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  1. this is how broken this game is

    good idea let's blame windows Let's forget that Windows update was going affect almost the same number of people. point your finger at windows good idea. point your finger at NCS nop this proves that it's your PC really? but but you say this the other day big jump in performance. You really know what you are talking about! continues to help these people.
  2. you speak of a real problem and you leave no room for usual excuses. Ignore this freak
  3. They will not do anything is NCS what are you thinking. NCS 2018 Wildstar shutdown MXM shutdown (is in 18 or 17? I'm not sure) Some bets in what they are going to shutdown in 2019?
  4. So are you just ignoring this?

    Sorry but with NCS game requirements you cant install the game. "NC can only check if you can run the game" even in that they fail
  5. reset of skills

    because solo dungeons are for wallets get good rewards and they do not die they just face tank and Instant Kill all that solo dungeons.
  6. Well I do not believe what NCS says. They decided to slow down the catch up KR a long time ago. They announce that they will slow down with updates. And I think is because they never want to catch up KR. They want to control the pace at which we put $$$ in the game They want control when ppl come back to the game. And I do not disagree with you. I disagree the way you spoke. NCS should have ended this joke (catch up KR) long time ago they had more than enough time for that. They just dont want that because they think it's best for the business. And leave us the players here where we are now (the worst possible place) almost there but we never there.
  7. Yes Sr tell me more about people cry. I only see you crying because you dont have what you want. And you want it now and you dont care about others opinion. Yes Sr because you are a special human being above all others. The other people I see with this attitude are small children when they see a new toy and the parents do not buy them. Do everyone a favor and apply your last paragraph to yourself. "accept it or quit"
  8. Taking steps back.

    NCwest never try catch up KR after so many years ppl still believes in it. And sometimes ppl uses it to defend NCS lol Is just BS to make us spend more $$$ today took me more than 15min to get a IF PT just epic. I think the Russian pirate server had more people back in the day that EU these days
  9. Yet another event requiring DC's

    What I found most amazing is that they know that the event cause FPS drops and still think it's a good idea to keep this in the game. OMG is just here take this S.... i dont care just put some money on trove. NCS does not even try to hide anymore No wonder Liinxy shaking and never seems comfortable. Relax Liinxy we can be jerks sometimes but we know that you are not responsible for the decisions. You only have the bad luck that your job make you announce these crap
  10. Holiday Trove extension?

    So you dont have $ and you want more time so you can get $ to spend on trove. omg I will not comment is your $ do whatever you want. But I'll make you a recommendation. Take a break from the game a month or two. Believe when you get back you'll feel much better.
  11. Gunners boss/mobs reset

    I know that! Ok You dont know what I'm talking about. I'm referring to the fact that Snare/root/freeze tends to reset the boss despite still in the spawn area. FM definitively had this problem since the first day if you want to call him a skill feature is ok for me is a Bug. SF It's a good exemple. if you freeze a boss a and you use F escape you have great chances of reset a boss. I do not know if these days still happening. but it was like this for many years
  12. Gunners boss/mobs reset

    Hmmm. These days I do not play FM so i dont know. But what I remember they only reset if you go a certain distance. When i learned F7 on FM was F..... annoying. And why reset depends on the distance? Is a FM You're not supposed to be at 2/3m just use Q E or SS and boss reset
  13. Gunners boss/mobs reset

    I admit that it's stupid. But why someone is going to use this skill in PVE? I think you should learn the class better. And you can forget NCS dont go fix this. FM have this problem since the first day with ice. You should have played when the maximum level was 45 and FM reset mobs and boss all the time with skills that was worth using. Good times when you have to learn mechanics and your skills bugs
  14. life rules baby Nvm i dont like that rules You sound like someone who just wants to sell the outfit you get. this event has so many problems It's not even worth wasting time with it.
  15. Remove unrefined bracelet

    i wanna die Are you seeing these two ideas are not compatible sr! you say ppl dont know mechs but you want give them the bracelet for free so more ppl start the game and never learn mechs. And just try click LFP I guarantee you that you do that quest in a few hours.