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  1. KR is so better optimized.LOLOLOL Yea sure. This performance is so much better.
  2. Full BS The last time i checked you are the guy that whenever it says that have minimum X FPS give a different number. but always above 60 You are so special Sr BS
  3. This is how NCS talks to players. And some of them still like [moderated content for language]
  4. This is the most antisocial MMO I ever seen. Log in 1 of my alts and try give my stuff for free. and even that was a complicated task. Go to a random group of active people and ask if they want free stuff. Nop get ignored more than once. Ask in faction chat. Nop get ignored too. Request trade for random ppl. I had to try several times until someone accepts. I did not even get to have a little fun with this game in the end. All characters delete now
  5. Dear Fufia We have received your request to permanently delete your NCSOFT account. Your NCSOFT account is currently schedule to be deleted on 2019-04-06. As a reminder, deletion of your NCSOFT account is permanent and irreversible. After your NCSOFT account has been deleted: We will be unable to restore any game content (including characters and items). We will be unable to issue refunds. We will no longer have access to your payment transactions. All currency (including NCoin and Protobucks) on your account will be deleted. All game subscriptions on your a
  6. Dear Fufia, We have received your request to permanently delete your NCSOFT account. We will review your request and contact you shortly if we need further verification. If you have an active subscription, please log into your NC Account to cancel the recurring subscription to ensure you are not billed. Once your request has been approved, you will receive a notification with the deletion date of your NCSOFT account. You will not be able to make purchases from your account during the waiting period. Please note that deletion of your NCSOFT account is permanent and irreversible.
  7. Translation https://giphy.com/gifs/10EjjGI0KGz3xK/html5
  8. you have unblocked a new achievement. "I dont know what I'm talking about" Please equip the achievement. "I dont know what I'm talking about" so ppl know who they are dealing with.
  9. What? Is a MMO! How is it possible not to be a live servisse? are you know what you are talking about? F2P MMOs and phone games have this for years they are the cancer of industry. EA/Activision they are only copying what these companies have done for years. The only difference is you pay 60 to play the game. But EA/Activision are angels compared to F2P MMOs and phone games.
  10. It's not easier ask NCS to do something? Why not a report system where NCS really punish this ppl. Maybe because this ppl are the hardcore and the $$ ppl that have 2 PCs and play 2 accounts at the same time. In fact NCS encourages this with events. yes i remembre Zaiwei Ruins event. a GM log in game for 10min a day had given a lesson to these people. How many asking for a vote kick system here have abusing the system in Zaiwei Ruins event? no one?really?
  11. you revive an old post to say things like this. apply your logic to you pls and stop cry like a baby.
  12. Dlacik gave you the correct explanation. but it does not really matter. what really matters is the ms in the game. even though it is not the real ping. is the real delay. For me the ideal in this game is less than 100ms in game. 100/150ms is ok 150/200ms definitely start to feel the delay +200ms unplayable (logout and try other day)
  13. Do not worry too much about it. It will take a long time for something like this to be adopted across the EU. all countries have very different laws and they are not required to adopt the same laws. France was one of the first to show up against this. Ubisoft has a lot of power and makes lots of Money. So yea France will do everything to not adopt these laws. The thing about gambling is because it is addictive. addiction is a disease. What are you saying? you are right. The purpose of it is get ppl addicted so ppl spend more $$ I agree that parent
  14. You keep tell how the system works in the game. Does not change the fact that it is a bad system The important thing about your comment. "People do not get weaker with upgrades" "however it is all dependant on weapon proc stacks" (a little contradictory dont you think) Basics about video games. When people upgrade stuff they should feel rewarded/stronger. In BS when people upgrade stuff most of the time they feel pointless/frustrated Sorry to have mentioned your name. But look what you're doing. You are literally fighting against a dictionary. To justify a poo
  15. Are you trying to look smart? because you did the opposite. Yes continues to say that it is normal ppl spends lots of time and money in upgrades and they become weaker. And your brilliant explanation is that ppl need upgrade 6 lvl :)
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