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  1. FTW Abre Secção de Blade&Soul e começa o Recrutamento!!! Na continuação da aposta efectiva em jogos menos mainstream, a For The Win eSports vem, desta vez, revelar o investimento num jogo sul-coreano cuja população tem crescido a olhos vistos: Blade & Soul. Para quem já conhece o jogo: A For The Win eSports está a aceitar candidaturas para o seu projecto no jogo e terá para anunciar, brevemente, novidades do interesse dos participantes. Com a abertura deste projecto, a FTW pretende criar uma vertente competitiva para este jogo no seu seio. Quer isto dizer que os candidatos, terão acesso directo à divisão competitiva Club e poderão, posteriormente, progredir no nosso sistema interno. Formulário a preencher É importante realçar que a vertente competitiva em que a For The Win eSports Club pretende investir se limita a arenas 1v1 e 3v3, independentemente da guild que o(s) jogador(es) representa(m). Ou seja, um jogador não precisa de estar numa guild reconhecida pela FTW para pertencer a esta divisão competitiva desde que treine e entre em torneios a representar o nome FTW.
  2. BD vs FM

    Hello guys, i have really hard times vs FM's, today i lost to 8 in a row, not sure what to do vs them. What's your advice? i tried to search for some build at bns but i can't find noone.
  3. BD vs FM

    Thank you for tips guys! I am getting high plats/low Dia and i still have alot of issues with it.
  4. Warlock Base PvP

    Guys i just got 45 with my Warlock, but i feel i am really bad with it at Pvp, can someone help me with that? Some trusted builds, best combos, etc etc. I have been checking Bns aswell, but most of times it doesn't fit on my gameplay. Thank you in Advance
  5. Attack Power

    Stats Is it normal to have only 356 Attack with this "gear"? I have been talking to ppl and most of them have near 400, dunno if its about the class, or i am missing something.
  6. Instant crash after patch

    They said the servers are back up, my clan is all playing allready.
  7. Server lag and DC ???

    Yes, and they say everything is ok. It's happening also to another games.
  8. Server lag and DC ???

    Same happening her to NOS user.
  9. Well, i was doing it well before the new patch, but after that i find really hard to face a Summoner, he goes hide and heals himself, he swaps with cat if i stun him, i tried to throw the cat away, but moves near him so eventually 90% of the times i wake him again. What tips can you guys give to face Summoners in this new patch? Please don't waste your time replying "learn how to play agaisnt him" or "stop QQ", cuz i am not saying that is impossible or that it needs a nerf, just want to know some opinions how to counter his Kyte, since he slows me and i can't use my dashes "2 or X" and any other tips!
  10. Attack Power

    So you think that is the only difference between my attack and my friends?
  11. How to beat mushing tower 7th floor.

    Rjester, how much attack Power do you have? I would appreciate if you could take a look to my post at the BD section.
  12. Hi, Is it worth to buy as a blade dancer to pvp/pve? Dunno what it does. Thank you for your attenttion!
  13. Zen Bean Training Certificate

    So even with the Zen Bean skill, i need the drop from BSH 4 man?
  14. I find this post very helpfull, i was near plat pre season but know i have really hard times vs Summoners/KFms, i think i am missing something.
  15. Can you give me an example of that heal build?
  16. So TakunDes what you advice agaisnt Summoners? Just try to nuke the Summoner?
  17. BD need some advices

    That's not helpfull lol I have issues agaisnt Summoners, not Assassins.
  18. BD need some advices

    It's happening aswell to me! Our Cds are really high and i can't manage to kill them, they have alot of Sustain and i don't know how to counter it!
  19. New Patch Support/Fix Thread!

    I Tried everything and it just doesn't run. Don't know what to do.