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  1. You can reset as often as you like up to <lv 59, after that you need to pay attention and it will start to cost, but everything is obtainable via in game currency. Unlike BnS, which you pretty much just customize 2 or 3 things about your character, in RO you can customize your soul grids, combat skills, arcane arts, special skills levels, special skill dao, and of course, all the basic gear and char attrib modifiers.
  2. Yeah, Don't ... listen to people who doesn't much about the game. 1. Built in security system, where you cannot even steal your items if they hack your account. 2. Equalized PvP, per 10 levels. Not P2W like certain game. 3. PvP = 10v10, 20v20, all the way to 50v50. 4. owPvP island where having 200 players doesn't lag 5. You cannot rush to level cap, and is forced to run the same dungeons 2000x to farm for mats. 6. What you do daily is rewarded with points, which you can turn in and trade for upgrade mats. 7. Best gear comes from crafted, not some 0.1%
  3. Google "blade and soul ping tool". Your best server may be on CN or TW region, or KR even. NA is not.
  4. Because the Devs needs to make money from you. This is F2P, but they totally took CN's P2W game settings and applied it to NA/EU.
  5. The real problem: there are more BOTS/hackers then legit players.
  6. Which is unlikely to happen because that means KR needs to program in channel population ratio control, and since you cannot ever tell when owPvP is going to happen, you have no way to control it.
  7. Main attraction? Seriously? A non-gear dependent arena that takes up maybe 5% of their development time? They have a LONG way to go if PvP is their main attraction. #1 2015 ESport payout: 18.43M, Dot 2, BnS: # 233, 103K.
  8. Not according to NC Elusive here: " But, to be clear, this is not really a game that is focusing on PvP in the PvE setting, like you would expect from, say, Lineage or Guild Wars. "
  9. Trailers, aka - advertisement, is nothing but that, ads. When was the last time you got that BigMac/Whoppe exactly like how you saw it on the TV ad?
  10. Yeah, at least on Mushin, people still think owPvP is fun when the reality it owPvP is just a simple zerg fest. On TW, it is a known unspoken truce about owPvP, 1st 1/2 of the channels = reds farming, 2nd 1/2 = blue farming, middle channel = owPvP. When NA/EU players start to follow something like that, then you won't be hearing any complains about PvE content locked behind PvP walls.
  11. I sort of have to disagree with this, only because a lot of players in NA/EU are still noobs to this game as a whole, and do not totally understand the pros and cons this game has. The simple truth is, owPvP is not, cannot, and never will be balanced. Go play Eve Online and see/learn the truth about owPvP for yourself. (or PlanetSide 2, World of Tanks, etc etc etc) In TW, players generally has an unspoken understanding about owPvP, and that is the 1st half of the channels are normally red populated, and the 2nd half blues, and the middle channels is PvP. This pretty muc
  12. It is a well know farming area for players who has played in other regions. http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/110758-soul-stones-in-silverfrost-mountian-faction-region/
  13. Yeah, Silverfrost Mountains region. Sorry.
  14. The next PvP faction zone in Moonwater Plains (whatever it may get translated into for NA/EU), allows you to obtain as much as 35 (I think) every 20 mins.
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