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  1. That is something that always boggled my mind.. WRITTEN Letters from people who are dead like Jiwan and Master Hong...
  2. Hello! About me: I am looking to a Clan! I am a returning Player, I have been back for around 2-3 Months and I have a few characters, most notably. Nikoya who is a Level 55 HM9 Summoner with Seraph 9 Staff and 934AP. And a Gunner with Baelforge 9 Pistols and 1k+AP, and some BT gear. I am capable of using Discord/Teamspeak and I like to think I am a quick learner of game Mechs. I am around All day Wednesdays and Thursdays and most other days between 1pm-6pm Est What I am looking for - Cerulean Clan - Discord/Teamspeak - English Speaking Clan - Active times 2pmEST+ -PvE Focu
  3. So.. your upset that you purchased an RNG box.. RNGesus didn't bless you with the item you wanted... lul..
  4. I think what would help is to just let people spin. Cut the spin time to like 2 seconds, and don't require the outfit. Getting the items is pointless if you don't do the Pvp part.. so let those who are ready for Pvp do their Pvp, and let the people who are just trying to get their spins in, get their spins in.
  5. Honestly, This event and the dungeon situation (Unable to complete dungeon runs 90% of the time, Can't find groups for any dungeon unless it is a daily or is DT+) is really making me reconsider my choice to come back to the game.
  6. I too can not receive my log in rewards... Really stinks as a new player who really needs that XP boost to not be able to get it..
  7. Do Noticeboards only show on the map when they give quests that are not Grey to you?
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