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  1. yea i gave up @ImoutoMaster
  2. u're wondering what i saw! now i've seen a lot of crap in this crap ass game but this one really do be different. There is a bug that can get the enemy out of sheat/ice. as u saw i didnt press anything but they got me out of stealth somehow. this game really do be getting on my nerves lately and that's a hard thing to do. ah yeah on the side note, after 6 months of reporting and posting about gunner iframe bugs for the first time ever did it get recognized when i made a ticket to support. it took you 6 months to recognize that an iframe was bugged. To me. U guys are not doing your job well. thats all not gonna make it any longer cuz ncwest/ncsoft really doesn't even deserve any people from this community who try to make it better as much as they can.
  3. Disappointment in skill update patch

    guess what, more bugs. People DMed me today about ice helix which is VERY vital for a Soulfighter's reset in arena or 6v6 is bugged. It doesnt give an anima stack when it doesn't hit anything anymore GJ NCSoft more gamebreaking bugs that u will never fix AGAIN.
  4. ima keep it short again. U guys seem to be wanting to fix anything that exactly no one cares about. What about u fix actual stuff. Disappointment again. GG :))))
  5. Well since recent decisions made by you guys regarding this game. I've decided to not write more than 10 sentences on a forum post. Since most of the times it's a waste of time anyway. Let's get to my point. Skill update's can fix A LOT. fix overpowered ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ fix underpowered ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ and most importantly fix skill bugs. Don't mess it up like 90% of the things u do! Look at what ur community says and act on it. Or do you guys rather act on ur pockets which seems very much so. :) Bless your soul if u guys fix gunner iframe bugs. Still not added to "known issues" btw! wow just wow
  6. disable hunter refuge

    saying that shows u don't know how to pvp. sins have no pve they CC u probly air u after. u can tab it. IF u can react fast enough ofcourse. But again that's not on the game that's u not being able to pvp. doesn't matter if you get one hit or not. if we're talking specifically about sin. u dont just get oneshot. ur opinion ofcourse. self proclaimed? im a known pvper for years. i also wouldnt mind a dedicated pvp event for Arena or 6v6. So let me address u saying u dont get rewards from killing people. u don't get rewards from killing people itself but u get their spot on the map, as u said u get their mob and that's already worth enough. Ofcourse u'd have to defend it urself before someone else kills you to take it. Since the map is pretty full. thats the event. "Pvping only allows you to “steal” the rewards from others that killed the mobs for that. There is no bonus for doing pvp in itself. You don’t get more rewards by killing others. That’s not how a pvp event works." u said it urself that's literally how the event works. U saying that already proves u don't know how to play this event. I get it u don't like the event then don't play it. let me just say this!! nowhere did i ever say this is a pvp event u put the words in my mouth. Seems like people can't read once more. I just said if u're bad at pvp doesn't mean it's a bad event cuz u get oneshot by people. please don't judge if u dont know anything. i see people judging about stuff on these forums too many times. When they're just inexperienced. "Being able to participate in this event has nothing to do with being good or bad at pvp. It depends on the speed of your connection and the people you know and their connection." didn't i already say like 3 times the way they did it is stupid. The event itself is good? can u guys read? event is good, bad implemented. ofc u're gonna think it's bad if it's not suited for everyone. i get maybe why NA is a joke and i agree, with Homra being the only dominant clan.
  7. disable hunter refuge

    Dude please read. Im talking about the people that actually get inside but die to people that know how to play this game and then complain about the event. They have no reason to say this event is bad bcuz im getting killed. That's stupid. The limit on the other hand is stupid. Had to repeat this 3 times bro...
  8. disable hunter refuge

    yea like i said its simple. Event is good, the way the handled it is bad.
  9. disable hunter refuge

    @Pesyc dude what r u talking about? u don't think we kill eachother? I'm not even a whale. i'm sorry that you're bad enough to not benefit from this event. It's a pvp event ofcourse people who are bad at pvp are gonna complain. Don't worry the rest of the year u can continue with ur boring pve event dungeons everyday :)
  10. disable hunter refuge

    want me to be VERY honest, someone else said it aswell. i get it the hard cap is bullshit. but events like this are nice for the change. it's boring pve events for 12 months a year. Which mostly are for new players getting old accesories fast and stuff, ofc we get a couple oils but it's always the same. This is actually something that i can enjoy as a pvper and long time player.
  11. Marketplace ( problem)

    this bug is addressed in this post. Let's keep all the bugs there in one place. ofcourse if u have new ones. I'll add them.
  12. Hey there, Just wanna keep it short and give u guys a thumbs up ( Yes my posts aren't always complaints ;) ) for putting an effort to increase transparency! This is a first good step and me and the community and the rest of the revolutionaries (im joking lmao) need you guys to keep doing this. Talk about stuff that's soon to come. What u guys are aiming for soon. And anything else really. Even if it's the smallest announcement or message. It feels good to know that u seek communication. Keep going!! cya next post, uwu nya
  13. Exploiting Game Mechanics Outside of Intended Usage

    also any skill that's bugged rn??? maybe something like gunslinger iframe bugs :))))))))))))))))
  14. they saying this but i wouldn't trust if i were you. (NOT MINE)
  15. Let's talk about ur emotional rampage on the players.

    lmao i'm sorry even if it's in the rules. It seems weird to ban someone that's casually playing and streaming the game and meets bugs in game. Streamers SHOULD be used and are used to address bugs in this game. It's one of the best sources with clips. and this is gonna be good for what? a statement? lmao no that just seems weird. They already banned other people as a "statement". banning me and nero isn't gonna change anything.