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  1. please read the truth about ncsoft

    Tbh with you all I havent played for almost 2 weeks and every time I logged into BNS I didnt enjoy it after a few minutes. Reason is 1. Hackers still in the game 2. Arena hackers still in game 3. Gameguard lag as hell 4. Game itself have poor optimization(You can basicly play BDO with low end computer, I tried it out with another laptop lmao, I didnt lag) 5. New PLayers have the worst time progressing after 50 patch, game itself is not balanced 6. The western community and crybabies buy gold from bots 7. NCSOFT doesnt ban gold buyers, instead they punish real players by giving them a hard time to progress with alts and ofc new players 8. Macro should not be aloud, still a lot of plat and gold players use it in arena. (BM, KFM, destroyer, BLAAAAADECAncer) I totally agree with OPs thread, I dont see why I should play this shitty game or even buying stuff. Im not going to touch this game, the only reason I would go back...... no never mind customer service wtf is that please provide us with information about what customer service is???? (auto generated message for sure, no GMS in game to ban hackers, this game is GG)
  2. Nah the currency excanger is a neat tool, the only problem we have is douchebag western players and kids that dont know, that they should not buy gold from websites and by other means the lag is evil after gameguard came back, I hoped it was long gone, we still have hackers on every server in soulstone plains. Git gut, no get rekt by your own game. skill = no lag
  3. It help a little, but the bots in arena were weaklings, the only problem were garbage players that uses macro and hackers. I could beat them with sin, sum, kfm(easy) and fm I dont know why people still buy gold from those bots. The solution should be ban those crickets who buy gold and not punish real players from progressing. (the hate is strong with this one)
  4. This is utterly garbage talk from white knights, the bots are still there O_O ffs Playersbase I mean the real playerbase with new players are gone. You cant tell go NSH to see how dead the 45 content is, you cant farm up for the gear you want to use because you lag of gold. The bot problem is temperaly, they are still there, I rather play against bots in arena than missing a hole lot of players that cant even progress. Bye bye game no new players join, elitism got to high welcome to bones and sweat online. I never saw anyone standing afk in moonwater dungeons, because I could pretty much get a friend to duo it with me. When I did cross-server I never ran into parties like that sorry i have to admit the solution to remove the certs are utterly not helping at all. you didnt read shit in this thread go troll somewhere else, your comment is invalid so are your forum account. IMO you dont contribute go to hell Im 100% with you on this one, I understand your rage and rant, I support you
  5. I'm looking for a clan (Spanish or English clan)

    which server you on, Im not spanish but im in a spanish clan on windrest maybe I can try ask them to invite you :)
  6. Game will not launch.

    Did you disable gameguard for any od reason, try look into it. Try to disable your antivirus or some components of it and see if it fixes, or try to run game as admin before doing this.
  7. I hope they see your topic or atleast make a post and give you response. I pretty much had my last days of enjoyment, now im just tired of gameguard because it never did its job, back in 2011 when I played Dragonball online TW, we had lag spikes and even that it didnt prevent hacks nor did it fix the bot problem. Im just sitting tied looking for another decent game as im writing this. +1 I like your thread
  8. Just a frienly warning for Ncsoft

    The class balance go through Korea, I like what you said about the classes its very true, some classes are better, and have easy wins against some other classes. The thing I hate most about arena was the macro-users even though most players wont admit they still use it. (easy with Destro, KFM, BM and BD) Hope they get banned but prettymuch like your thread +1 mate
  9. new player lvling advice Here my friend the first 3 points put them in flame palm(LB), then go to dragonchar(2) put points in blazing beam you it will cost 2 points then get your flame soul 1 point. You will 1-2 shot every mob on your leveling path, this is what you should start up with. If you have any questions just pm for further info about what to pick after you got those skill points. :D im happy to help
  10. This game have so many issues

    Well the thing is I have an unstretched leg that I want to fix. Only a few people are even concerned about the playerbase, why do everyone want to play alone. If i dont re-create threads like this who else is going to see them. You are making a good point but im not stopping even suspended idgaf any more.
  11. This game have so many issues

    ??? dude you have issues and you dont want to contribute to a healthy community. Well ok gl with that attitude "BLOCKED" sorry but if you dont want to help others then I dont see a reason why you even here on this forum.
  12. I do understand why he dont want to party with you, mostly this is coming from some one who struggle through daily faction and with the unbalancing OWPVP. You got that coming to you. I pretty much never attack a cerulean If they attack i wait it out, no need to attack a person who farms his daily it could pretty much be yourself. Something I dont understand is if you guys gank crimson why do you expect to get parties just saying, maybe you did something to the person we cant judge by that chat note. Just get over it and try contribute to a healthy community. Most people that are nice like myself dont gank and just do faction daily peacefully maybe you could learn something. Sorry if i sound like a flowerwarrior, but OWPVP in this game is dead to me so is arena. I farm for soulstones i dont farm players and im not a kid either. I play on windrest and you are not in position to talk about unbalance, why do you have to lie. Ceruleans have most geared players and most of the playerbase. Crimson have alts from cerulean side and bots are joining thats what you call unbalance. If you ever been in the owpvp area you will see, our bases is constantly camped on every ch we have 1 ch everyday and we dont even do the faction bosses. Come back when u actually played on the server. thank you sorry to be toxic mate but you are so wrong i dont know if you trolling or just untrustworthy, but you got me mad right there. Thank you just what i wanted to say, this person is a genius like myself
  13. This game have so many issues

    Arena is pretty much dead to me I can farm on my main thats it, and do 1 junghado, you cant even trade certificates to alts. So arena rip not going to waste 1 hour getting gold on alts and then not being able to get soulstones because thats the only reason im even there. The faction daily oh man the unbalance is real. I play now 1-2 hours I log off, before I used 8 hours doing pvp, now its not appealing.
  14. This game have so many issues

    Im sure they do at some point, but gameguard isnt helping they pay for service that arent even doing anything but eating players cpu and connection up. Why do we have lag spikes since GG came ?? O_O its obvious Idk why NCwest isnt more considerable I dont know why Ncsoft isnt thinking like you. I see the same thing as you. Ncsoft should really ban those crickets if they buy from gold farmers they dont contribute ncsoft because they buying gold instead of buying ncoins for gold. I hope they ban those people
  15. First of I would like to say, I like this game, but I dislike how issues are being handle. 1. Gameguard = lag issues and the hack protection itself is not working as intended, I can assure you that I have played other games with the same service and it absolutly does nothing it just sits there and eat your cpu and connection. 2. Bots/hacks = removing dragon certificate from the 3 big blues from level 45 content isnt going to work you may stop them from getting soulstones, but we still got script hackers in soulstone plains, I cant stress this enough that it is not healthy for new players going into a game, and they cant even progress even older players with mains and alts cant gear alt nor can they farm with all there characters because well first all your characters need to be geared to take down the 3 legendary dungeons. How are new players going to play this game if they are hindered through the hole content of game. The MTS are 7 gold you listen to me now its 7 cricket gold for each many new players dont even have that kind of gold and some of the players that started after beta is quitting I have 0 friends left that I joined with now. Now you have it we dont need gameguard, it does absolutly nothing, bots/hackers should be handle diffrent, Ban those that buy gold from them and find another hack protection even better hire a team to fix all holes in this game. Make a support team IN-game mods that actually plays the game and not a cricket from an office that never seen any animation in-game it bugs me that we dont even have it, I know people have lifes but if you are running a game, pls provide the gaming community safety. This game has lost its charm. Biggest issue and the one thing that makes me wonder if I should stay or leave this friggin awesome game the small dragon certificates, I dont know if people blindly think it will remove bots, it will hinder them, but now you have hackers at soulstone plains. This is not how things should be handled, this is like a fast solution that one big elitist came up with and ncwest ate it rotten. Now we have 40% - 60% of playerbase dropped and new players arent going to join after they know they cant progress fast enough after true profane because small dragoncertificate isnt there arena is waste of time. The hole idea of pvp MMo is ruined with this. I dont know how you guys feel but I feel we need to safe the playerbase, the bots can be handle diffrent than removing a part that would make a new player efficiant to grind for their gear. so this is pretty much what I feel, Playerbase>bot issue, I ignored the bots and I had friends now, I have 2 friends barely online and a guild with 1-3 people online most arent active and wont return. The fact about bots they only here because some cricket buys gold, if you want to get rid of them stop buying gold farm your ass out instead of being a weakling that doesnt deserv playing a competetive game, and if you are in end game gear you surely doesnt deserv any of it. I would love to see you banned, any player who buys gold deservs to be banned its so simple im so mad that this isnt happening. PLEASE STOP BUYING GOLD everyone need to stop buing gold from bots and those gold farmer sites. If you want to play just stop it. It doesnt help you in the end, you only making it worst. Please Like my post to support my thoughts and please write your own opinion :)