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Tier 5, Stage 1 Rumble Bees Bug


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Tier 5, Stage 1 Rumble Bee is not working as described.



As shown in the image, Rumble Bee is supposed to cast instantly that cost 0 Focus on a target that is stunned, dazed, knocked down, airrborrne, pinned (grappled) and phantom grirpped enemies. However, Rumble Bee is currently not casting instantly on a pinned (grappled) target, while it's working as described on Stunned, Dazed, Knocked Down and Airborne target. Unfortunately, I was not able to test this on Phantom Gripped Target.

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same for me. doesnt insta cast when enemy is pinned by cat. 

i think they forgot to write "insta casts on pinned enemies, except enemies that are pinned by a cat cause thats too opop"   ;^)

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Hey everyone! We've made the following comment regarding the Rumblebees Tier 5 Stage 1 ability:


1 minute ago, Rukkirii said:

After speaking with the dev. team, the "Pinned" ability that triggers the Rumblebees Tier 5 Stage 1 instant cast is via a Destroyer's Grab ability, like @xFragileDreamsx mentioned. (You smart cookie, you. :P)

 We have forwarded the text issue along to the Localization team so that the description can be updated to Grabbed instead of Pinned. Thanks again for reporting the issue!

We will be closing this thread to keep the topic within one place. Feel free to carry on the conversation in the quoted thread.

Thanks for your reports!


[Closed - Duplicate Topic]

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