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  1. You can reset as often as you like up to <lv 59, after that you need to pay attention and it will start to cost, but everything is obtainable via in game currency. Unlike BnS, which you pretty much just customize 2 or 3 things about your character, in RO you can customize your soul grids, combat skills, arcane arts, special skills levels, special skill dao, and of course, all the basic gear and char attrib modifiers.
  2. Yeah, Don't ... listen to people who doesn't much about the game. 1. Built in security system, where you cannot even steal your items if they hack your account. 2. Equalized PvP, per 10 levels. Not P2W like certain game. 3. PvP = 10v10, 20v20, all the way to 50v50. 4. owPvP island where having 200 players doesn't lag 5. You cannot rush to level cap, and is forced to run the same dungeons 2000x to farm for mats. 6. What you do daily is rewarded with points, which you can turn in and trade for upgrade mats. 7. Best gear comes from crafted, not some 0.1%
  3. Google "blade and soul ping tool". Your best server may be on CN or TW region, or KR even. NA is not.
  4. I would seriously pick TW, my understanding it is much less P2W then NA.
  5. Only if you are a company that cares, but they do not. The issue has been known to NCS West since CBT, and they still went ahead and used a bad server structure that they knew doesn't work since then. They can, but won't do anything about it.
  6. My is called Revelation Online, have been playing the CN version for the past 3 weeks and only at Lv 59, and still weeks away from anywhere being near level cap. Best part? Am learning new things everyday and discovering new content to do.
  7. Because the Devs needs to make money from you. This is F2P, but they totally took CN's P2W game settings and applied it to NA/EU.
  8. Yeah, unless you have <50ms ping, this game just plain sucks d*ck, and NCS West refuses to correct the issue for their player base. To everyone else: He didn't quit because of the DPS meter, he quit because the devs just refuse to provide *decent* servers for this a ping demanding game. He quit because he just cannot play this game because he is missing critical hits and combos, as shown by this video. His 700AP+ is effectively ~550AP thanks to a 200ms+ ping.
  9. BM this thread, and come back and answer your own question once you hit L50, and having to upgrade your gear using Silverfrost materials.
  10. Very likely, as shown in this video. Your 573 AP can be effectively better then 800AP, and their 700AP only ~500AP ;p I for one would love to see the results from the DPS meter, when you have a 650Ap player w +200ms ping, vs a 450AP player w <25ms ping.
  11. For this game, you need < 25ms to even get a fair chance to learn and play the classes as they are meant to be played. Watch this video and see the differences for yourself. When I was playing in TW/CN, my ping was around ~200 (TW) and ~250 (CN) and I was barely able to play FM, nvm KFM compared to my ~45ms ping in NA. ESports? Unless the players get < 50ms in NA/EU, most of the players will never get a chance to experience/develop the necessary quick reaction time they will face.
  12. Look at the Ping Plotter post above. Worst case, go use ping plotter, which is the recommended tool by Support, and see for yourself if your ISP/internet connect is the factor, or it is their server.
  13. 1. Greatly reduced, don't see bots farming open dungeons anymore, but I still hear players complains about N:N PvP and stuff. 2-3. Nope. It is the same old same old. 4. Yes. Game has gone way too much P2W with serious embedded gambling. Hearing players spending $200-500 real money just to buy some RNG boxes for upgrades seems to be the norm nowadays. 5. Population has seriously dropped, maybe because tons of it were the BOTs to start with. The servers were only merged last month down to < 1/2 of its original count. Worth coming back? If you don't mind playing this
  14. 1. Because we known since CBT that login and game server are different servers. Back in those 6+ hour queue days, players weren't able to login, but yet, those that are logged in, can play w/o issues. This layout is the most basic of all server layouts, login front end/lobby, linked to a back of back end game servers. Being premium does not give you any advantage in term of gaming priority. 2. And this is the major underlaying issue EU players have to deal with all the time. Their gaming server is located in GR, but their market/lobby/party servers are in TX. NCS West was too cheap
  15. Sorry, but all those has been narrowed down during the months of playing BnS, even did their turn-key "turn all of your non MS services off" support method. I can 110% say it is their server. 1. Why is the server load high? Because they are too cheap to put in place the proper infrastructure for a ping demanding game. The login queue has nothing to do with your server connection, as they are performed by different servers. 2/3. Constant ~40-45ms ping using WTFast from NYC, so network issue has already been removed. None of this, erases the fact that FP
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