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  1. Do you believe it's 90% because other KFMs 3rf while beating you and you can't imagine that they actually know how to do it with their fingers just because you don't? That is also pathetic.
  2. Kutsuu

    Update BM

    They keep telling us in their streams and stuff that we won't be getting special balance patches just for NA/EU. There aren't any buffs for BM in the pipeline right now other than additional legendary skills and skill points as we unlock more content. Get good at BM as it is, and you'll gradually get better as you gain access to important skills and more points to invest. Don't expect magic.
  3. People have posted other support responses that specify "one button = 1 action" is the rule. This doesn't fit that. Use at your own risk, I guess... Kinda pathetic.
  4. Keep in mind if they're countering in melee range, you can spin into it (parry spin) and get a free stun out of it.
  5. Kutsuu


    Idk about that... my DPS with a tiger strike/searing palm uptime build is great, both AOE and single target. Makes my BM look like a weenie.
  6. Just look at the HM skills that will become available.. and keep in mind up to HM20 worth of skill points. That's the big "buff." They won't just magically get better at 50 - it will be gradual as each important HM skill and extra skill points become available. You still have to know the combos, still have to know the class, still have to know the other classes.
  7. Agreed - camera angle issue. I turned off cinematic camera and make sure to move my camera around in their direction while hitting LB/RB and it works 99.999% of the time. Won't work consistently if you're rooted by FM like Onene mentioned.
  8. It's much harder for them to spin into counter if you use elbow counter, but it's also harder to time your counter on their gap closers... so use at your own risk. The only real solution otherwise is not to use your counter while they are in melee range so they can't spin into it. Just use it to stuff their gap closers.
  9. It's not necessarily an issue, and this isn't a complaint thread. I just didn't see anyone out there talking about it... all the videos/threads and such said "The timing is different between presses" and when asked for specifics they said "you gotta figure it out." It would have saved me a lot of time to read a thread like this one that actually points out where the timing difference is. I have the same arena latency issues that everyone else does occasionally, but I get the feeling that the servers running arena instances are just overloaded with bots queuing and it's unavoidable
  10. Rock solid 41-45ms. I'm not the only one in this thread who noticed the timing is different. If you're canceling fast enough not to hear any hit connect sounds, there is a greater gap between 3 and R than there is between R and F or F and 3.
  11. Ah I think we misunderstood each other. The 2-dash issue I'm speaking of is between 3 and R. If you try to cancel 3 too early, you just straight jab and shin kick never goes off.
  12. You need to spec your grapple for it. Tier 4 Form 2. It will give you 3% hp for each attack during grapple. 2-3 LBs into a headbutt is your best healing. Headbutt hits twice, so it will give you 11% HP (3%x2+5%).
  13. You are very confused. There was no nerf in the patch for KR or EU/NA.
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