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  1. I know what I have been doing wrong the whole time now... After carefully studying ur video, I realised it is the purple buff, but also true friend iframes ur cat also :X thought it only iframes u not u and the cat... wasted my cats dps during that And I don't always have the purple buff XD Edit: but I knew went wrong for me in f8 was he kept going iframe which my cat has him grappled XD so the def shred and the burst after was not applied, not sure how to avoid this tho XD
  2. At 384 ap with 200+ ping got him down to 18% hp, not sure about that attack buff u are talking about tho... or if mushin would allow my thorn strike to crit I should've made it XD Or lower ping A.A Is the attack buff the purple one? I thought that does a dot on u
  3. @op honestly people who complains about summonses are mostly below mid gold and that's why they complain about summomers lol, in fact those people complain about everything that beats them while they don't even know how to follow up their cc lmao... But besides that, the idea of summoner being op is stupid, every class in this game have a minimal skill requirement to be played well and a skill cap which they can achieve, and summoners skill cap is in plat.. honestly to get into diamond as a summoner means u grinder the arena and didn't have to run into too many stupid bds and FM's
  4. It isn't exactly pay to win, but I would like to state... the drop rate of ur class' weapon by opening a weapon box is insanely low, for example to get the profane staff from profane jiangshi, I opened some where around 100 profane boxes... but hey u know wt, that weapon is nontradeable, so I can't even buy it from other people.... Hence little bit of p2w with that brilliant key mechanics... Spent a week slaughtering profane jiangshi.... before I even got it is like do I cry or do I quit? And this is not the only weapon I have experienced it with... first the stalker w
  5. I don't believe this... sunflower is the easiest rotation in the game and does good dmg yet there is a complain.... lol Go play another class and u will understand they might do more dmg than us but they actually need to press different buttons that isn't just a spam like lol But in regards to ur question summoner is not ur class that's all there is to it play something different :3 Besides if u ani cancel fast enough ... u can perma spam rl.. r = rmb l = lmb... u can spam those through ur photosynthesis stacks and will do just as much dmg unless if ur ping
  6. There is no such thing as balance in open world pvp once it gets to be over 3 teams each side in the area anything dies the instance they leave iframe unless if they were nvr in range of the fight lol Like ppl say bm kfm and summoner should be tanky well my sum lost like 40k hp within 1 second yesterday soon as my iframe finished lol And sin invis honestly once they attack someone in a party they get blown up yes open world 1v1 sins op but how often do u get to see 1v1 in open world lol But sin invis really deserves a nerf because even in arena if they wa
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