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  1. I did sent in a support ticket and did everything they told me nothing works. I keep getting the copy and paste reply - .- Like when you die for example, your character turns over half way and it crashed. but i guess i have to deal with it asking for friends to come revive which is annoying. I even can't revive while in dungeon also. Ugh sorry about my post. just ignore it. Thought they would do something to fix it lol.
  2. And still nothing about the buggy client revive crash?? I know im not the only one that has this BnSCrash Report problem when trying to revive. Its making my gameplay unplayable - .-
  3. All purple weapons can't be sold in auction house . Either dungeon runs or buy cinderlands brilliant key. You should got 1 or 2 brilliant keys from the survey if you're unlucky with rng.
  4. Hello it seems there's no solution to the fix at all :/ Its unplayable like this everytime i died from someone killed me during faction questing, or in dungeon and i have to ask someone to revive me -__-. Everytime i tried to revive, my character turn over half way and crashed with BnSReport Crash pop up. Don't tell me to submit a ticket . I did everything they told me, nothing works. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the client, repair files, nothing. Maybe its a texture bug or client is bugged or something??? I know im not the only one that has this kind of bug or whatever causes it. Maybe
  5. Happy Halloween! Rather have Temptation >>>>SpellCaster.
  6. So i just ran couple of times at Awakened Necropolis for my first Scorpio ss and does anyone remember what # of yeti and scorpio ss for mix?? For example: #3,#5,#7, #8 yeti #2,#4,#6,#1 scorpio Thanks!
  7. Anyone knows if that revive crash bug BnSCrash Report fixed yet from this patch?
  8. Ew Be Ido .__. who does Naryu Labyrinth nowadays ? That's just me tho. Lv50+ ss is better than 45's.
  9. I think there will be more since we have to rescue cute liddo jinsoyun in the next storyline patch maybe in 2017 or something like that :'D
  10. Im sorry if there's a post about this but i can't find it anywhere xD Just recently got 6/8 pieces of purple Yeti soul shield (rng sucks no crit D:) Anyways, may someone nicely post me the link of it? I can't remember what mix set with it. Thanks :'D
  11. Well since the daily challenge is there, i might have a chance to finish this chapter im stuck at for 2 days straight lol been focusing on daily challenges with my guildmates and working on my gears+soul shields xD Thanks for the heads up :D
  12. Thanks for your input thoughts guys i appreciated (:
  13. So im at Chapter 7: Stolen Innocence main quest. You have given 2 options: 1. Take the Incantation Charm from Archfiend Kairam . 2. Take 3 Old Incantation Charm from Grimhorn Mighty Warriors and Witch Doctors but theres sh*tload of mobs together - .- My question is should i come back later for this quest and just do my dailies for golds for upgrade and work on my gears + soulshields ? I can't seem to do it alone. I really want to finish the storyline til it stops me for the next available one (rescueing little jinsoyun) Weapon: Oathbreaker Razor Stage 5, AP: 405, SS: All Bloodsh
  14. Same with me. Its still happening ugh.
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