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  1. Yes, you'll basically look like my BM does, which is level 45 Hongmoon 3 from back before they increased the cap to 50. I can't increase my hongmoon levels again until I'm at 50, so in your case it'll freeze your hongmoon levels until you reach the new cap. It's basically to just make it more obvious when there's a "difficulty" jump in content and provides an opportunity to more or less reset everyone back to the same level of gear so that new players aren't hampering the veterans as much and the veterans don't have too great of a gap over newcomers.
  2. Step 1: Learn what all other class' counter/resist/i-frames look like and don't attack into them. Step 2: Don't commit to any barrage of attacks until you know their cc breaks are used up. Step 3: Slam face on RMB and F while in stealth. Step 4: ???? Step 5: Be ranked. But seriously, just getting into stealth and then backing off your opponent until you see them spend all their aoes and focus into the air will be enough to hit gold. Recognizing what counters look like and not attacking into them is like 100% the most important thing. Since not only does it cance
  3. It's only a minor inconvenience in silver, far from impossible... I mean I could list things like N3ro did but like...you have some basic misunderstandings of the class and I don't know what those are :\ And I don't mean that as a major insult, I mean, plenty of people playing the class don't understand. I beat a hongmoon 10 sin in a mirror matchup on that character too. As for running into bots...I haven't noticed any yet, but I've only played a few matches since my return /shrug I've run into some really, really bad players though...maybe those are the bots now?
  4. You can generate more than enough threat between cyclone and 5 side. But threat is rarely a big deal in this game.
  5. He's running a tanking build. It's understandable that there are times when he can't be in draw stance.
  6. There are quite a number of attacks that fall into these categories which can not be blocked.
  7. You won't see "miss", you'll see "evaded" or "blocked". For PvE, just make sure you're at 100%(this means with awakened infernal gear, siren belt, siren bracelet, moonwater arena soul shield, you'll still need to fuse at least one green quality accuracy into your soul shield).
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