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  1. Happy Halloween! Rather have Temptation >>>>SpellCaster.
  2. I`m having this problem too awhile ago lol. Every time i get d/c from server after a long loading screen time sometimes, logged back in, character died outside of portal whether its from dungeon or main quest mission, Pressed 4, boom. BnSCrash Report shi*t popped up and closed the game. Only way to revive myself is calling my friend to come revive me lol. So annoying.
  3. Hey thanks for the voice mod pack bro! The korean one works perfectly . Now i can enjoy listening to korean voiceovers during cutscenes and i dont have to worry about listening to those terrible english voices while im trying out kfm and waiting for the patch to continue the main story in silverfrost xD Wish ncsoft would actually put a option to choose the language >_>
  4. I talked to one of the bns support team and it doesn`t seem that using voice mod packs isn`t bannable. but i still wouldn't risk it if anything happens xD
  5. I'd like to use the voice mod pak to continue Act 4 when its coming but i don`t wanna risk getting my account banned from using mods. Thanks tho. i`m not gonna risk it.
  6. LOOOOL. You should've check News and Announcements thread more often before you did all this LMAO. I dont think NCSOFT will recover your items back ROFL gg.
  7. With Scarlet Widow mask from 6 man bsh drop first run! My guildmate Serella decided to troll bid >_> xD<3
  8. This! It would be nice to have this implented on bns. It makes it easier to see who was last logged in and who is inactive that haven't logged in for awhile/long time (for example: [insert name here] last logged in 2 days ago, 3 weeks ago, 18 hours ago, etc) like in Guild Wars 2. If anyone played gw2, you know what im talking about xD
  9. Isn't modding against their ToS? I wouldn't wanna risk doing it lol. anyways here`s my summoner! :D
  10. My lyn forcemaster in Dark Pirate King outfit! Got it yesturday finally >_> xD
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