a 6v6 scenario simply because of how this games combat was designed, which if you look at the current Arena 1v1 Meta, is based entirely around Bait Tab -> 100-0. That's not even being good at PvP, that's being good at a format which is why a lot of people think the Arena is a joke and just a place to get free Zen beans. If NCsoft actually wants to Esportify this game they've got a lot of fix. In any case, there are those people that want to have their time and effort in the game be rewarded in a PvP scenario. There's also people who want everything equal regardless of time and effort. For the former we have this 6v6 (Which is more PvE anyways) and for the latter we have the 1v1/3v3's. There's content enough for everyone. Realistically speaking though, gear will only be a deciding factor in like, 5% of the matches in the 6v6 in all likelihood considering how it plays. Group Composition, Teamplay and Individual skill will be the big winners there. Expect to see a LOT of Dest/Smn/BD/KFM/FM groups.
  4. New Update on April 27th!

    It stops being RNG when it becomes a reliable constant, which you CAN currently do in OW PvP. Full Eva/Blk sets reliably shut down people without Acc.
  5. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    Considering it's ONLY 2 pages in this time frame compared to the playerbase, yeah, it's pretty irrelevant. Most people are just going to roll with the event and drop a few $ here and there as they see fit. Nothing wrong with that. People that are whales will continue to whale which changes nothing. This just opens up an avenue for rich casuals, and hardcore players without typical whale means. Maybe if the bots didn't destroy the economy 2 weeks into the game this would be less of a deal, but at this point it's pretty irrelevant. Let those of use with jobs use our money to pave the path we could not walk while we were at work. Something something credit card.
  6. Game just became p2w ggwp NCSOFT

    At least there you can Ride on a Tiger on top of a Flying Manta Ray 5 miles up throwing scarabs at people while your trains of pets and summons parade behind you.
  7. New Update on April 27th!

    It's baseline, rather than crap. It's the AP you achieve by default if you only have an hour or two to play a day, or every other day. Crap is rocking Infernal in this patch and queing into Yeti which places you right smack dab onto the carry me express. Regardless, it's a shame you can only use the gear you earned through PvE to PvE even harder, that is it was a shame until this 6v6. Now at least you can put forth some of that time and effort into a new scenario, something other than blindly grinding gear forwards following the same cookie cutter build with the sole purpose of cutting 10 seconds off your clear time in the next instance. Should the new 6v6 end up being a legitimate grounds for stat experimentation and creating a separate PvP meta (One that isn't based entirely around Bait Tab into 100-0 Rinse Repeat and Bots+Hacking Summoners) then I can honestly say it'll be the one thing keeping me playing this game, and resubbing my Premium. The PvE right now in brainless and the Arenas are shallow, that's really it. Hopefulyl this wil breathe some life into this nightmare.
  8. New Update on April 27th!

    SWTOR is not BNS, and of course BnS isn't Aion. But we already know what the 6v6 will feel like in terms of doing and receiving damage because we have OW PvP. And it's not bad. In fact the only real issue with OW PvP is A.) Zergrush and B.) Some classes are just unkillable because they can outrun everything. The 6v6 fixes both those problems. Really though, the current content is hardly gear dependent at all. It's the community that feels it is. You can dumpster the Yeti with 400AP teams as long as you know what you're doing, and the current AP cap for this patch is somewhere over 600 for the whales with most "hardcore" players hovering over 500. You've never needed the best gear in BnS, at any point in time. Everything is mechanics oriented, not DPS race oriented and that's fine. Sort of. It creates a really stale meta for PvE as a default though. And Arena well, that place is a joke anyways with real players not even existing until 2000+ and everything afterwards just being a contest to see whole can bait Tab first followed by 100-0 combos because everyone's stats are the same. Being able to PvP with actual mechanics like Evade, Block, Regen, Defense and stacked offensive stats is MUCH more indepth and rewarding that doing the same combo ad nauseum in the arena. To put it plainly, the Arena is shallow.
  9. General Consensus is FM/Smn, but without a DPS meter there's no hard numbers to back it up.
  10. New Update on April 27th!

    Except if that was the case the Dredgion in Aion would have been a dead instance. Instead it was the most popular instance in the game since day 1 and through every patch, from new players to BiS hardcore vets. It was also, 100% optional with 0 impact on your progress in the game in terms of gear, mats or otherwise. People que'd into it for fun. In either case BiS gear won't be the determining factor in the 6v6, it will be class composition. Hopefully a secondary meta will evolve out of it where we can stat according to our classes strengths, instead of the current copy paste crit max SS build that every class has. It's pretty lame that a BD has to spec the same as a KFM as a Dest as a SMN for all the available content.
  11. New Update on April 27th!

    I'm generally against the whole everyone gets the same stats approach. There's levels of customizeability in this game they just don't let us use them. There's a world where we all have different viable Soul Shield sets and accessories for different situations to work to each classes strength. I'm hoping this 6v6 will be part of that so every class doesn't mindlessly build the exact same stats no matter what (because lets face it right now every stat except Crit is garbage and you hit the 115% Acc/15% Piercing passively as long as you keep up in gear). Even in PvE there's no payout for specing defensively, what's up with that,
  12. Grand Harvest, More like Lag Harvest

    Show us those numbers mid fight or I'm naming you a liar right here.
  13. New Update on April 27th!

    Normalized stats just make certain classes worse. I'd rather be able to customize my stats how I want based on my opponent. Not that I really want Aions level of "I have 4 different Armor sets for X scenario 3 different weapons I can hotswap between 3 Accessory sets based on blah blah blah blah" but good lord being forced into a 35% crit rate with near useless levels of Eva/Blk/Def on most classes is awful. Then again PvP in its current form is awful anyways. Strictly speaking though if its a 6v6 then class composoition and individual skill is going to outperform a gear gap in 99% of cases, those fringe ones being where you're looking at literal insurmountable stat walls like less accuracy than an opponents eva/blk rates or running Moonwater SS's against full Yeti.
  14. I would actually sit here at work and ban bots all day if I thought I could keep up with the sheer number of them. Aion dev team, where are you. Trine please come back.
  15. Oh man Whiteknights. Yeah there's been banwaves, and we've seen when they've happened. The issue is the hackers that have been captured on video haven't been swept up in them. Completely ignored despite multiple reports and public visibility. Yes one off banning is never a good option due to it's side effects, but we're talking about completely ignored players. Cannot be fixed and doesn't feel like fixing are two different things.