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Crafting Item names are off


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There appears to be a discrepancy between the Name of what you are ordering In the crafting Menu, and the item you actually receive.

Crops are named Millet, Sorghum and Barley. They produce Millet, Sorghum and Barley

However if you look at the Soil selection you put in an order for Lake Mud, and you get "Sandy Clay." If you Order Earthen Clay you get "Grey Clay" and if you request Tempered Clay you get "Snow White Clay"

This also happens with The Trappers Alliance. If you order Whole Chicken, you get Whole chicken, however if you order Iron Ox Meat, you get "fox Meat" and if you order Gnarlhorn Meat you get "Wolf Meat"

I don't think this is working as intended, but it makes things really confusing when you have someone asking "Can you get me "Sandy Clay" and you  look and see that you can Order Lake mud

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Tree Fellers

Yulan Magnolia Log - Paulownia

Yulan Magnolia Sap - Paulownia Sap


Trappers Alliance

Whole Chicken - Chicken Meat

Iron Ox Meat - Fox Meat

Gnarlhorn Meat - Wolf Meat

Scalebeak Bone - Chicken Bone

Iron Ox Bone - Fox Bone

Gnarlhorn Bone - Wolf Bone



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Quoting my response to a very similar post, hope it helps.



Have you noticed that before yesterday's patch in the crafting interface the name on the left list was different than the actual item you crafted? Yeah, it was like that, items had wrong strange names, and the correct name was displayed only on the left when you click to order stuff. So, yesterday they finally fixed it but they did half of the job. They indeed changed the names but they forgot to update the marketplace with the new names... so basically the items are indeed on marketplace you just need to type in the pre-change name. I will make a list that i hope will help you until it's fixed.


Lake Mud > search "Sandy Clay"

Earthen Clay > search "Grey Clay"

Tempered Clay > search "Snow White Clay"

Yulan Mangolia Sap > search "Paulownia Sap"

Yulan Mangolia Log > search "Paulownia"

Lake Mud Bowl > search "Simple Bowl"

Premium Lake Mud Bowl > search "Premium Simple Bowl"

Lake Mud Refiner > search "Simple Refiner"

Premium Lake Mud Refiner > search "Premium Simple Refiner"


I am sure that they are more name miss-matches but those are what i have found out. This change was such a goof, and i still want a response from NCSOFT because this negatively affects the market. People can't see the items worth before the post, and then after they post at whatever random price, noone will buy the item because they think none is up for sale! This requires immediate attention.


I hope i helped you and any other guys that may be confused as well.





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Holy cow, the Premium Earth Mud Refiner was bugging me!  It was only via a duck-duck-go search that I found this (and another) thread showing the Simple Refiner/Lake Mud Refiner and the premium equivalents were the same.  How absolutely confusing.  It really isn't a translation issue, one would think, as it is just the same thing with two different names.  Pick one and stay with it; carry the change through.

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