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  1. Daily login reward broken compensation

    Guess I won't be subbing again till after Trove. Awesome rewards (Y).
  2. Scared Summoner...

    As soon as you said 8-9 FPS and high ping I immediately knew you need to go earth build. Its the most friendlist with ping. Its also best for PvE, too. Wind is fun but you need good ping and gear for it to matter. I'm an earth summoner. This is my build: http://prntscr.com/h1k1ap Weapon doesn't matter much. Just go baleful. Badge wise Magnum or Alluvion. Alluvion if your ping is really high. Mystic badge enigma or revelation. I use revelation. If you have more questions feel free to message me on discord. Ayla#1487
  3. seductress and temptress costume RNG!

    Try Bloodshade Harbor.
  4. When I sent a ticket in regarding my BT dynamic quest (since we all DC'd exactly right after killing the boss) they told me they were going to do a mass compensation all at once... Ahahaha so we'll see. e-e
  5. Mass DC just now!

    Naw. I vote send ticket to NCsoft.
  6. Which soul for earth summoner

    Hello. Fellow earth summoner here. I switched to the cosmic path and I'm finding it a hell of a lot easier keeping up in damage now. Don't have screenshots of before and after sadly.
  7. No, it is not just like that.
  8. Spring Bloom Boxes

    How much are the boxes? I'm not home and forgot how much they usually run. Thanks.
  9. Is it me or is the BT raid making people leave clans?

    Its too bad we aren't in the same server. Think a lot of my clan members have the same views.
  10. Server are off?

    Maintenance extended for another 30 minutes. Hurray *slowclap*
  11. Change clan 6v6 time please

    How about they expand the time window for it? I get tired of not being able to participate because of crappy times.
  12. What happens if a clan leader disappears?

    Guess that is about all we can do at this point. Thanks for the response.
  13. When me and the original guild master took a long break the now guild leader we passed it too disappeared. Wondering if anybody knows if support will pass it back to the original leader?
  14. Poor Summoners. Not~

    Lol, all the summoner hate is so dumb. Just because 90% of summoners suck. I actually kind of look forward to there being another useful build later on down the road. :/
  15. Race Question, lol

    BD and BM are two different classes although similar. You aren't able to race change BD.