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  1. +1 on another alt I barely play... I think I'm up to 5 DGS's on alts and none on main... total waste of time and inventory space... irritation doesn't quite cover this
  2. @Liinxy Given that this issue already started in January, we're onto our second event with the same issue, how many more people need to complain about this? I too now have 3-4 Divine Grace Stones on alts and my main that's missing a couple cries himself to sleep at night
  3. Just to expand on our original post from 18 months ago: We're currently looking for more people, priority to tanks and healers. We also expect the character that joins to be your main character. We do recommend finishing the story line first, so we're looking for HM6+ as you should get this from the story missions. Discord details, general clan rules and looting rules can all be found on the website. You can apply in-game to any of our officers: Elena Storm, Padaka, Bumpy, or Vipero. Best Regards and Happy Gaming.
  4. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    @Hime, @Liinxy and @Babbletr0n From what I've seen since launch, you seem to take a good majority of the feedback positively and usually implement changes requested by the community relatively quickly. Realistically speaking, what are the chances that you'll take the majority of this feedback, which seems to all be going in the same direction, and implement 12m with the launch of Dark Origins? I'm well aware that this change happened in KR a while back, so I was expecting this change to happen sooner or later. Other regions don't have many of the problems we face in EU or NA, most of all, multiple timezones. You can have clans with plenty of members, and yet they still can't get a raid together, just because somebody works, or gets home a little too late to join. Now while server merges will add more people per server to pick from when recruiting, it doesn't really solve anything on the servers that already have decent populations. Compounding the issue, plenty of people are going on their summer vacation, so suddenly groups that were just about getting 24 people together, are now short of people to raid. I can't speak for the metrics you get back from the game, but I'm going to guess that a small minority of the playerbase have actually completed Skybreak Spire and are fully geared and ready for the new raid. I get that they also need something to do to keep them logging in, so bringing in the new raid makes sense, but running 24m for a few weeks to then suddenly change to 12m makes very little sense. I don't know if you can make the 12m in Dark Origins deadline, and maybe that's why you're postponing 12m, but if you could make 12m for Dark Origins, I have a feeling the majority of smaller clans would be thrilled. If its impossible, its all good and collecting feedback is positive, but I would just postpone the raids then. Learning a new raid with 24 people for a few weeks and then splitting and having to learn new roles because person A, B or C is in the other group that left sounds painful, off-putting and honestly like a waste of a few weeks. Clarification on exactly what you plan to do with this feedback would be great, and the sooner the better. Best Regards, Old Man Ruthis
  5. The Usual Suspects are currently recruiting new members as we expand our horizons in Blade and Soul. We're currently looking to expand on the Jinsoyun server (we're originally from Wild Springs), and have had some of our members from SWTOR playing Blade and Soul actively as well. Clan Rank: 15 Active in Clan 6v6 and Raids. Clan Bonuses are usually around 50%. We are a looking for players that are interested in all forms of the game (endgame, PvE/P): Friendly, polite, active players. Understand written and spoken English. A mature attitude (no age specific criteria). You can be serious about gaming, but maintain a cool head as most of us play games to have fun. If you're looking for an invite, you can whisper any member of the clan that is online. You can also apply on our website and organize a time for an invite if necessary. Guild Website: Link