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  1. Idk much about upcoming patches but... people will just do like dokumo weapons if entering the new dungeon requires asura weapon. you can use a normal scorpio belt, no need to upgrade yours Just dailies can get you like 15g in gold. You can easily get 50 Soulstones/day from SSP and Misty dailies. While doing SSP dailies you'll get at least 1-2 boxes that require no keys, which is already minimum 1g if you get 1 key. Sometimes you can get 5 keys in the boxes. Farm it more if you going to complain about item costs. Making gold is easy. If you have the time to complain, then you have the time to farm. Running 4man lair can get you at least 5g/run from other players bids of venoms. If honorary drops then more gold, if merry potter drops, then more gold. Or get some friends and run it and share the venoms until you each can upgrade your gears.
  2. Doom & Bloom

    Well i'm assuming the thread is for PvE anyway so why talk about points needed for PvP. That's like PvE core and people complaining there is not enough points? stop speccing 3 into backstep maybe you have some points. That's like PvP core and people complaining there is not enough points? stop speccing into sunflower so much when you don't even get overflow.
  3. 100 wins to plat? you only need around 30 unless you lost a bunch against bots. 1900-2000 there may be bots ,but i hit 2000 before the bots rolled in after the reset. But there wont be enough bots to get you to 2k, Then from 2k you barely see any bots, I go to diamond having faced only 1-2 bots after 1900. So you got some over exaggeration going on. Since you need like 15 consecutive wins to hit diamond from 1900. Maybe if you lose along the way you may fight another bot here and there.
  4. When you play with bad specs, then deal with bad graphics. Learn to optimize your settings. Intel i5-4210U @ 1.7 ghz 6GB ram no vram Intel HD graphics Family (HD 4400 Mobile) I get a constant 30-50 FPS depending how many players are in the zone. Occasional;y Ill drop to 20 FPS during big events or during the mino in naryu.. My settings are on low, without Low-end Enabled. Change your resolution or deal with even worse graphics on low-end. The biggest boost to my fps is when I decided to go true full screen. You can do this by pressing alt+enter at the same time in character select.
  5. +400 ap

    So you made a thread to complain about people who are premaking parties to enter a dungeon? Is it so hard to just click LFP? If you have to complain about these 400+ premades then a) you got kicked from one or b) you're having trouble clearing with randoms yet you claim the dungeons so easy
  6. Naryu Labyrinth Guide

    Read your other guides you say? Guides with little to no format. I assume you'll claim the reddit post on Blackwyrm Etiquette as your own guide too right? Since you straight copy pasted then butchered the format and changes 1-2 words. This Naryu guide in particular has already been proven that it is not yours by the original author.
  7. no one wants to hear from a little kid who takes other peoples guides then posts them on NA forums claiming it as your own.
  8. Summoner and floor 8 need help

    I only ever get costume from phase 3, so you don't really need to rush it. Just gear up first, but if you're already geared then I guess you just have to keep trying. Build Gear Still have about 20-30 seconds leftover. Stay close, always grab the buff. I think xshade never grabbed it but can't remember. It gives good boost to your damage. I actually just started using the backstep method since watching xshade video. Previously was just using enhanced seed shroud, which worked when my dps was slightly lower, but now the cd is never up when he goes to flame aoe. You can save it in case he decides to flame aoe without going to middle first. Also I think if you do enough dps, he skips the ice phase. Or if he does use it, just quickly backstep, and recall your pet, then throw up a petal. After 3 quick shots he'll do a final then jump on you, pop your stealth if you need.
  9. Mushin 8F - Force Master 45-5 EU

    inb4 maxed gear
  10. Summoner and floor 8 need help

    over 400 ap
  11. Mushin 8F quick guide

    Currently trying with 415 AP, (Awakened Pirate, 2 Awakened Siren and 1 Infernal Acc), and still need 20% more by the timer. Summoner I saw clear it at True Pirate with x3 True Siren (450 AP). Probably possible, currently still trying.
  12. Summoner Mushin Tower 7F

    is a new thread really necessary, theres a topic with 60+ replies for summoner mushin. I see you posted there already, stop fishing for views. Also theres a point of being overgeared for mushin and you're way past it so a video is pretty pointless to show people failing it how to clear.
  13. Skilled blade dancers

    2 pts into huzzah, if you know he's going for cat.
  14. [Summoner] Junghado 7F Build

    The awkward moment when you realize you post on wrong thread. Well it works I guess. I meant to reply to someone else who was having trouble clearing :< @ryjian grats on being overgeared? +1 to your ego hope you're satisfied @virtuozzzo tahts cool, but we all know that wasn't 1 take. so overall that's just more work. This guide was meant to be for players having trouble clearing. Yes I am one to say learn to use your skills, but you guys are overthetop elitists. Even though I posted on wrong thread, I did in fact clear it being a fresh 45 on a new server, with little effort/gear. So all it really comes down to is learning the class, and clearing teh simplest way.
  15. [Summoner] Junghado 7F Build

    My Build for all of Tower. 3 extra points, go crazy. Bee's also work, since sunflower can't hit knocked up target. I cleared with a fresh 45 with Infernal gear and Blue moonwater soul shield set. Giving you instant Tower shield gratification. No one i've seen utilize uppercut, its really handy, and gives you time for your cd's. don't forget to be spamming them lmb/rmb/bloom. Snare when needed, like if you fail cc combo. Start with tab -> v -> tab (lunge, knockdown, pounce) As soon as it ends, c - > v -> v -> q (hammer, uppercut, playtime, taunt) then repeat. Once he starts going resist mode, just watch him. When he enters stance to dash toward you, just prepare your stealth then repeat with your cat. You can open with taunt if you want, as the CD will be up when your combo is over anyway.
  16. Summoner Cat Taunt

    who says summoners can't do past 7th? source? You just sound like someone who has trouble with 7 right now. A lot of the other classes even have trouble with up to 7th atm. Summoner has it the easiest. I've 0 problems with the current content, although leveling a new summoner on another server, the doom and bloom bug is killer.
  17. cat tank nerfed

    Hope it was intended. I am a summoner and have 0 problems on Tower. Stop relying on cat tanking and letting you free dps and use some defensive skills and time your cc's for a change.