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I only started playing recently and would really like to do well with summoner. I want to know my class inside and out so once we get 50 content and things get more difficult for summoner, I can succeed at the class I liked most and maybe even get some respect. I'm good with looking things over thoroughly. Figured I'd try my luck in forums before pestering guildies into being test dummies. Please, only answer if you know for certain. To encourage this and make the list shorter, I'm not including a description of the skill. I may later if I get good answers, along with the answer and the person who provided it. Will list the skill, stage, then tier, followed by the question(s). And yes, I know a few are Hongmoon skills we currently don't have.



1. Rosethorn S3 T3-5: Not too interested as I wouldn't likely use this stage of the skill in pvp.

  • What is the math on tier 3, as when hitting one enemy I do not regain 2% health. Is it 1/5 of 2%?

Answer:2% of damage

On tier 4, does "consecutive" mean hitting multiple opponents, or hitting the same opponent twice?

Answer:Each additional opponent hit increases amount of damage absorbed by 2%.

  • On tier 5, same question as the tier 4. If multiple opponents (as I suspect), does this 10% boost only effect enemies not targeted but caught in the aoe? Is the bonus increased for each additional hit?

Answer: Each additional opponent hit increases damage by 10%.


2. Rumblebees S1 T3, S2 T5, S3 T5: Still not the most important, though a good bee build would be a nice change.

  • Is the added damage on a critical hit effected by the critical?

Answer: Yes.

  • Does this mean if moving while stealthed, it's instant cast? Guess if not moving while stealthed it will take longer?

Answer:? Hongmoon skill.

  • What skills combo with rumblebees S3 T5?

Answer: Rosethorn S1 T5.


3. Flying Nettles S2 T2: This is where we get to the possibly but unlikely good stuff. Power pounce T2 S1 claims it blocks defensive skills for 10 seconds. I assumed this is why people complained about being unable to escape it, not that it was a bug. Flying Nettles S2 T2 has similar wording, "blocks defensive skills on enemies within range." Does it prevent players from using escape skills, for instance, anything that would let them get out of root?

Answer: Enemies are able to use skills not classified as "defensive skills." See Power Pounce for further explanation.


4. Lunge S2 T3: What is allowing me to use Power Pounce after this skill?

Answer: S2 of lunge parries on charge, which will stun if an enemy hits into it leading to an opening for power pounce.


5. Power Pounce S1 T2: See "Flying Nettles." Is this what makes people unable to tab out of power pounce?

Answer: Enemies are unable to use defensive skills. During grapple most (all?) escapes are classified as defensive, causing this skill to be quite powerful.


6. Grasping Roots S1 T5: Please correct me if I'm wrong. This looks like a 10 second field similar to nettles which continually reapplies an 8 second root, resulting in an 18 second root which cannot be escaped for the first 10 seconds. It also blocks all attack and defense skills on enemies in range. What skills can the enemy use in this situation? Can they still use escape skills, wasting that 45 sec cd skill?

Answer:? Hongmoon skill.


7. Petal Storm(answered): Believe in one of his videos, Vile said this skill takes assassins out of stealth. Maybe I misheard? If so, how?

Answer: Petal Storm won't take assassins out of stealth, but will prevent them from renewing it. More info on why this is would be appreciated. Would they be able to stealth with an attacking skill?


8. Seed Shroud S1 T2, S1 T5:

  • The enhanced skill in general is a bit confusing Even without understanding the general use, there's supposed to be an extra trick to it I'd like to learn. 

Answer: Enhanced seed shroud will prevent certain skills such as Destroyer's red spin. More info appreciated. 

  • For the fifth tier, what is overflow?

Answer: Overflow always refers to the sunflower buff.

Extra: Can this allow hornet users to access sunflowers?


Thanks for all the help so far! If anyone is able to add more info, whether requested or not, I'd greatly appreciate it. A note on credits. While answering an already answered question is very useful for further confirmation, I only included the first to answer. Thanks everyone for your help.


Special thanks to:

  • Vexe for information on Lunge, Petal Storm, and Seed Shroud
  • Elynya for information on rosethorn and rumblebee skills, including a video with hongmoon skills.
  • AxeWife for helping to better understand Seed Shroud.
  • Phorni for explaining the cancels defense skills effect and why it's so strong on Power Pounce.
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4. That's how deflect works: Enemy attack nullified + enemy stunned. And stun --> Power Pounce

7. Actually, it "hits" assassins in stealth but it does NOT break stealth. I tried it on an assassin friend in PvP.

8. Not sure about Enhanced Seed Shroud (other than that it affects your whole party). Overflow is normally triggered by 5x Photosynthesis and gives you endless boosted Super Sunflower for 3-5 seconds. (look at Rumblebees)

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i am sorry i cant help you much because i do not remeber by hearth skill names.


Overflow anyway is a mechanic that allows you to cast for 3 seconds ( 5 seconds with the special technique - aka the last skillpoint in the tree) your buffed RMB skill with no focus consumption (usefull mainly in pve because in pvp you have a hard time trying to attain this boost). It is a great improvement in DPS, but you need some rotation practice to get it!

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Thanks both of you for the fast reply.


4. Thanks. That makes sense. Forgot parry causes stun, and could barely tell from looking at the enemy that it was stunned... Guess this would not work in pvp as the enemy doesn't immediately aim for the cat, though the slow could be interesting...


7. So basically the assassin is effected by the debuff but keeps stealth. Well so much for that... Guess there's the rare situational use.


8. I knew about overflow for sunflower, but figured this was something different since it hardly makes sense... I guess you could use it in pve, blow your counter and make a risk for extra dps, but for pvp I usually would rather make good use of that stealth and move speed to reposition.

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Overflow lets you deal a ton of damage for free.

If you stealth and it triggers overflow, immediately command your cat to stun, or use Thorn Strike daze, then spam Super Sunflower. If your enemy is on low health, this could finish him off.


There's a good reason Overflow has such strict requirements to activate and this lets you use it in PvP.



About #7: I don't know, maybe there are times at which Petal Storm destealths, but it didn't destealth my friend (whom I asked to stealth-teleport behind me. We were in opposite faction outfits)

In 1vs1 arena, I haven't been able to hit them with it yet.

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1. Rosethorn S3 T3-5
What is the math on tier 3, as when hitting one enemy I do not regain 2% health. Is it 1/5 of 2%?

in game description is inaccurate though

- T3S3 you will regain 2% of damage per hit on every target

- T3S4 you will regain 2% of damage per hit on every target plus 2% of damage deal on next target

1st target 2%

2nd target 2%+2%

3rd target 2%+2%+2%

4th target 2%+2%+2%+2%

5th target 2%+2%+2%+2%+2%

- T3F5 damage bonus increased for each additional hit


2. Rumblebees S1 T3, S2 T5, S3 T5
Is the added damage on a critical hit effected by the critical?

- Yes

Does this mean if moving while stealthed, it's instant cast? Guess if not moving while stealthed it will take longer?

- Sorry never use this stage  (lol)

What skills combo with rumblebees S3 T5?

- LMB T1S5

IF LMB deal critical damage your Rumblebees will be instant cast.

It will be something like this





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Thanks again for all the responses.


@Elynya: Just checking. So Rosethorn T3S3 will regen 2% damage while T4S3 regens 2% * #hit? Hit 3, regens 6% total damage.


In the video it looks like when he instant cast rumblebees, he did this multiple times in a row. Does a crit from Rosethorn S1T5 allow instant cast rumblebees for a set period of time? How long?

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Answering your enhanced shroud question:


Normal shroud wont let you escape destroyers red spin but the enhanced one does. Always save it to escape a stun combo.

Against other classes I rarely need it tho so far but for destroyer its a must.

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When you use the normal one you will still get stunned by the Destroyers Q (red spin). If you use the enhanced one you dont get stunned for that small time frame, so you can get away from him easily.

The problem is the cooldown is huge, but their red spin cooldown is longer tho.

My main is a destroyer, so it gives some advantage while playing against them. 

Thinking about making a Blade Dancer and a KFM eventually since those mofos are the hardest for me so far, tho every day I spend some time researching their skill list and their sub-forums in search for how to counter them :s

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1: the math on the heal is that when it hits someone u gain 2% hp but the issue is when the target either blocks, evades or parries whether passively due to stats % rng or by a skill u don't heal so it's better to use the other path for extra focus regen. As to the bonus dmg I cannot answer because I don't think the technique is available yet. 


2: with bees the first path with stealth instant cast will make it's cast time drop to 0second during stealth even if u are running and same will happen if u critted last hit.


As for the 2 poison bees I personally don't recommend using them as they do less dmg and doesn't have much add-ons to it 


3: as for flying nettles even tho it blocks defense skills,  it does not block ss or tab from blade dancers (this also breaks free of root) 


To lunge> power pounce u have to spec into left path for 2 seconds stun after 2 consecutive hits which means only useful in 1v1 


The power pounce block defense skill is much better than the nettles as it is a grabbled state and in this game all abilities to escape from grappled state is considered defensive so that's why it blocks all


About grasping roots idk because I think the technique is unavailable atm


About petal storm it does not break the stealth of sins it only disables them from re-entering stealth state once they come out in the petals 


As for seed shroud the normal seed makes u invis to any attacks which can be countered

While the enhanced one is an aoe team based defense counter which while activated unless if the skill used against u pierces all forms of defense u n whoever hit will go invis 


And the overflow is for spamming sunflower with no focus cost 


I hope this helps. 

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Thanks again! At the moment I don't have the time, but will edit first post and likely include a few answers and a credits list. Believe I still have a few unanswered, but they are mostly Hongmoon skills we don't yet have.


@Phorni: Thanks, especially for the explanation on why power pounce blocks escapes. That cancel defense skills question is one of the main reasons I made this thread and I'm very happy to finally understand it. Hopefully I'll be able to make that work for me outside of power pounce... Will need to study other classes.


Edit: Editing long posts is hell. anything besides the tool bar at the top we can use to format posts? 

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Your welcome and about the cancel defense skills it does not cancel aggressive skills which has defensive attributes nor movement skills which is why nettles works very well against destroyers when they finish spinning but not when they are spinning XD

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If anyone is interested, I included solutions to the questions answered. Thanks everyone. There are still a few left, though mostly Hongmoon skills. Also, if anyone has information on unique ways to turn our kit to our advantage I'd love to hear it just as much.

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