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BM air combo question


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Hey all, new to the game and want to get into PVP. 


Last night I fought against a blademaster who was seemingly using both of the aerial combo's finishers (both rising eagle and crash) in one knock-up combo. To put it more clearly:

1) They knocked me up into the air

2) They slashed me multiple times (I think, this part is a little fuzzy for me)

3) They used the fiery uppercut to send me into the air again

4) After a brief pause, they jumped up and knocked me into the ground with a lightning smash attack


I this found strange because I play BM myself, even though I'm only lvl 36, and to my knowledge, after you knock someone up, you can only use one finisher, which is either the fiery whirl uppercut, or the downward slam lightning attack (I'm describing the skills by effect rather than name because the guides I've been reading didn't use official translation and I don't want to mis-represent the scenario).


After that match, I went into pve and tried to replicate what they did but had no success, and so I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what happened?



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Do you have video of this happening? I run shadowplay with a 10 min buffer at all times to capture stuff like this...


In any case, that's not possible as far as I know. I've never been able to use more than 1 finisher after knocking someone into the air. 

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What happens there is that, the BM might be using Dive Bomb on you ( instead of kick you can choose dive bomb). so when you land on the ground, they have that opportunity to do a type of kick. Let me rephrase that. when i mean kick, i mean the ground kick. not the knock back kick.


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