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  1. Disconnected from server

    can confirm on ebon hall. DC
  2. Had like 5 random DC today. All at the best times u can imagine... Didn't change anything and never had those before. Is it just me or do you guys also have this suddenly? It cant be my internet cause everything else is working fine. My bro playing LoL without any probs/ dc.
  3. Tier 5, Stage 1 Rumble Bees Bug

    same for me. doesnt insta cast when enemy is pinned by cat. i think they forgot to write "insta casts on pinned enemies, except enemies that are pinned by a cat cause thats too opop" ;^)
  4. Mushins Darkness

    Hey, i wanted to ask those of you who defeated his 3rd form about your gear an stats. Maybe it's just my strategy but i don't dps him enough with 375 AP and Aw. Siren Weps + infernal acc. All the vids that i've seen they had around 440 AP / True Pirate or something. Is there anyone who made it with lower gear? I got him to 10% once but thats the limit with my current gear + tactic.
  5. Mushins Darkness

    10% was just once xD I think i was lucky with crits, usually its 20-25%
  6. Solution For GG error (4049)

    My lord and savior, how shall I thank you for saving hours of useless error fixing.
  7. every *cricket*ing week this *cricket*ing crash on *cricket*ing ebon *cricket*ing hall
  8. Hey, ich hab mal ne Frage. Auf meinem Laptop hängt sich das Spiel ab und zu auf, öfters im Loading Screen, selten auch mal einfach so (wenn viel los ist). Es kommt dann die Nachricht Ich bin auf meinem Laptop und habe Win 8.1 mit folgenden Specs: i5 -4200, Geforce GT 750M, 8GB RAM. Wenn es also mal hängt, wird das Programm sofort geschlossen. Die Frage ist nun ob ich was änder kann, damit ich auf eine Rückmeldung warten kann. Bei meinem 7 Jahre alten PC der schlechtere Leistung hat (2,2GHz Quadcore, Geforce GTS 250, 4GB RAM) läuft das Spiel sogar flüssiger und wenn es mal einen Hänger hat und "Keine Rückmeldung" anzeigt, warte ich einfach 30 Sekunden oder 1 Minute, dann fängt es sich wieder und läuft weiter. Beim Laptop schließt es sich halt sofort und ich muss es komplett neu starten, was ziemlich nervt. Und ich spiele schon mit allen Einstellung auf 1. Gibts bei Windows die Option, dass ich es umstellen kann?
  9. I noticed in Mushin Tower and NSH that the yellow telegraph that shows the boss attack range was gone. I know that you can turn the red one on and off, also tried to tick the box but it didn't help. Resetted all settings too but still doesn't work. And don't say "learn all the boss attack patterns so you don't need the yellow telegraph". Could it be cause Im on my laptop? My laptop isn't that good but still has much better specs than my 7 y old PC tho (where the indicator functions). Specs Laptop: IntelCore I5 -4200, Geforce GT 750, 8GB RAM PC: Quad Core 2,2 Ghz (dont remember the rest), Geforce GTS 250, 4GB RAM
  10. Yellow boss attack indicator gone

    No, I wasn't in a 4-man dungeon. It happens everywhere and I noticed this in Nightshade Harbour(24) and Mushin Tower. Still clueless and waiting for help :)
  11. Ruby useless?

    procd mine 3 times in 20 hits. i would say maybe bit more than 10%
  12. Server Down?

    What are they actually doing during maintainance? Numer of daily disconnects increases each day...
  13. Ebon Hall NOOOO

    That day... that day I chose Ebon Hall was a big mistake.
  14. I know this from other games that news, maintainances, etc. were shown in the launcher. I found this very helpful because not everyone is visiting the forum everyday. It would also be very appreciated if NCsoft could announce the "scheduled" maintainance maybe earlier. The announcement for this one was posted 14h ago, which is 1 AM in my time zone. Lots of players won't check the forum at night and will be surprised by the scheduled maintainance, like I was. It's just a suggestion to make it more convenient for us. Cause it would be more useful than the launcher ads about founders pack, name reservation and head start. And maybe do the maintainance during the night... *whiney eu player spotted*
  15. yea i got that too, at least 1 advancement but a notice in it maybe 1-2 days before the maintainance would be nicer
  16. RIP Servers again

    why do i have to come to the forums every 2nd day to see why the servers are *cricket*ed up and when i can play again...
  17. Servers crashed ?!

    another week, another crash, maybe another maintainance.......
  18. maint without notice?

    i bought prem because i had to wait 1h+ a lot of times on ebon hall. but you are right. its wasted money when we dont get any extras back. won't buy prem anymore
  19. maint without notice?

    yea. if there could be AT LEAST a warning, like a notification 15 minutes before... but ok they have to fix the problems that they have created in the 6 hours maintainance this afternooon. i was lvling my character lvl 21, after the DC i logged into character selection and my char was back to lvl 15 again... i soo hope that it's just an error and will be 21 again afer the main. its not much but still. i spent a few hours lvling it and it would be sad if those hours were totally wasted for nothing
  20. why do you guys even bother, they dont give a shit about eu players. as long as money is coming in they do whatever they want.
  21. Has anyone had this error?

    I have it too. At least they could post something on the forum or twitter. Haven't seen a notice about it
  22. every damn time it opens, and i gotta wait 2-3 minutes for 85 bytes... ridiculous
  23. Open World PvP Set Location.

    I support this idea. I love massive, chaotic fights like 50v50