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  1. Keep in mind if they're countering in melee range, you can spin into it (parry spin) and get a free stun out of it.
  2. If only they could take everyone's skill, pool it together, and divide it among the players. This is the kind of "ekwality" that we demand in our society. Reference material:
  3. It's difficult to measure balance with a game like this where skill plays such a big role. I believe that if I were in the shoes of the developer, I would balance based on players who have a strong grasp of their class and are capable of using it to a high degree of effectiveness. This will inevitably be the top (X)% of players, as much of the lower %age is either not max level or not experienced enough to use their class anywhere close to its potential. If you balance around simplistic or low level use of the class, you will inevitably end up with situations where a competent pla
  4. You can't have unique and varied classes without different skill requirements to play them. Please try to be realistic.
  5. It's not just about how hard they are to play... it's also about demographics. The fact is that most NA players follow trends and roll what they perceive to be the strongest classes. There are simply a lot more people playing a subset of the classes. Regardless of the balance, if you have more people on a particular class you will see more represented in the lists. Let's also keep in mind that most players (maybe all) do not yet have their HM skill, and they are not HM5. A BM with HM Lightning Draw and 11 extra skill points has a lot more burst and utility than they did without th
  6. I have to say, True Profane weapon makes a HUGE difference. I can spend most of a fight in draw stance ani canceling thanks to the proc. Definitely in no rush to upgrade to Siren considering the cost and relatively small attack power upgrade.
  7. IMO that PC Gamer review was about right. I'm playing this game strictly for the great PVP, and they recognized the same thing. The MMO side of things just isn't anything breathtaking.
  8. As a BM I feel more confident against assassin than any other class right now because around 30-35% of my total arena matches thus far have been against them (very popular class in NA). More practice does the trick for sure... of course combined with all the great advice you can find here and especially on bladeandsouldojo.
  9. Wrote this in another thread guess I'll paste it here too. Assassin, you can actually see them in stealth (it's kinda a shadowy figure). When I see them moving towards me to open with stun, I SS and start shooting Flickers at them. Often they will come STRAIGHT at you from where you SS'd and you'll hit them with a flicker. Also, if they start throwing daggers at you in stealth you can parry stun them with your block. When you see them wave their hands in a circular motion, DO NOT attack into it because you'll give them free stealth (it's a counter move). When they teleport behind y
  10. I'm not here to fluff you up or encourage you. I did state how the match making system works and offered you a solution to remedy the issue. If you'd rather just complain and not solve your problem, then that's on you. No reason to get hurt feelings over it.
  11. I could see 50 if you are wondering around, getting lost, doing crafting, getting bored and PVPing, etc. Obviously it's going to depend on your efficiency.
  12. Even if you're non-premium and watching cinematics, it takes ~30-35 hours of gameplay to hit level 45. A powergamer rushing can do it in 13-15 hours.
  13. Lol guys... there probably will be a lot of low level people queueing now that the game has launched F2P. The vast majority of head start players experienced low level PVP in beta and knew that it takes less time to level than to whine on the forums, so they leveled up.
  14. The spin only gives them immunity to CC during the first .5s of its animation. The key to getting around the spin is to attack them at the end of a spin before the next one. It also eats up their resources, so if they are just spinning over and over they can starve - you can use this to your advantage. Even when you are in stealth, you can be seen as a shadow moving around so you'll need to make sure you stay out of their range until you are ready to attack. I guess that's a start, eh?
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