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  1. The main thing is do u know when they will throw the toxic bomb XD They don't need much XD the main stealth mechanic is actually blink step at Max range... because u can spam pressing f on last 0.5 seconds before stealth ends and honestly before ur character shows up on the opponents screen u would've restealthed behind them, yes they know u are behind them but that doesn't matter XD because u run faster XD Basically the way this is played is all about the first toxic bomb once u land that on the target who isn't on I frame... u have won it XD Like the only possible way I can think of to counter this crap is on the square arena.. on the hexagonal one this doesn't work XD Basically sprint to a corner from minute 0 and face outwards and wait for a few seconds and then iframe for 10 seconds and u have a small chance of getting them out of stealth.. but if they wait patiently then this doesn't even work XD
  2. In fact so far the only thing even the streamers did was - report as a not XD
  3. If u r a sin... I don't blame those people sometimes too many pve sins in arena nowadays XD But that isn't the strongest hack anyways... there is one which makes all ur skills uses no Chi and have no cd (yes I mean the iframes also) at least u didn't have to try and kill someone I framed for 5minutes XD
  4. Sry the issue is not only FM's have no counter, it's no class has one besides sin :3 since their toxic bomb cannot be blocked nor parried nor countered XD And even if u healed up the dmg that bomb did to u, at end game calculation that dmg dealt still counts into it <3
  5. Hacking bladedancers now?

    Actually u can spin 12 times XD if he has landed a falcon (1) on u before he starts spinning or if u hit him while he spins or when one of his spins just ended because lmb can be specced into recovering 1chi if receives dmg
  6. They do XD smoke screen I think it's called, anyways they need to spec into it but that doesn't make it impossible. In fact I think I was the first to post this strat on forums in retaliation to all the sins complaining about summoners XD... But anyways the issue with this strategy is that... unless if ur opponent is a sin or u got too greedy... there is no way they can win... ie u always win on timer :3 and when I posted this strategy I didn't even play sin I only looked up their skill set on bnstree :P Anyhow this strategy won't find any flaws in it except it takes much longer time to win the game so basically the guy can be 100% win rate but only got to 1950 elo when another really strong player already lands in diamond but that doesn't justify it XD and also streamers have made a list of sins who do it lol and they are called scumbags... honestly it's not casual players finds no way to deal with it XD it's nobody has a way to deal with it
  7. Their connection is spiritual... and also if u don't realise it... a summoner can attack while that call back animation pops over their head.. it's not a staff :3 so if they are still conscious I can understand them being able to do it
  8. class choice and lvls

    I would recommend warlock, good party support, needs time to cast spells and is ranged .... or fm if u like tons of dmg XD As for melee I think blade master or Kung Fu master is ur best bet....these 2 need good reactions
  9. PvP is balanced.

    Op is op for a reason XD But besides that this game currently is no where near balanced lol 1: summoner has a much easier time to get into plat compared to the rest of the classes except sins who pves XD 2: pve sins is like a cheap win pve sin is the type of sin that stealths then throws u an unblockable toxic bomb then runs away until off cd again XD so in end game they win by like 3k dmg XD 3: bm deserves a buff cos it's hard to play it into most classes 4: kfms need a true sight buff like mushin himself... cos they suffer too much vs stealth units 5: I won't comment on wl as to whether it's good or bad... since I haven't played it nor played against a good one... so :3 As for des and lbd and fm I think they feel kind of fine to play around with but I would say fm needs some trade off of their current powerless in pvp terms, yes they can one combo u to practically 100-0 and is also the only class that can do this besides wl(found on yt vid not sure if it's realistic) in arena... but they need more ways to keep their distance or at least I think so XD while trade off some of their ice statue poweress :3 And also op... getting in gold currently on any class is just as much effort as playing 10-15 games lol which is like nothing and ya I'm in plat but still getting into plat I don't really think requires too much effort... But diamond I think is where the point breaker of efforts actually lie : 3 because u actually need to play well enough to do it XD
  10. Because when people gets grapped in this game they can still actually attack lol #1 the kick... So if that option is up, so should the calling back of the cat.. What I don't understand tho is how come sums can command the cat through stuns and dazes XD
  11. summoner

    Well if they get especially "daze immunity" then they should also be immune to knockdowns and graps, not saying anything about the mechanics but rather the logic... like spin fast enough u a already daze urself, even if through special training... if an external force adds onto it then its likely to break ur trainings balance too just like the knockdown... #special training.. Like I can understand being immune to stun (caused by heavy external impacts) and breaks free of root(the force of the whirl breaks it) But daze tho XD Like bms block I can understand fine lol But kfms moving during counter is also another thing I don't understand XD But since it's a game... it's not really about making logical sense XD Just like I don't understand how come summoners can command the cat through stuns and dazes XD
  12. First all I wanted to say was Kappa... But then I had a thought on it... this post deserves a medal just as much as beladin(the man who admitted their organisation was involved in 911 incident- not sure how to spell it ) himself deserves to win the Nobel price for world peace, since he sacrificed himself and his country so America will only attack Iraq instead of the rest of the world and start world war 3 XD WP KAPPA FTW
  13. summoner

    Thing is while I agree sum shouldn't be allowed to command their cat through stuns and dazes being airborne,knocked down or grapped I can understand both t while stunned or dazed is a bit much... While this should happen I must also say, sum needs another hard escape as a trade off for not being able to command cat during stunned or dazed... because atm in terms of escape balances goes the cc from cat while u r cced is considered the second hard escape of the summoner, at least this would make more sense XD But I also think lbd and des should not be daze inmmune during spin... stunn immunity I cab understand but also daze immune and breaks from roots is a bit funny, like break from root and stun immune I think is OK but immune daze just too far also And sin stealth toxic bomb then run away is also too much...
  14. Had my 9th afk team in a row

    Before u start doing 3s use region chat to form a proper party consisting of urself and 2 more human... As right now a lot of the afks are just bots.. especially afk sums in 3s mainly bots... Hope that helps...
  15. First up bm deserves a buff as it currently is but as ppl in Korea say it's op in 50 patch idk then... Another thing is u have to look at it on a dif perspective... sins are disgusting... just before, people kept trying to play it like a warrior... I've already said it before wl patch... if ur sin loses to anything but sin, and u only wanna win rather than improving ur skills... then u must be playing it wrong XD even now a lot of sins don't play that play style... saw on multiple streams where diamond sins get beaten by gold sins doing this lol... it's like what else do u need for sins XD