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  1. +5 Peridot gem

    just try it. It'll send or not.
  2. Banning Done Right

    @Shadzar Do you believe the FBI top wanted list is being disrespectful? @OP I was going to post this as well. Glad you beat me to it. I'd love to see NCW do the same for the hackers and gold spammers. Sure prices would climb but it would cause players, actual people wanting to play, to farm those items to sell. It sucks that the first daily I do is rmb - report spammer.
  3. Please stop verifying IP address!

    Blizzard is using hardware ID to ban their accounts. Could be used for verification also?
  4. Regal Diplomat still not in the wardrobe

    I mentioned it the day I was able to get the outfit. Over a month ago or so.
  5. Feedback on Premiumship benefits

    additional daily dungeon limit would be sweet. Tera has this as also. There's already a hidden chance to proc an extra Transformation Stone, it would be nice to have that for other items. HM coins per month would be great as well.
  6. When entering Cold Storage, everyone is flagged as complete in the Profile - Dungeon list. The Dungeon list will list that Winter Mane has been completed even though you didn't kill the boss. I have the Daily Challenge to kill Winter Mane but I'm locked out of that boss fight because I entered it earlier today. Here's an attached image of my Daily Challenge to kill the boss and the lockout section showing 'he's dead'.
  7. As a safety, you can lock your email address by 'changing' it. The lock will last 90 days.
  8. That actually wont save the account. The hacker couldn't get into the game but they can change the email and password.
  9. Looking in game right now. It has a button labeled "Send as Gift". They give gold, other person gifts 90d premium.
  10. To NCSOFT: Some Features Suggestions

    This is already in the client. There's a check box for Exact Name (or similar). As for the gems, just add in Defense x to the name in the search box. It'll pull up any diamond <number of sides if you added it> with defense. I'd like the option to drag and drop the listings or hit an edit function and could hit arrows to reorganize them.
  11. the boxes were giving the items that give more Hongmoon Coins. Thus you could gain back HCoins by purchasing HCoins.
  12. Uh, this box was obtainable via Hongmoon Coins, which you can sell gold or be lucky and obtain the Tokens from daily boxes. @ OP I believe they removed them because it was possible to max out your account rank without buying NCoins.
  13. Seductress Outfit

    As a Lyn I'd love to at least be able to move the Seductress to the Wardrobe until the item comes out to transfer outfits. I'd also like to collect them, so having them in the Wardrobe list would be great as well.
  14. [Feedback] Forums

    Feedback We don't have any suggestion section. Suggestion Please add Suggestion section.
  15. Spam List • I'd love to see the Spam list account side, not character side. I looked in My Documents\BnS\NCWEST and noticed 3 character files with the name of <name>_SpamList.bin. If this could be changed to the account, I'd be happy. Crafting • I'd love to see a browser base crafting to allow me to gather while working or away from the PC. Marketplace • Is there a way to search for a specific Gem? I'd love to do a search for a Diamond Attack Power and not show all the others. If this can't be done, currently, I'll add it to my suggestion list. • I'd love a way to rearrange my Favorite list. [Feedback] Currency Exchange • Tab 2 (Sales Registeration) could be renamed to Buy Gold. The first tab is called Sell Gold. • When attempting to make my first NCoin purchase, which needs to be changed to Hongmoon Coin on the UI. I placed my gold amount I wanted to sell. Then hit the Sell button. It then popped up with a prompt "Enter the amount of Hongmoon Coins to sell". It should have been "Enter the amount of Hongmoon Coins to buy". • Everywhere NCoin is listed should be looked at if it's actually Hongmoon Coins being exchanged. Guild UI • There's no current means to see who donated to the guild. • Would love to see a "Last Online" option. Vault • Item max stack is 1,000.