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  1. Show off your characters!!

    The image quality becomes so bad when I take a screenshot
  2. Mushin's Legacy?

    I read somewhere that there was a choice in going to Dark Path or the Hongmoon Path before (idk if this is the part where you choose), but it got removed or something. That and...
  3. Class balance IMO :(

    As someone said earlier, no matter what people say, the game ISN'T balanced right now. The developers balance the game, thinking that these users have access to the level 50 content/skills/skill points. They don't balance it around the NA/EU level 45 patch. With that in mind, honestly, don't worry too much about the balance right now. Level 50 patch will come eventually, and it'll hopefully sort things out. If you get better at your class now, that just means you'll be even better later on when the proper stuffs come out :p.
  4. Before I start, I know people are saying all class are balanced, it's the player's skill that matters... Sorry, but no. That's not the truth right now. At level 50, probably so... But at level 45? Heck no. With that out of the way, BM is one of the weakest right now along with FM. Just because some people are high ranked with BM/FM, it doesn't mean the class is strong right now. It just means that the person is really REALLY good at the class. I'll just write what I learned. vs KFM: Use your q and e a lot to dodge their attacks. Do not hold block against them. Be on the offense more, than being on the defense. Take blade call against them. Soaring falcon pull into 2 stun usually works well as an opener. vs FM: I've not faced many FMs, so I have no idea, honestly. vs LBM: If you see them walking towards you to charge, just spam your q. You'll blindside dodge it. soaring falcon pull is really good against them. Use your knockdowns a lot. SIN: Take flock of blades tier 2 stage 1. If you see them wasting their counter, you're free to use your cc. Once they are in stealth, try to locate them, and ss their move where they appear on top of you and use the flash grenade. If they're close enough, pop your flock of blades to knock them out, and immediately follow with your 2 stun for a free Take Flight. Once you are free to move, SS towards them and use your five point strike for a free knock up (does not matter whether they counter or not) vs DES: Save your tab escape for when you think they're going all in on you. Chances are, they're runnign fury ... So just watch out for that, and use your escape when they do that. When they start red spinning either ss (into draw stance) and run out. When they're in a distance, block/dodge their axe pull with either your block or with ss. You can Q/E dodge their charge. Utilize your knockdowns a lot. I'm not the best BM player, but these are some tips that I learned from playing BM.
  5. Well, it's no secret that summoners are one of the strongest classes in the current level 45 patch. I'm really salty about it too, but there's nothing that can be done. Just practice your class, and you'll be fine when the level 50 patch comes along to balance out things.
  6. Take your breeze to Tier 4 form 3. It'll get you a bunch of focus. Once you get their tab, try to chain your cc (EX: 2 stun, q rb rb 2 rb rb tab 1 auto auto ss lb rb rb 1 f, etc, etc) You can change up the combos. Note that dazes can be backrolled out of... however, u can catch them with ur other cc skills like knock down, another daze, or a stun.
  7. how long till warlock class?

    To quote NC soft... many dungeons, level 50 content, and warlock in ... "few months"
  8. Free Art for you while I wait~

    Wait, what..? I swear I commented on this thread! u_u. Thank you for the drawing! It looks so good~! Definitely making that my profile picture.
  9. What's with the Assassin's reach?

    Their tab (bodyswap) can actually be blocked with a defensive skill (BM's block, KFM block, SS, etc, etc)
  10. Marketplace not working..?

    Mine is working fine o_o
  11. The party loot system is stupid

    It's not. You get the money that they used to bid on the item PLUS you get the dungeon loot box which has your beloved RNG drops in it. You just get 2 chances of getting your item.
  12. I don't understand... Do you not read what the dungeon loot box says...? O.o It basically gives you your beloved RNG box, AND it gives you a chance to bid on the loot that drops from bosses (WHICH CAN ALSO COME OUT OF YOUR BELOVED RNG BOX). I mean... it gives you 2 chances to get your stuff, not to mention if the rich guy overbids, you can some of that gold... How is this a bad system? l0l
  13. Queued

    They're adding more servers after the maintenance shortly. Along with this (and the AFK timers), I think you should be fine tomorrow.
  14. Free Art for you while I wait~

    Oh, the UI is covering half the body, xD. I can't login due to the queue as well :(.
  15. I'm willing to join. Do I have to post anywhere, or..? o.o