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  1. Honestly, I've never put weight in any difficulty rating for MMO classes. They may have some bearing on when people just begin playing, but after that there are too many factors to screw with for a few stars to have any weight. PvP and PvE are often vastly different. Balancing patches happen all the time. In some games half your kit is made from gear which not everyone in the class has. Though perhaps I'm biased. My last game I mained a pet class the game claimed was built largely around its summons. In actuality the tanking pet only worked in certain situations with the right gear while in pvp the summons were better known for getting in the way of the class' true calling, crowd control. Actual information on skills can be useful, but ratings and flavor text often aren't in my experiance.
  2. Only reason I could see why not to spec is it's not useful in solo play and people forget to swap to party support when grouping. Did not know it lasted that long. Even if it didn't, usually when there are monsters around not everyone tries to heal guy meditating. That would be 10 sec out of 14 of protected meditation, or full protection if having cat help doesn't drag the boss over.

    Any chance of seeing screenshots of your characters along side whatever these 30 MMOs use for rating? Considering a decent MMO takes at least some effort to get decent at pvp in, I find this kinda unlikely unless you're counting stuff like online checkers.
  4. Know what class is broken? Necromancers. No class can counter their powers. Even if they don't exist in a game they can raise hell in forums.
  5. BNS ABC Game

  6. List of hacks in arena?

    Wouldn't call destroyer's "true sight" ability a hack. More just a result of them being a bot and following a script, thus always following their target. Summoner unlimited heals/escapes you can rename zero cool downs and I'm pretty sure take out the class limitation.
  7. If other bot related posts are going to be deleted, then people should make sure to post in this thread here. Best way to let NCsoft know this is an issue to its players is to keep the thread that they allow going strong. NCsoft has said in the past that to them bots are not a major concern. I'm sure there is some token effort going towards fighting the bots, but how can someone say "There is nothing they can do," if it's never been a priority? I think part of the reason the Western community hates bots is an inability to accept situations they disagree with. The idea of being helpless to anything is extremely aggravating. This mentality has its weaknesses. It creates conflict and can certainly be obnoxious. However, it also increases the possibility that something might actually be done. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Sure, bots have been around since near the beginning of MMOs. Should people give up on finding a cure for cancer since it's just always been around? It has definitely existed longer than gold sellers in computer games. It is understandable that someone might think this way. With all the bot threads and a number of people doing more harm than good, it makes sense that people would just get tired of it all. But they're missing the mark. If they're ticked off at the negative posters, they should target that negativity instead of trying to sabotage their cause. Perhaps that way some progress is made in both directions, for a better forum and a better game. Well, those are my thoughts. If anyone out there wishes to make this an issue NCsoft pays a bit more attention to, post in this thread. Show your concern. Have discussions here (preferably intelligent ones that won't give an excuse to lock this thread). The longer this thread gets, the bigger an indicator it is.
  8. So there are stat differences. Thank you. Is it known if this will change as we get even more content? I heard mention that eventually the prices will start changing in favor of the new path somewhere down the road.
  9. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    A pity. Some people just can't get this thought through their heads. There are others who don't make characters to take the place of the girlfriend they'll never have. Some people actually wanna play as their character, not someone a few meters behind wishing he could have more than pixels. To keep the thread on topic, here's my kinda poor quality picture.
  10. I like this thread for the sole reason that it can hopefully encourage NCsoft to try harder and let them know that it certainly is a problem their players are ticked off about. I'm sure that some effort is being put into stopping the bots, but hopefully a nice long as hell thread in forums that never goes down inspires them to stop all the bots from pouring in.
  11. So it's not so much two different paths as two choices for upgrading? Also, I never mentioned additional stats. Was wondering if this "path" thing would mean there'd finally be a choice for what weapon you'd use beyond the skin difference.
  12. So, is there any stat or appearance difference? Maybe even a difference in abilities? Haven't checked yet.
  13. Another more recent addition to the forums is complaining about complaining. Like most posts there's usually some valid reason for the complaints, this thread included. Trouble is usually the way it's posted. People tend to leave out anything that doesn't best work for their cause. Add the venom saturating most pvp oriented games (just check out that post above mine) and you get what we have here.
  14. Kinda defeats the purpose of gearing up. Dungeons are pretty much the high end of pve. There's still OWPvP, but that's really not the game's selling point.
  15. Notice that OP didn't post anything after starting the thread. He did however like this post. Nice job.