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  1. Warlock nerf

    I like this one. I had the opportunity winning a duel, as a WL, TOO! How are they called? Automated Destroyer Pedo Bots? I guess that's correct. Warlock is currently broken af. Try Mushin Tower. Capture it, without cuts, show your death count, do it with your regular obtainable SS, like profane. Not the MW bullcrap, which takes ages to gather those insignia for (THANKS INACTIVE CRIMSON MAGOTS!), and we will talk again. It is impossible reaching F8 with the current stupid WL. Fragile af and you say "it is good"? Hell, even KFM and Sin are better to call them as a main. And yet being able to run Mushin in a single perfect run, regular SS. Why am I not talking about weapons? Simply: No matter how much damage your WL causes, you are a freaking 1-2 hit breakfast hunt prey for those bosses.
  2. So, as I did, screening that train of 20-30 bots on Pinchy, posting that to the Support ~2 weeks later~ they still seem to happily roam around and farm those essences?... I guess most of us did something wrong. The names obviously visible? Check. Wrote the Location of that happening? Check. Server? Check. Part of NCWEST, NCWEST took advantage? ~error~ I still see my lovely bots on Pinchy, Deva and Lycan. That hasn't and won't change. Why it should... ever played BnS CN/JP? 2013 - 2016, bots still exist. PROBABLY even the ones from day 1.
  3. Bad RNG is even worse than before

    ... That is absolutely hilarious. Like the game itself isn't programmed having the specific RNG pattern ... no, it is just me. I should try to log in from a different machine, or even try to log in from a different country. That might give me a better aspect of setting a personal RNG pattern ...
  4. Bad RNG is even worse than before

    Ever know how <ctime> and <random> works? Get some C++ lessons, and you might get into it that "More RNG" is a valid term. And ever thought that not everyone is capable of "SENDING MAILS"? Get your facts straight, before talking right away. People who haven't charged (not transfering from the CTRL+C coin:ncoin exchange) are not able to do anything like that.
  5. Doesn't matter that I am currently on the first Blackram dungeon. Had no different experience as a BM, FM, DES, the worst as WL, till lv 45, in terms of getting my desired weapon. It is just ridiculous how even MORE RNG-based those weapons became after the patch. It took 16 weapon chests getting my Stalker weapon. Currently running for the Blight one since yesterday ... If this is going to get even worse, due to upcoming lv 46+ Breakthrough and Transmute weapons, or even staying the same way as it is right now, not only me is going to quit this game, which also will reduce your income. Losing paying customers, after all. This is as worse as Warframe's RNG. Do 100 runs, don't get even a shizzl about whatcha need. And to those "Well, you have weapons to upgrade afterwards". Spare me that horsecrap. Thats a narrowed down cynical view of this situation. And no. I am not going to waste 19-25g for a stupid 1-try-your-weapon-sparkling viridian key for such a situation. On the other hand, who even does have so much money (exclude me from this) buying and using those keys? No one.
  6. Macros

    Use it. How will GameGuard or any heartbeat to the server detect your button simulation? Macro on its own form is a button presser, a key sender. You are doing the same process by typing here a text. Makes absolutely no sense denying or even forbidding players to use macros. Everyone does. From a Blade Master, over to a Destroyer, to a Kung-Fu Master. Logitech Gaming Software, AutoIt, even simple converted .exe(cutions) from AutoHotKey ARE NOT detectable. No matter what they say. Side note: If you name your macro exes as "Macro for MasterRace KungFuKiller" - have fun. GG will prolly detect such obvious stuff. On the other side, "Hello Kitty Killer.exe" won't. Why even bother asking about it. It is undetectable. Asking for "Can I haz some Oxygen?" but "*keeps breathing through nose*" ... you get the logic? You are asking for something which cannot be unrevealed at all, whether you are doing it or not.
  7. Dear NCWEST, for the recent events caused either by your staff or your protection system, you might have no clue what is going on right now, am I assuming this as a correct state? Seriously, consider removing GameGuard from the client. You guys just banned me 1 day ago, and lifted that suspension today again. I asked you for the reason, sent you the whole process list of my current session while BnS was running. Would you please as well consider answering those questions or at least make a statement that your protection system is sending wrong packets to your report service? That would be nice. Yes, I know how GameGuard works. Even disabling it doesn't mean that there isn't a hidden so called heartbeat, checker, etc. I am using Logitech's Gaming Software because I have to. 12000 DPI is not funny to mess around with. It is the G502. Unbearable for and with such games, if not able to calibrate that parameter with its software. At the same time, running other different background-/applications like Samsungs Magician or Kaspersky which might mess up with your "what's legal and what's not" thing. I am pretty clueless for what I've gotten banned this time, for the second time, to be more precise. The first one, as me and my brother received that suspension, we thought, that this must be the misunderstanding of the shared IPv4 address amongst every single physical machine at our home. We proven and provided screenshots and material that this was indeed the case. We got unbanned, fine, but haven't gotten any information what caused that ban, just a "we cannot tell this and that and any, sorry" thread solved, but not for me. My brother gave up playing this game. I can understand this. Now guess what happened 3 days afterwards. The same mess. Getting banned without any reason. This time, even my "being inactive for at least 1 month and tested KFM"-account got banned too (while I was trying to use it to contact the support, I've just noticed it then). Sent my whole process list, yet got unbanned 18h later. Again no additional information, despite! that I have clearly asked what software on my current running session (attached the taskmanager, all processes) is causing this issue, since I want to play this game in peace and not have to mess around every 3-4 days with your protection system killing my enjoyment for this game, has been ignored totally once again and yet being left into the darkness without any real help. Just a "question and banned? ok. unbanned. have a good day.", act/process, this is just faulty and pretty offensive. That is not what customer support is all about. Thats literally unfriendly. Be more transparent, stop being so excluded from your community! This is the worst thing what a gaming company can do. Look how many games died just because of developers and game providers were showing the cold shoulder to its customers and clients. Just stop this. Close this distance and start working WITH and not against your community, or acting completely shut-off from the community. Talk to us, name some software, let us test it, confirm it, make an official list, save the damn peace for the players just wanting to play this bloody game without daily bans and lifts!
  8. Used for game developing, since Windows 10 is messing up with SQL and C++. It is not running, the instance itself, just the services are active. As I have already mentioned, I am using it for the DPI and refresh rate. Try a G502 ... and you will see how ridiculous the precision is without the software :D
  9. Seriously, can we talk? What is this mess about?! I am literally sick and tired about this bull****! This is my second time being banned right away, for playing? Bloody hell, if I am not able to play as a usual gamer, shall I start to hack your protection (disabling it) since this seems to be the case why most people getting banned without any reason? Here, a freaking screenshot of my process list, try to find any software which is hacking or used to cheat on this game. You cannot be serious if only Logitech Gaming Software, used for my freaking DPI and refresh rate, is getting targeted by this, narrowed down, stupid protection system!!!!!!! Cmon, whats wrong? I have absolutely no understanding for this cause anymore. Remove your stupid gameguard already! Was freaking lagging by opening my inventory, skillwindow, market, etc. And the worst, got almost crashed, freezed multiple times, where 6 Warlocks were spamming their Dragoncall upon one spot. Sent a ticket already. This madness has to stop, seriously!
  10. The only statement I got is this one here: Which seems like, yea, we are wasting our time till monday. If it is like that, and we are not getting anything in exchange being banned for no reason, then we are going to leave this game. Me and my brother ain't that happy about the insta ban, since NCSoft/West hasn't considered that people playing from the same Root will have the same IP (well, this can be the only reason banning us, since GameGuard was untouched and macros were not possible afterall). I am tired about the lack of system checks. Played other games for years and haven't saw any kind of equal mess like here on BnS EU/NA.
  11. RNG... Share the pain !

    Got my Hujikar Dagger after 120+ keys ...
  12. I know it isn't the appropriated place for this right now, but would you guys finally progress on this ban stuff? Lots of legit players still waiting for their ban being lifted, some of us even more than 5 hours now.
  13. Well done NCSoft! (positive)

    Yea ... NC* is working their asses off for their clients and customers ... and yet hundrets of people being banned for "suspicious activities" still waiting for the ban lift, and that is justified. In my case, and I guess it is that one, me and my brother got banned for using the same IP. And don't come over with your pitty "It is your fault". The IP obtained from ISPs, at least in my country, is the usual omni IPv4 address. Which means, no matter how many PCs, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets or whatever are connected to the Modem/Router via eithernet-cable or wireless lan, will share the same IP address. 2 or more playing on the same router resulted into a ban of our accounts. If it is this reason, while I cannot imagine anything else, since GameGuard is running, we ain't using macros (not even having the hardware for it lol, plain keyboards and inbuild keyboards (laptops)), then this is just as ridiculous as trying to BBQ icecream. And yea NC, we (community) are still waiting for our lift. No one kept responding to our needs. We (me and my brother) are waiting for almost 5 hours now. Are you willing to do any progression on this today, or not? Since it is your fault, and most of the peeps still waiting, will there be any kind of holdable excuse, like ingame stuff? There are for sure people wasting now their premium membership just because of your staff members or protection system mistakenly detecting suspicious behaviors. TL;DR I am not going to say right now, that they are doing anything positive, for the recent not justified ban waves against legit players.
  14. Still no response and I predict that we will get an answer late monday or even tuesday ... That kind of mess never happened on other MMORPGs. I just don't understand this -.- Even played Warframe with friends on my network (since, hey, 100mbit/s down is quite more than stable gaming for all) and yet, 3 years, everybody is still active, no one got a warning nor got a warning - a good point. NC, how about warning people instead of banning them instantly for ever due to suspicious behavior, which in this case, seems to be more than wrong.
  15. Yea. They just replied the same usual plain boring text "Account information, birthday, how many accounts linked" bla bla, and they ain't responding anymore. Guess we have to wait 2-3 days for their mistake re-enabling an overrated and outdated game protection causing this mess. I have absolutely no understanding for this issue. Everything was simply fine before this messy GameGuard got re-enabled. I bet, most of the ingame players, whose who are more than bad acting (leechers, insulting dudes, etc) just abused the either Report Spammer or Report Bot function. We have absolutely no understanding about the ban of our accounts here. Waiting for 2 hours, since we wrote a ticket to NCSoft/NCWest, and yet still waiting for the progression sides of NC. We proved, that we got suspended without any reason. And I thought I could just chill after my daily work -.-' instead messing around with such issues.