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Banned for RMT: Selling


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I got the same thing a couple of hours ago.  I can only think I was accidentally flagged as a gold spammer or something.  I have emailed support@ncsoft.com, to appeal it.  Its pretty lame though, that presuming guilt first, they just ban and lock your account, along with all your paid for Ncoin and Premium membership,  unless you appeal it.  Way to steal from me and make paying customers, who didn't do anything, hostile toward you NCSoft.  I think they decided for me that I will be checking out Black Desert instead of the warlock, because I can't really get behind a company treating me like that. 

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It looks like NCs "Report Spammer" feature flags anyone reported with it several (dozen?) times as "RMT Selling".


The most common thing I've seen is folks using the Dragon Spires "Auto-Announce" to form parties or the same feature within Clan Recruitment. Folks see your announcement repeating, report it as spam - and suddenly you're banned for RMT.


Send in a support ticket - they'll take a look at the actual text of your message (you may need to reply a few times, they often don't read the first ticket and give a "canned response" instead) and unban you if it's warranted.

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