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  1. lol at macros being forbidden

    lol, Everyone should learn that playing some classes without macros cripples your damage by at least 50% in PvE, and I won't even talk about mobility. The PvE is blatantly designed for being played with macros, the fact on our version of the game they are prohibited is almost comical.
  2. It's funny how people cannot automatize certain actions but are supposed to get tenosynotivis from playing their class efficiently.
  3. PvE is laughable.

    Uhuh, someone keeps commenting on this post, interesting. Jesus, please let me clarify something even to answer that clueless h2h random dude from a few posts ago. When I farmed ssp I got max of 60+ moonstone (getting very lucky with key and moonstone bundles) in about 3 hours of Grindtooth/Terrors and minimum of 20/25. Never missed a drop from golden pig if I attacked it, nor from the rat. I was bringing up the problem to highlight something which may be difficult and unfair for less geared players/casuals etc. Sorry for empathizing with noobs I obviously shouldn't care about because all they can do is attacking me. So please everyone since apparently you can do infinitely better and I'm so bad for stating the obvious about Grindtooth show me your ways of making twice the moonstone I used to in half of time or better. please. Oh and sorry as well for saying the truth about not getting ALWAYS the loot from grindtooth when there are a ton of good geared ranged farming it. How come?! my char as 597 AP , if I miss grindtooth once out of 20 I must be a noob! lmao I may just have adopted the method most people on this forum use: blatantly lying about everything they do just to look cool to the other clueless casuals like them. Look! this guy is complaining about something which is actually TRUE! Ahah I do better with my 300ap char lol! Yeah I wonder why character from casual people keeps looking the same after months, since they are so productive. And I wonder why people keeps quitting since everyone is so satisfied and feels the game is so little grindy compared to others. That being said, Gl with the new major patches every month. I really hope the time 400ap won't be enough to clear content will come shortly. so you'll finally realize how much you have been fooled by the choices you keep defending. Have fun with the hackers, bots and gold buyers surviving through the righteous ncsoft "banwaves".
  4. PvE is laughable.

    1) Proves my point. We are asked to upgrade gear Koreans had three times the time to. 2)It's in the game, so since the game was labeled as f2p I have the right to obtain the legendary weapon without being three patches behind or more at the time I get it. 3) nope, I care little about pvp honestly and i'm not very knowledgeable about it either, that's why I was addressing PvE issues mostly. 4)Yes and no. Even on Arena HM level and Secret Technique skills matters , and the easiest way to get them is still through pve. Battleground and open world are non equalized so there is no way you can beat someone of your same skill level if his gear is leagues above yours. BnS is just disguised as a PvP centric game, at least half of the PvP content requires massive PvE grind anyway.
  5. PvE is laughable.

    Well dude, you just jumped to the conclusion i'm inflating my ego because I stated that "endgame PvE" is easy to clear when I said specifically that the intention of the post was not to insult anyone who may find it hard or undergeared but highlighting the points I found extremely disappointing as a PvE player. If I wanted to boast I would have posted one of those superfast bosses clears videos by p2winners with 2 fms 1 wl dpsing and kfm for buff. From whatever point you look at it, it's just as I said: there is nothing appealing in doing PvE right now. Hell, do you know that farming Moonwater tears right now is more profitable than doing asura if you lack a static group or split the mats? It's laughable. I may be wrong but I recall NCSoft saying they were going to increase the drop rate of materials in every dungeon but didn't notice any difference at all. So what we have for pve content is both easy and not even rewarding unless you do it 10h a day. So it's clearly all about my ego, yeah.
  6. PvE is laughable.

    Trust me, if there are illegal ways to obtain better gear without spending money, and such ways exist, people are going to use them before spending a sh.itton of real cash. Or if they don't and just spend money for gold they would rather buy from gold seller companies than funding the game, since the prices are usually much more convenient.
  7. PvE is laughable.

    I'll just give you a simple example: We used to do Gen and Ken of Sogun mobbed togheter to make it easier and honestly I don't think there is another way to do this boss fight as 3, still they do a s***load of damage when they spin and with their basic attacks in general. I as an assassin need to pay attention to the animation of both of them at same time to iframe/get away because one hit from the spin would leave me with less then half hp when they are buffed and I can only hit one of them at a time and have to anticipate the fourth stack of gold/silver buff because the aoe is pretty large so just walking 3 meters away won't do. Think of the same situation for a ranged char, if you are the only ranged you will have to kite the puddles and the fourth stack of their Golden/Silver buff but that's literaly the only thing you have to watch out for, and you can do it just by walking away. If there is another ranged to kite the puddles you can just sit there the whole fight and damage them both while they are stacked. That way is slightly harder for melees but like supereasy for ranged chars. Tell me if this isn't the definition of facerolling a boss. As I said before, "with a competent tank". you can't take the fact you have aggro in cross server runs as a downside of ranged chars lol.
  8. PvE is laughable.

    Nope, actually i'm quite sympathizing with the problems the more casual players are having. Except for the point regarding difficulty of dungeons, which is undeniable for almost all instances since if you have farmed them enough times they become so stupid to the point they are nauseating, the problems I am criticizing are affecting casual/non hardcore players the most and solving these problems would help them far more than me. And why would I boast about my epeen since I quitted the game already? Just telling you the bad experience I had with the game trying to play PvE hardcore but fair.
  9. PvE is laughable.

    Let's put it like this. My post didn't intend to be disrespectful to anyone not having the gear requisites for attempting asura or to the people which may find it hard, but putting all the difficulty in the grind and almost zero in the dungeons themselves is crap imo. Make them a little harder and much more rewarding. What we have now is easy endgame content which is barely rewarding so you have to run it hundred of times. And nope, it won't be a PvP game apparently in our version =)
  10. PvE is laughable.

    Endless grind for little improvement (if you are a legit/ non paying player of course) I am in Awakened Scorpio weapon and evolving to True scorpio Is like 2000g of mats and 100g of upgrading fees to gain 21 Attack Power. Upgrading jewerly on par with weapon is even more unthinkable because of stupid rng stuff like Naryu Tablets which literally force you to no-life inside dungeons or take ages to gather them. So you either ignore one of the two or just delay everything. It would have been ok if ncsoft actually gave people enough time to gear up for their patches, but considering how fast they are rushing new content that's just plain unfair and retarded for legit players. Dungeons are stupidly easy, most of the mechanics are cheeseable and pose some kind of challenge only if you makes things harder for yourself.I am Sin and have been farming asura 4 as 3 man party since the patch hit, me and two friends: a blade master and a summoner. Only a couple of tries were hard just because we had almost zero clue about mechanics. So even with me being melee dps and without a Warlock/Forcemaster it turned out to be no problem at all. That's the "hardest PvE content" for you lel, and at least I am required to dodge the boss aoes and to be knowledgeable about their combat animations, I can only imagine how retarded it must be with a ranged dps. And I don't even have resist belt. Playing melee over ranged has no benefits. I have yet to see a boss which punish ranged classes or force them to go melee if there is a competent tank. There are just no downsides for playing certain characters. Faction bosses are idiotic and you usually have to rely to macros/better gear to compensate the difference in dps. Example: Grindtooth. The boss itself is stupid as **** since he doesn't do anything more than casting aoe after having charged a bunch of times. But the charge... oh that charge is like spitting in the face of melees. I have around 600 ap and yet sometimes I failed getting the loot if the channel was highly populated because I got electrocuted once or twice by the aoe and lost dps. I guess it must be a pleasure for undergeared classes which are weaker than sin dps wise and are melees :) I won't even talk about Terrors. Solo farming certain lvl 45 mats is more rewarding than lvl 50 dungs p2w event and boxes. Obvious cheaters not getting banned. It is more a general issue but considering how grindy PvE is and how many time it takes to do it legitimately it just adds fuel to the fire. When silverfrost patch was released someone was already in scorpio after a day, and a day after Sogun Lament's patch there were already legendary weapons lvl3 around. Yeah. Seems legit. But what amazed me the most was the max lvl Hongmoon Souls right after lvl 50 patch. I mean... seriously? Spending thousands of gold to upgrade this thing from lvl 1 to 5 for a mere 8 power means you can literaly throw golds down the drain and still have enough to max all the remaining gear.
  11. lol You never set foot in 4man asura didn't you? Op is basically stating that the prices are getting ridiculously high on some materials and even being very efficient in money making doesn't speed up things that much in the end, so it can be very discouraging for more casual players. It would be nice if NCSoft didn't rush patches which would need twice the time to cap gear... Am i wrong if i want to be full geared for the current content in the end of a patch?