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  1. I'm female and have been maining my female gon until early November, been maining my male jin now. Half of my characters are male, they're just really good looking +__+
  2. Hey there, We're currently selling 2 Hongmoon Pellets on Cardinal Gates EU, we're a Crimson Legion guild and the prices are negotiable. If interested, whisper Alvriana in-game or add Alvriana#8947 on Discord.
  3. You should evolve to True Breeze, because if you evolve that it'll be like True Breeze > Awakenend Scorpio > True Scorpio. The Scorpio sword that drops from the heroic dungeon is used to evole your weapon to [either awk or true, I forgot lmao] Scorpio.
  4. I completed this for the first time on my destroyer when I had ~630 AP (since I never bothered before that). The fight is incredibly easy as you can keep him cc'd for free dps and deflect many of his attacks (deflect tab). During ice phase, I recommend using C to deflect the pull and ss to avoid the damage, afterwards I usually use my stone shield (the 24 sec cd one) to avoid getting knocked up in the air. After that, he'll use 3 attacks, just walk to the side on the first attack, deflect the second one and walk around the 3rd attack afterwards. He'll block after this (or jump to mid, if so,
  5. It was obtainable during the event "Merchant of Wonders" (Which is Shin Bihye) I don't think you can get it anymore since the event is over. (for now, atleast)
  6. Q: Why is the clan manager chat readable by everyone in the clan? Would be nice to have a chat for only those with permission.
  7. There should be new ones this friday again
  8. Just add me in-game and I'll help you anytime I'm online :3
  9. I'll help you out on my main if you still need it, just give me a whisper or a message here c: {Character name: Alvriana}
  10. Have you unpacked it yet from the item storage that you usually get when you buy something from the store/daily dash?
  11. It looks like the (general?) stratus armor that some NPCs wear. You should've obtained something similar during the quest line
  12. We're still looking for someone to play with!
  13. Since I don't have HM Dragon Helix, I use Dragon call and go for as many resets as I can get.
  14. Main Destroyer > 618 AP Alts: Sin - 450 AP KFM - 400 AP FM - 470 AP BM - 430 AP WL - 450 AP Sum - 430 AP BD - 400 AP Personally I haven't had any problems at all getting groups in dungeons, especially on my chars with buffs like sin, KFM and WL (excluding the lowbies), but I mostly leveled my alts because I loved the leveling experience. Furthermore, I haven't had a lot of problems getting credit in SSP on my FM and WL, although it is significantly harder as WL (atleast for me).
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