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How does one beat the other class???( BM TIPS)


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Before I start, I know people are saying all class are balanced, it's the player's skill that matters... Sorry, but no. That's not the truth right now. At level 50, probably so... But at level 45? Heck no.


With that out of the way, BM is one of the weakest right now along with FM. Just because some people are high ranked with BM/FM, it doesn't mean the class is strong right now. It just means that the person is really REALLY good at the class.


I'll just write what I learned.


vs KFM: Use your q and e a lot to dodge their attacks. Do not hold block against them. Be on the offense more, than being on the defense. Take blade call against them. Soaring falcon pull into 2 stun usually works well as an opener.


vs FM: I've not faced many FMs, so I have no idea, honestly.


vs LBM: If you see them walking towards you to charge, just spam your q. You'll blindside dodge it. soaring falcon pull is really good against them. Use your knockdowns a lot.


SIN: Take flock of blades tier 2 stage 1. If you see them wasting their counter, you're free to use your cc. Once they are in stealth, try to locate them, and ss their move where they appear on top of you and use the flash grenade. If they're close enough, pop your flock of blades to knock them out, and immediately follow with your 2 stun for a free Take Flight. Once you are free to move, SS towards them and use your five point strike for a free knock up (does not matter whether they counter or not)


vs DES: Save your tab escape for when you think they're going all in on you. Chances are, they're runnign fury ... So just watch out for that, and use your escape when they do that. When they start red spinning either ss (into draw stance) and run out. When they're in a distance, block/dodge their axe pull with either your block or with ss. You can Q/E dodge their charge. Utilize your knockdowns a lot.


I'm not the best BM player, but these are some tips that I learned from playing BM.

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General Tips: Always try to open with flying sparrow. It's a free stun that doesn't cost focus. Divebomb is also extremely underrated. Not only does it do a decent amount of damage, but it can't be countered and is even an aoe. Boot T2S1 allows you to Divebomb twice, base Anklebiter allows once while T2S2 allows it to be used twice(very expensive though).


KFM: This fight will always be close. Use evade whenever you see them use their charge or leap. Use blindside when they try to break your defense. Use stun and stun extension type abilities against them(example combo being Flying Sparrow stun->Blade Call+Lightning Rod->Rush stun->Lightning Draw stun damage->Raid stun extension->Blade Storm+Blitzblade Scourge->5-Side->Flicker stun->Flash Step spam auto crit on stun->Honed Slash defense pierce). Using the Soaring Falcon pull can catch them offguard, but if they're expecting it, they'll have something planned for it and it would be better to run with 3 focus recovery instead. Using Reversal correctly can wildly change the results of the fight.


FM: This is a pretty easy fight. Land your Flying Sparrow stun and have your way with them. Warding Spirit will not only give you immunity to a large portion of their damage pool, but if they're foolish enough to attack you during it, then you'll heal. They have no way to escape your cc, so chain them together well(boot knockdown->divebomb->breeze->divebomb->anklebiter->breeze->divebomb->boot knockdown->divebomb->breeze->divebomb->rush stun->soaring falcon recovery->lightning draw->raid stun extension->honed slash free cost->5 side with cc immunity->flicker stun->blind side->breeze->take flight->soaring falcon recovery->rising eagle->ascend->breeze->divebomb->breezex3->boot->breeze->divebomb->breeze->divebomb->breezex2->anklebiter->breeze->divebomb->breeze->boot->breeze->divebomb->breeze->watch them ragequit(they should be around like 10k at this point so it's pretty hard to lose, but your combo ends here. The good news is your Blade Call is almost up again.)). If for some reason you get caught by their freezes, remember that you can block->cyclone to break the root, evade to break the root, or use any of your various charges(rush, raid, 5 side, stage 3 shoulder charge) to break the root.


LBM: This is a race to see who kills who first. Timing your reversal during phantom grip correctly can completely change the match. Run Dive Bomb and spam CCs at them. Don't bother trying to extend your stuns with raid, they'll break out of them. Remember to wait out the spin. Run Block with Parry to get extra cc on them. Utilize aerial combos as much as you can. If you choose to run Blade Call, running it with Lightning Retribution and Flying Sparrow Pull can prove to be very effective for keeping them inside of it.


Destroyers: This matchup is all about breaking them out of their whirl and saving your boot for their shield. If you break the shield, they can not heal with it and this is CRITICAL! This is also going to be a long fight regardless, so make sure you're landing your Shoulder Charges(Do not run stage 3. If you need help landing the skill, then stage 2 can be helpful. Use stage 1 if you're struggling with timing). Otherwise, treat them like LBM.


Assassin: This is a frustrating fight. If you did not find any of the other classes to be your counter, this is it. You will NEVER be able to land a large combo against them, so this fight is about chip damage, bring Divebomb and don't bring Blade Call. Do your best to bait out their standing counter. Once you see it, know that it's down for 8 seconds, HOWEVER, this does not mean that he doesn't have more counters to utilize, like his knockdown counter(Divebomb bypasses this, but don't try to breeze them for recovery). In general, you will not be able to beat even a low level assassin until you are fairly high level(mid to upper 30s) if they know what they're doing(like even 1500 rating assassins will kick your ass). If you can manage to block their thin green line(where they switch places with you), note that you can be more aggressive for a short time(keep in mind their counter). Also you'll find yourself mashing your f key a lot against them and if you fail your Retreat even once, you can expect to take a large amount of damage(though it won't all be upfront!). In general, this is an uphill battle that you're just going to struggle with.


That should help you get started.

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