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  1. If it's NA whisper either wilted rose aragornofgondor or tonnz in game
  2. fellowship clan recruiting for bt runs on the weekend 9pm cst were working towards boss 3 right now so minimum requirement is to have atleast 50k dps pm me here if interested or either whisper tonnz aragornofgondor or wilted rose in game
  3. For the people that didn't get the chance to buy they're keys cuz they're at work or whatever whoever already has the ncoin ready to buy the keys while the maintenance happened u should let them buy double keys it's a long reach I know lol
  4. True boss eating or max pyro lightning earring
  5. True Scorpio earring or a maxed out pyro lightning earring ???
  6. Ok thanks I think ur really hot btw lols soooo to buy the in game premium I would have to purchase ncoin or can I get charged straight from my card ?
  7. If I wanted to gift a 3 month premium to a buddy of mine would I be able to purchase the 3 month premium from the website then gift it or can I only do it in game ??
  8. Hello dualistique since the patch a lot of us are a lot stronger than before so now we're serious about the whole collaboration so if u have room for the runs u and aragorn can discuss it through discord
  9. Cool bro apparently we have a mutual friend named Joanna he's a destroyer in rain
  10. I have no idea for which build I should be using for 6v6
  11. This actually sounds like a good plan we're a blue clan on group 1 called fellowship we have about 5-6 ppl ready for the tower were also allied with devils domain and norlight u can msg my leader to work something out his name is aragornofgondor and he's a bm we also have a discord server
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