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  1. [CLOSED] Turtle Art Shop \ o /

    Art shop has closed; please send a message to my DeviantArt if you would like to request some art! Hello there! owo I need some extra gold in game, so here's my art shop! \ o / *It's my first time opening my art for commission, so please bear with me. I basically will accept any human-based character (including those from other games, if this forum allows it), but prices may vary accordingly. Status Updates (Last updated on 05/06) #1: Completed Do pay attention to the following details before requesting a commission: 1. NA Server only (I'm sorry EU ;w;) - On Dochun server, but payment via cross-server is fine too 2. You can pay me anytime within two weeks after the request has been accepted; the artwork will only be released after I have received payment 3. I may alter the final price depending on the difficulty of the pose and amount of detail on the character (this will be communicated and discussed before I finish the artwork) 4. Please provide proper credits if you would like to use the artwork on your websites/profile/anywhere else 5. Please provide for at least two weeks for the artwork to be completed after I have confirmed acceptance of your request 6. Backgrounds are out of my expertise; they will mostly be either blank or plainly coloured 7. I also have trouble drawing muscles, so Gon Males are strongly not recommended 8. You can request up to two characters in one artwork, but that also means double the cost and more time needed 9. Please keep it clean when requesting! No over-revealing outfits/panty shots/etc. etc.! Samples & Prices If you are agreeable with the above, here are some samples for you: *This section mostly contains artwork from media outside Blade & Soul; will update if I have new pieces relevant to the forum Option 1: Simple Traditional Sketch (Headshot/Bust only) Starting price: 2g (Headshot), 3g (Bust shot) Option 2: Simple Digital Sketch (Up to full body) Starting price: 5g (Headshot), 7g (Bust shot), 10g (Waist up), 12g (Full body) Option 3: Digital Sketch-Paint (Headshot only) Starting at 12g Option 4: Digital Full Colour (Up to full body) Starting at 12g (Headshot), 15g (Bust shot), 20g (Waist up), 25g (Full body) How to Request Simply drop a reply to this thread, send me a pm or try whispering/mailing me in game on Neaht/Efialtis (mostly on Neaht) with the details of your request! Here's a basic form for starters (referenced from this forum thread):- IGN: Your in-game name which you will be transferring the gold in Option: Refer to the above samples and state the option number. Do also state whether you would like a headshot, bust shot, waist-up or full-body artwork Personality: If blank, your character will be arbitrarily given a personality by me according to how I see them Special request: Anything relating to poses/facial expressions/image size/anything else you can think of References: For full body/waist shots, please provide a full-body/waist up front view, as well as close-ups on the head/face/additional details For headshot/bust shots, please provide close-ups of the relevant area (neck up/chest up) as well as any additional details I will accept your request through the method you use to contact me. If your character proves to be too difficult for me, I will have to decline your request and refund your gold m(_ _)m I look forward to drawing all your cute and cool characters! owo
  2. Draw your Character (General Fanart Thread)

    Joining the party! Here's my Lyn Warlock:
  3. Will anyone draw my Yun blade master ?

    Here's my attempt...? owo Just a quick sketch, hope you don't mind c: