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  1. Real Money Trading. Where you trade ingame items for real life currency, such as gold.
  2. They can't. There is no feature to kick a player that's logged on, only if they disconnect.
  3. More slots is a must. But not to have all classes, if you want more you should pony up. What we have is too limiting, and slots for the number of classes is too much for a "freeloader." An ideal F2P slot count would be either 3 or 4. After that slots should be purchased, or possible side benefit of premium. If there were more account bound stuff, it'd be even better.
  4. For RNG boxes, they should put in all out-of-season/style outfits, and make an RNG Box based all of those. If NCSoft for whatever reason discontinued outfits from the store, make them obtainable via RNG Box. No trash items, not even if its a brilliant key, JUST outfits. So the players have a 100% chance of winning something good, but still have a motivator for purchasing them (like completing their Outfit Collection.) and will never feel like they're cheated, because they get what they want exactly, even if its not an outfit they're aiming for.
  5. Well, they could if you find the item being used for that purpose.
  6. Nothing, and I mean, NOTHING, is worse at customer service than Nexon. At least NCSoft message tickets within a month, copypasta but still. Nexon, you'd have to wait a year+ for the ticket to close with a response saying "We'll look into it." Doesn't acknowledge what problem you have, just an empty promise. And from reading, you were banned because people were whining about you and not you scamming? That's the impression I'm getting after reading OP.
  7. To direct transactions to one account. Gold farmer/spammers never hold the money. Much simpler than trading, and the farmed gold is harder to trace.
  8. I need some context. I swear Anklebiter is a BD exclusive skill. Does other classes have it?
  9. Has anyone thus far seen any changes to texts or voice overs? I'm wondering what it is. The change I'm referring to is listed as "Localization" in this patch notes, or rather the one we got today, all the way at the bottom. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/rising-waters-patch-notes/
  10. Yuup. But its cool, they need a way to make money so this shady business act is fine.
  11. Isn't one of the guild completely useless because the only salvageable outfit are paid ones, effectively locking you out of a common material?
  12. Force Master is underpowered because they're one of the classes that require a complete skill set to be efficient, least as efficient as other classes. AKA level 50.
  13. Far as I can tell, no. Look for empty channels and do PvP that way. Ranks doesn't even have to be PvP, as long as you're murdering Crimson with Cerulean outfits or vice versa, even if they're NPCs.
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