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  1. i havent crash since i did that ._. i know its weird but it actually worked for me somehow
  2. My game got fixed yesterday somehow, not sure if was the patch or the adjust that i made to my pc this is what i did ._. I Downloaded this program called, ''SG TCP Optimizer'' I opened and i clicked where it says ''Windows Default'' and... thats all i did, i also did some stuff in my router but when i tried to log-in it doesnt worked and i was dc-ing anyways. So, after i downloaded that program (SG TCP Optimizer) and set in ''Windows Default'' my game stopped crashing c: and now im happy
  3. lol my client always chooses to crash when im at final boss in a dungeon, at the middle of a fight with mobs, or at the middle of fight in the Arena pvp, ;-;
  4. Sometimes they answer pretty quick but they're the same copy/paste answers. and sometimes they take days to answer a single ticket :l
  5. Its a different Error but its in the same category (1000) :3
  6. Lol, didnt work for me, crash after 5 minutes start the game xD
  7. If you got a disconnection please let us know x3 havent try the launcher yet cause im doing some stuff, but i will make it know if it works as well
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