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Destroyer VS Assassin


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I love the Sin, I love my Sin. It is my main class. It is powerful. It is damn fast and tactical. It is stealthy.


Stealthy... that is the point. There is no chance for a Sin staying invisible, if invisible. The spin will always ruin it, always!

No stealth = no time to breath. Immediately either dazed, dulled, knocked down, back, stunned. A DES has lots of ways adding salt to the chances of a Sin.

(I know that the equipment is pretty sized down to a legal equal match, that is fine, take this note accordingly to the next things:) A Lv 45 Sin, with more than 100 Wins and few loss - Gold Rank vs. a Lv 35 Destroyer (which has not unlocked every skill! Keep that in mind!), Silver Rank, just a few Wins and no loss. You know what? Destroyer wins, just with a health loss of approx 0.01% - 30% in total.


Is this just fair? Not being able to proc proper stuns on the DES and keep cycling through the necessarity of stunlocks and damage boni. DES' are able to avoid those underwhelming skills as well. And if you get cought into the Net, you still have plenty, and I mean really plenty, of health and you keep relaxing up there while your CD (cooldown) of all skills getting decreased, so you can cycle your doom, destruction and havoc upon the enemy. 1 F 3 F-9times Y LMB RMB LMB RMB, repeat with 2 ***, Y *** or 4 *** (*** = same cycle after F).


The odd thing is, I am the Destroyer. Yes. I've made extra a Character, a Destroyer, too see how ridiculously advantaged it is against other factions.

Summoner: I had no problems with Summoners. Just one was almost catching me down to 20% on the first round, he or she played well, but ended up 2:0 for me.

Kungfu Master: KFM was tricky to handle. Got killed either.

Blade Master / Blade Dancer: No BM nor BD stand a chance, took long to kill, because of hits natural bunny hopping and swooping around, but ... got killed afterwards 2 times in total.

Destroyer: Haven't met any other playing Destroyer, which means, Bots ..., ~skipping this part~.

Force Master: The only one who was killing me straight away, which also took long, was the force master with his slowdowns and freezes, and yet, he had the advantage being Lv 45 (and prolly with some HM levels, ergo, more skill points). So I had to stand almost no chance. First round went: me dead, he died 10ms after me through bleeding. Thanks NCSoft not counting draws. Pitty pirates! Second round went 0% HP : 12% HP for him. So I lost. Was a good fight anyways.

But... Assassins are lacking in all terms of victory. Doesn't matter how many skills they have unlocked yet, they are horrible since their origin nerfhammer. They need some love. I had even a hard time fighting as a Lv 43 Sin against Lv 30~40 Destroyers. They wrecked me totally.

And accordingly to the reports that Warlock has been nerfed down hell, having no Top-100 Tournament Warlocks (BNS CN) ranking and taking place in those seats, just above the 2000 mark, is just ... ridiculous.


My next class will be Warlock, since I bloody love the dark evil-ish design, the style itself. Overall the effects. And due to the current rankings and official statements of the top rank players ... Warlock for PvP seems to be a pretty wrong decision ... even a horrible idea, but I love making PvP, if I feel ready for it.


Can we haz pretty please with cherry on top some buff initiations for the Sin and WL? Just a little bit, so they are some serious enemies in Arena? Thankz.

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It is true that destroyers are a counter of assassin cause they ruin our stategy setups. But you have to act according this. Acknowledge that you can't go YOLO against them and set up different strategies, Try baiting they escapes, harrassing them with knodowns, watch carefully their movements and try to find patterns.

I do get the your feeling that they are cheap as F, but its not like we can do anything about it except for adapt and find new strategies to deal with them.

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I dont think of destroyers as a counter to sins i play assa myself and consider destro as one of the easier matchups.

Use smokescreen, there is NO WAY he can get you this way, his throwing axe will be blocked, his charge will be Q'ed followed up by acrid, throwing dagger and poisenbomb for lots of poke.

Flower escape for like every stun. Its really important to improve your flower uptime it should be around 100%.

If he gets you with red spin counter with ss, if ss is on cd blow lotus furry even using flower for it is acceptable last resort would be tabbing out.

if your safe meaning flower is up for a long enough duration + tab is ready. You break stealth bodyswap -> shadowdash -> Spinal tab -> Close shave -> Hook kick -> lighning rod -> close shave. He cant break that combo if you do it fast enough. It wont kill him but it adds up with your poke.

Sneak attack is kinda risky, because some of them will predict it and you endup stunned and you have to blow flower and you have to play passive again up for you to decide if you wanna risk it, if you manage to get him webbed him you can combo him with the minicomb i mentioned. Time is in your favor dont die dont care if he heals up. Play safe and he might never catch you. Choke bomb is another great tool for poke.

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You are first Assassin I see crying about destroyer, Myself as a "Plate " Destroyer have tons of problem against assassin.


Infact it's the way around if you check forum and other game resource that Assassin are more likey the counter for destroyer cause in fact Destroyer can't spam tons of aoe over your head like summoner or FM.


And another thing that Spin isn't that high range, Assassin always play on poking game with lighting rod and hide till time out me.


so yah it's not fair for real because Assassin just hide and poke to win against destroyer 

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I just had most laughable sin vs dest game. Seriously im not sure what the heck that destroyer was thinking. His tactic was run to corner and wait there. Whole game he tried to force fight at corner. Yeah sure ill just go there and get myself killed no thanks.
Did some dmg then i run to opposite corner and started dancing till he came out of his corner. Jumped in did some dmg again and while he thought we were going to fight and started running towards corner i just run to opposite corner and started dancing. And this match was +1800 rating so seriously

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