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How to beat mushing tower 7th floor.


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Hello guys, as a blade dancer i had some trouble beating the guy, but after i optimized my skill and came up with a strat, it is now very very easy.

i'm here to help some of my fellow dancers (or try to) kill that annoying guy.


this is the skills i took and the guide i wrote to help you guys, but i'll write it again (and by write it, i mean copy paste it).


it took a while until i came to this build, but i found it to be supper effective and i can kill him no problem with 1.30m+ to spare.

start the fight with a force grab. then go with 2+RMB+LMB+Z+LMB+F+E, this will remove 25% of his defense and do some damage

follow it up with a 1 to throw him to the floor, activate Z for extra 50% crit and C to draw and do the crit + extra damage still using the 25% def reduction for massive damage, then LMB+F spam. 

as soon as he his getting up use RMB to stun, spam LMB+F again, follow with 2 to stun again and more LMB+F spam again until you are out of focus or are taking to much damage.


a good strat while you wait for the CD is to just back away, use 1 to recover your focus, wait for his range atk, that is super easy to dodge, jump his face, do some hits, and as soon as your C is about 6s on CD, grab him, repeat everything to remove him.

when he does his dragon super uber damage thing you have 4 choices.
1 - use X when he is about to jump you, the immunity lasts about the same time as his atks, you won't get hit.

2- use V to get invulnerable and wait for hit to finish, you can use it 3 times so it's the easiest way to avoid it.

3- use Tab+F to get invulnerable, BUT this requires super precise timming, because it last very very little, and if the inv ends, you will take damage.
4- another way is to simply drink the imunity potion that you can buy for a couple silver during the earlier floors, easy and simple.


i hope this helps ppl like me, with low equipment. Good luck!




If you need a video of me killing him, i can do it, just ask ^^

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This is an interesting build.


I have no trouble killing Junghado with my current build, but I may give this a try just to change things up a bit.


The only thing I would do different is instead of starting the fight with phantom grip, I would start with aerial combo and phantom grip as he lands.


Also, in Step 2, I think you mean use V to get invulnerable. This might confuse some folks if they are not used to BD.

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ups i missed that one! fixed it ^^

the only reason why i start with phantom grab is to remove his defense by 25% and to enjoy it with the C guaranteed crit + extra downed damage.

i made this build because at the time i did this, i was full profane set i think, so i had some lack of damage, and going the classic CC build didn't give me enough time to kill, so i went full DPS and this is what i came up with, now i'm full siren so i have literally no trouble killing the guy, but i just tought, well let's share my thing and help some dancers.

after all, are we human? or are we dancers?

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Nah, I think your tactic is fine. I was just saying I would do aerial combo, and as he is falling from that, you can grab him with phantom grip and then do what you said. It's not really necessary, just good to get in that damage while you can since its basically a free stun at the start of the fight.


I'm curious though, since I never specced all the way down to the damage reduce. How long is that damage reduction active for? I always assumed it was only while they are gripped, but if it lingers even after that, I might take one point off something else on my overall PvE build to get that.

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if i'm not mistaken is for only like 3s, but it enough to boost your C damage when he is on the floor and a 3-4 LMB+F.
and you get 100% of your focus back because every skill you hit on force choked guy gives you 2focus.

i only use that on that guy, full damage + full focus is fun.


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Gave this a shot last night. It worked very well. I did take more damage than I usually do, but that's just a matter of me needing to re-sync my combos with his attack pattern. Also, even though I took more damage than usual, I killed him faster than I usually do, so I think I'm going to stick with this build and eventually I'll get back to taking little to no damage. I'm also not used to using Maelstrom so when I actually remembered and went to use it, I didn't have any focus lol. Luckily, my Def and HP are pretty high so I can survive eating that attack.


This will be pretty beast if I ever manage to get Lightning Draw Part 2 HM skill.

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14 hours ago, Tonnz01 said:

I'm at atk pwr 388 with infernal gear upgraded bracelet and belt I can only get him down to 10% then he stops taking dmg after that help plz


You are hitting enrage timer. You need to be more aggressive and do more damage.

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