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  1. yet ncsoft might know something you dont
  2. Yea everyone they banned are innocent. Why would a company ban people who are potentially spending money? Just a big bunch of liars i bet more than 95% deserved the ban. No one care about the exploiters and macro user and the konsorts who come to forums and cry. Move on the community is better without you or learn from it and play legit.
  3. i bet most of the people who are banned use ogoong exploit and now getting in the forums stating they are not. For all real legit players who got banned iam sorry and i hope you get your account back. For all those who did exploiting bug using and the obvious stuff, you deserved the punishment, learn from it and play legit. Arena bots and goldspammer are no excuse for anything you did.
  4. Dont use its 2, just f and drain
  5. Waynedetta

    Sin vs Destro

    Smokescreen ist dein freund, wenn er anstalten macht zu chargen oder zu hüpfen spam Q bringt dich im stealth hinter ihn. Poke ausm stealth mit throw dagger, acrid shuriken, poisen bomb. Spiel auf Zeit und safe. Sprich flower sollte immer stehen, immer wenn sie dabei ist auszulaufen dann lauf weg und sicherheit und stell sie. Wenn du auf Zeit spielst ist sein Heal egal, aber wenn du dagger auf ihm hast kannst du dich hinter ihn porten -> tab -> web. Wenn dein Ping gut ist kannst du -> Bodyswap -> Shadow Dash (1) -> Throw dagger (x) -> Lmb stun -> Close S
  6. No, the correct way is to ban the ones who abused it and remove what they got. If you skip bosses by SS trough a door you know you use and exploit to get an advantage over legit players. BD has endgame pve grind and no arena pvp. For sure thats a game for the long run especially for the western community and abusing exploits will result in bans there too.
  7. BDs chi recovery is easylie countered and then he got 2 seconds of cc immunity on a 36 seconds cooldown left BladeDancers at all are countered by sum so easy. They have only 3 options on ranged: Boomerang with chi recovery which is countered by petal storm. Charge on low cd and charge on bigger cd which most likly end in an aircomb both can be outhealed easylie. KFM block is grappled. Just remove 50% defense reduce and some of the reqierments, maybe to stun and knockdown only and its fine.
  8. I already said it and i say it again, imo its the pindown which should get nerfed, why? Usally most classes have 1 escape from grapple. Pindown works for 5 seconds decreases defense by 50% disables defensive skills and can be used on counter, dazed, stunned and knocked down targets every sunflower crits for 4-5k into pindown. And its not hard to pindown at all with it having only 18seconds cooldown. 5 Seconds of aniycanceling Summoner sunflower spam is just GG. if you never played any other class then summoner, you cant imagine how much effort and skills it takes for other class
  9. Hi, iam curious because i cant pull of certain combos in the arena while iam sure iam pressing buttons fast enough. in specific iam assassin and iam talking about Stun -> Close shave -> Hook kick -> Lightning rod -> Close shave. This combo should be unbreakable due to the recover animation of close shave. Weird things happen: Sometimes enemys tab out while ill do the close shave. it looks like my character spinning in the air, doing the close shave animation, while the enemy is hitting me... Sometimes after the first close shave i hammer already tab while
  10. Stealth in dungeon is very different from arena.
  11. Waynedetta

    fm lbm exploit

    Da brauchen sie keine Angst zu haben NCsoft hat nichts mit dem Spielinhalt und Balance zu tun. Die kümmern sich um die Server und spielen die Patches auf aber der Inhalt kommt nicht von ihnen. BD sind nicht so op. Das einzige was mich bei den Ratten ankotzt ist das der X charge durch den sin counter geht.
  12. I dont think of destroyers as a counter to sins i play assa myself and consider destro as one of the easier matchups. Use smokescreen, there is NO WAY he can get you this way, his throwing axe will be blocked, his charge will be Q'ed followed up by acrid, throwing dagger and poisenbomb for lots of poke. Flower escape for like every stun. Its really important to improve your flower uptime it should be around 100%. If he gets you with red spin counter with ss, if ss is on cd blow lotus furry even using flower for it is acceptable last resort would be tabbing out. if your safe
  13. Using that exploit is not much different from using a bot. Both give you a timeadvantage over legtit players. I go blue dungeon once a day, yesterday i was called an *cricket* because i refused to exploit it.
  14. Yep, if id happen to run into shit like this frequently iam out. Also if the performance sucks like this i can just play on some chinese or korean server with the same ping .
  15. Its clearly a bug, because sometimes tab is greyed out sometimes not. Escaping is not a defense skill, your not defending your escaping Block is an defending skill.
  16. All i can say is as Assassin Kfm Destro FM and other summoners The class is pretty beatable depending on your strategy. Dont know about BladeDancer for sure but BM have a really hard time.
  17. While i agree, casual is more like 5-7 hours a week. But people who have less time usally have other goals, like reaching max level and some arena to get to gold at some point or just explore the world. The people who claim to be casual and playing on a regualr daylie base just want stuff easyier.
  18. Glaub nicht das du über 1700 kommst mit lvl 22. Ich hab auf 1800 noch keinen gesehen unter 45. Das die meisten Klassen gegen Summoner bestimmte Strategien fahren müssen und möglichst Fehlerfrei spielen ist doch inzwischen klar. Was soll nc soft machen? Noch nicht begriffen das die nicht für die Patchinhalte verantwortlich sind? Das ist genau das selbe wie das Entwicklerteam zu bitten die Server zu fixen. Auserdem ist Gold mit keiner Klasse schwer zu erreichen. Du spielst den BM einfach schlechter als den Summoner.
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